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[MA]: Sebastian Comeaux


Sweet bullet blue DECO. by iRandomgirl:iconmiraculousadventures:Sweet bullet blue DECO. by iRandomgirl



Glass Circle Bullet (Orange) by Gasara IDENTITY

|| Name  :  Sebastian Comeaux

|| Nicknames ........ Seb
|| Gender ............. Male
|| Age ................. 18 Years Old
|| Birthday ........... January 30th

|| Height .............. 5'9" (175 cm)
|| Weight ............. 139 lbs (63 kg)
|| Orientation ....... Homosexual
|| Nationality ........ French
|| Occupation ....... Student + Part-time Librarian

◢ ◣

|| Super Hero Identity  :  Wild Dog

|| Miraculous ......... Dogtags
|| Weapon ............ Hooked Chain
|| Abilities ............ Enhanced Stamina, Smell, and Hearing

|| Power .............. Hunter's Senses
For the five minutes before he shifts back into his civilian form, Wild gives up his regular colour vision in exchange for the ability to see smells. This power not only allows him to locate foes who may be invisible to the naked eye, but is also incredibly useful when tracking or hunting - as long as he can find who he's looking for in time. The smells appear to him as wispy clouds and trails of colour, and the colour and brightness of the smells will vary based on the individual and their emotions respectively.

|| Weakness ......... Blood
Though a lot of Sebastian's (previously nonexistent) physical abilities are enhanced when he becomes the Wild Dog, one of Seb's weaknesses that isn't remedied by his Miraculous is his inability to stand the sight of blood. Because of it, even a simple cut or scrape can be enough to make Wild freeze up or feel sick, and he'll go out of his way to avoid physical injury when fighting villains. It frustrates him greatly that no matter how brave and strong he becomes when he transforms, he is still just as susceptible to fainting at the sight of a particularly nasty cut as he was when still just a civilian.

Glass Circle Bullet (Orange) by Gasara PERSONALITY

|| Sebastian ||
[ ✔ Studious ] - [ ✔ Obedient ] - [ ✔ Hard Working ] - [ ✖ Awkward ] - [ ✖ Unadventurous ] - [ ✖ Cautious ]

Sebastian is the sort of guy who has no qualms with conforming to the expectations of adults. He enjoys doing his schoolwork and feeling as if both his teachers and parents are proud of him, and he strives wholeheartedly to reach a level of intelligence that he thinks will make his life easier. It wasn't until he grew older that he realized just how many kinds of 'intelligent' there are, and as well-read as he may be, the boy has zero social skills or street smarts. He tends to stumble on his words a lot, and gets nervous when talking to other kids close to his age. Because of it, he'll usually try to avoid potentially-awkward situations, stubbornly sticking to what he knows instead. He doesn't often feel inclined to try new things or put himself out there, and is perfectly fine with his introversion... most of the time. The teen can get lonely, but usually deals with it by dedicating himself fully to his work, pulling all-nighters writing and studying and then dragging himself to school with an impressive amount of luggage under his eyes the next day. It's not a very healthy system, but ever since he started living a double-life between himself and Wild Dog, it has gotten a little better. When it comes to new people though, Sebastian can be distrusting, and his rather low self-esteem makes him quick to assume the worst of others. He's wary and cautious of getting close to others, and though he'll act outwardly friendly and polite, it takes time for him to genuinely drop his guard. That being said, once he does manage to befriend somebody, they've earned his loyalty in its entirety, and he'll drop everything to help out a companion who needs it. Seb is the type of friend who would have a hard time speaking out his appreciation for others, and would instead rather show it by gifting them his time and undivided attention.

|| Wild Dog ||
[ ✔ Bold ] - [ ✔ Loyal ] - [ ✔ Resourceful ] - [ ✖ Reckless ] - [ ✖ Haughty ] - [ ✖ Vindictive ]

Since the anonymity of being the Wild Dog allows him to exist outside of his parent's and teacher's expectations of a mature and studious boy, Sebastian's attitude changes dramatically when he's behind a mask. He grows bold and reckless, daring to do and say things that would normally leave him stumbling and flustered as a civilian. Because honestly, what does he have to lose when nobody knows who he is? Wild Dog was a "wild card" for him: an opportunity to be anything that the every-day Sebastian wasn't. Regardless, he still holds all of his previous values even when transformed - he still cares for those around him, and will do anything to protect the underdogs. The only difference is that now he actually feels physically capable of doing something about it! He's still very much like his civilian self when it comes to his hero work; he prefers to avoid physical combat in favour of tracking and setting traps to sentence villains to life in custody, perfectly content with playing the long game. Wild Dog has also been known to be pretty resourceful; he still has all of Sebastian's book-smarts, and feels thrilled whenever he can put knowledge (that would normally have no use to him other than a good grade on a meaningless school project) into practice. He enjoys shedding his usual insecurities, even if it's just for a little while... and it's all in the name of helping the people of Paris! What's a better mission statement than that? That being said, too much of a good thing can be bad; the change in name and social status can sometimes get to the boy's head, and since the attention he gets as a hero is so different from what he deals with as a civilian, it can make him a little haughty. He's prone to overconfidence in his new abilities, and this arrogance can be easy to exploit (especially considering how new he is to this whole 'superhero' thing). This means that whenever a villain starts to put up a pretty good fight, Wild can find himself being genuinely caught off-guard and surprised. Also, while we're covering his negative traits, there is another one that tends to shine when you make an enemy out of him. As lawful as he may be, Wild can also be pretty vindictive. This is the first time Sebastian has ever been able to fight back against somebody who has wronged him, and because of it, chasing revenge isn't out of character for this hero. While a civilian, Sebastian is ruled by logic and reasoning... but as Wild, he lets himself act on his emotions - which can be both a blessing and a curse.

Glass Circle Bullet (Orange) by Gasara HISTORY AND RELATIONSHIPS

|| General History ||
As nice as it would be to say that Sebastian has an interesting backstory, he honestly... doesn't. He's always done his best to keep his lifestyle mundane and predictable, and apart from a certain Miraculous, he's been doing a pretty good job at it! He was born and raised in Paris, son to a school teacher mother and a banker father. His parents loved him, and were actually such family-oriented individuals that they even went ahead and gave the poor boy four younger siblings. Helping watch after three little sisters and a brother taught him a sense of responsibility at a pretty young age, and the feeling of 'a job well done' was one he started to crave as he grew older. Once he started school, Sebastian saw it as a giant opportunity to impress; to show just how much dedication and effort he was capable of putting into his work. While this went great with the teachers, it didn't seem nearly as effective when it came to his fellow students. Other kids simply aren't impressed by high grades or an assignment's early completion; they were impressed by that one time the popular boy ate a worm without throwing up, or how one of the new girls recently got a really cool skateboard that she could already kickflip. Sebastian couldn't do either of those things, and instead of trying, he decided to just stick to the rules and do his work like the teachers asked. Maybe the other kids would come around as they got older.

Now in highschool, he can honestly say that things are exactly the same as elementary. His place in the social hierarchy hasn't changed, and though he's picked up some new hobbies along the way (namely piano and violin), none of them are the sort of skills that will get him sitting at the "cool" table. He's pretty okay with that though; instead of hanging out with large cliques of friends after school, he has a part-time job at a nearby library. With four younger siblings running around his house, Sebastian had first started to frequent this particular library when he needed to study away from the noise. Feeling at home among the books and shelves, the staff had gotten to know him pretty well, and finally offered the boy a job after it began to feel like he pretty much lived there. He can be seen there in most of his free time, though a recent "Miraculous" incident has been putting some strain on how many hours he can dedicate to the place.

Of all the things Sebastian could've predicted in his future, becoming one of Paris's super heroes would've been at the bottom of the list. Honestly, it probably wouldn't have been on the list if this list was supposed to be even remotely realistic. If the backstory we just went through is anything to go by, Seb is not exactly the hero "type". So, it was a shock to himself more than anyone else when he found that he was actually able to do a decent job as the Wild Dog. Turns out being cool is a lot easier to do when nobody knows just how hard you're trying. That being said, his civilian life hasn't changed a bit; he's still just as awkward as before, and still just as mortified at the thought of disappointing one of his teachers. But a break from his lackluster social status was something he had never really thought possible, and if he's able to actually help the people of Paris while getting a taste of a lifestyle without rules, then this 'super hero' thing actually sounds like a pretty sweet deal. He now tries to juggle his time between his two lives, from scoring an A on an upcoming test to stopping bad guys (and yet, no matter how much running around he does in his African-Wild-Dog-onesie, the boy still can't seem to get a decent grade in his gym class).
◢ ◣

|| Kwami : Bitty

|| Gender ............. Female
|| Animal ............. African Wild Dog

|| Favourite Food .. Sausages / Meat
|| Personality ||
[ ✔ Jolly ] - [ ✔ Carefree ] - [ ✖ Naive ] - [ ✖ Clingy ]

In many ways, Bitty is very similar to an energetic little puppy. This Kwami always goes through the day with a skip in her step, and doesn't seem to have a single shred of pessimism in her body. She's trusting and carefree, and her friendly nature makes her an easy pup to get along with (but also very easy to take advantage of). She's naive, and has a hard time seeing an individual as anything other than 'a friend who is just waiting to happen'. That being said, her ability to completely brush off a stranger's reserved or disinterested exterior was what helped her befriend Sebastian so quickly! Her sunny temperament made it easy to grow fond of her company... though once you've accepted this aforementioned company, prepare yourself for a lot of it. Bitty can be extremely clingy, and absolutely hates being alone for too long. Considering her Kwami is based on an African Wild Dog, it's no surprise that she's incredibly social, but it means she requires a lot of attention from Sebastian to keep her from getting dejected. They have an interesting dynamic, and as much as Seb would like to say he misses his peace and quiet, he can't deny that having such an extroverted companion has been inspiring him to actually try talking to people.
|| Kwami History ||
When Sebastian agreed to babysit his neighbor's kids on an insignificant Friday night, he certainly didn't expect the day to end up being life changing. Crazy events of the "life changing" variety simply didn't happen to Sebastian; each and every day was ridiculously mundane, and that was exactly how he liked it. He just wanted to study, get good grades, and keep his head down and out of the limelight for the duration of his highschool life. And he thought that was exactly what he was doing when instead of spending his Friday night out at a party (hah!), he spent it desperately trying to hold down the fort until the adults returned to take back their hyperactive pair of toddlers. But for all his internal griping, he honestly enjoyed the company of children (they don't shove you into lockers or steal your textbooks) and he knew that his neighbors had really needed help with this - they wouldn't have called him so last-minute if it wasn't the case.

It was while keeping a watchful eye on their kids that he noticed one of them attempting to shove a rather expensive-looking box into their mouth, drool dribbling down the side of it in a way that made Seb grimace. He quickly took it from the kid, succeeding effortlessly in shifting their attention to one of their own toys with a few cheery words and a smile. The mysterious box was then placed on a table where the children couldn't reach it, and honestly, Sebastian didn't think about it again until later that evening. It wasn't like him to pry... whatever was in there probably belonged to his neighbors.

As it turned out, the box didn't belong to them. After the adults returned and thanked him for the help, he was about to leave when one of them snagged his sleeve, claiming that he had "forgotten something". They handed him the the little box from before (still a little slick from being inside a kid's mouth) and when Sebastian raised a brow, they confirmed again that it certainly didn't belong to either of them. Tired, the teenager could only nod with a yawn, taking their word for it and pocketing the strange container. If it wasn't theirs, he wasn't going to make them keep it... it was just a box, right?

After finally returning home and falling back onto his bed, Sebastian pulled out his newest possession, turning it over in his hands and staring up at it cautiously. He slowly pulled back the lid, blinking in surprise when a single chain of military-style dogtags fell out. He placed the box aside in favor of examining its contents. The tags were blank, and running his thumb over them, the steel actually felt kind of nice. They definitely looked a lot "edgier" than anything else Sebastian owned, and with a quick glance to confirm that none of his family were about to burst into his room, he decided to try them on.

This was his first encounter with Bitty, and the fatigue of a long day was probably the only thing that kept him from audibly screaming when a floating dog started trying to make conversation with him. Full-blown hallucinations? This was new... maybe he was more tired than he was giving himself credit for. It took no small amount of effort from Bitty to actually convince Sebastian that she was very real (and hungry, she had added with a drawn-out whine), and when he finally caved and listened to what she had to say, skepticism didn't even begin to cover how he felt. It took a first-hand experience with his new transformation to get him to pick his jaw up off the floor, and staring down at his tight-fitting body suit, fatigue didn't really matter anymore. This time, he screamed anyway.

The next morning, when his mother asked about the yells she had heard, Sebastian laughed sheepishly and claimed that he just had a little nightmare. Honestly, when he found out that the suit came with powers that he needed to use to protect Paris, the "nightmare" thing didn't even feel like a lie. But despite the panic that came with his new double-life, he was still wearing those stupid, blank dogtags under his shirt while he made himself breakfast.

He made sure to grab some extra sausages for Bitty.
◢ ◣

|| Partner : None

|| Gender ............. N/A
|| Partner History .. N/A

◢ ◣

|| Significant Other : None
|| Relatives :
............................ Father - Mr. Comeaux
............................ Mother - Mrs. Comeaux
............................ Siblings - Three Little Sisters and One Little Brother
|| Friends ............. None :'C
|| Enemies ............ None
|| Other Relations .. None

Glass Circle Bullet (Orange) by Gasara TRIVIA

|| Likes ||
. Reading and Writing
. Music (he can play piano and violin)
◲ . Warm Drinks
◱ . Children and Family

. Homework

|| Dislikes ||
. Blood
. Bullies
◲ . Dancing
◱ .
Mathematics and Gym Class
. Disappointing Others

|| Extra Info :
▪ Because of his weakness to the sight of blood, his hooked chain is actually more dull than it looks! The tip is usually only used for grappling and hooking things, and he definitely doesn't want to use it to physically wound anybody. There would be no winners in that situation.
▪ Sebastian can quote a cringe-worthy amount of Shakespeare, even though the thought of being part of any sort of play is literally his nightmare fuel. Audiences and stages? No thanks.
▪ He often stays late after school to play piano in the music rooms while nobody else is around.



Character + Art + Text Formatting © Kitsanil
Art Template + Miraculous Adventures Group © EricaPebbles
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