Im' sorry for having been missing for couple weeks.

Actually, WE must take time to think about life, and things that do matter, effectively.

Some weeks ago, here, in the city where I live, a youngman had been killed.

I knew the family for years, I knew his gran'pa, his aunt, friends, friends of his parents ... Bref, WE LIVE togother in the city of Mantes la Jolie, in FRANCE.

so, I'm sure you can understand the difficulty of "creativity" in such a context, while I must say that the sketching were like a therapy but that the results are not, for sure, shareable as a classical content, or any other commercial approach...

More than that, some "conflicts" betwwen young people and police/law enforcment forces wrer going on, days before, in an environnment that was, and seems to be still going in a wring direction in terms of social/human/political/... consideration ...

Please, accept I apologize for such delay. cordially, ,AMZ

Press releases :

[En] :



[Fr] : https://lagazette-yvelines.fr/2019/11/20/emotion-apres-le-deces-de-brandon-poignarde-au-pied-des-tours-ader/



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