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a new TC coat from DAZ ! for our new character !

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a new character for #TaTriX ?!? Another one ?!?
How many characters had we sketched from scratch, from starting points or from models, kits, packs ?!

Nearby 200 !

actually, finaly, we have to stop the generation process, to start compiling textures, correcting layers, adding MU elements, anatomical specifications, generating morphs to suiit the not standard figures that can not be perfectly posed with standard poses ...

So, we have more and more work to do every day :) ...

I have to deal with, as every one, weights and poly/LowRes considerations ?! Yes ...

MAYBE a way of thinking could be generating lite versions of the material sets, as I tried yesterday, for this character, using a 40% jpg file ... As is, I have 2 sets for material presets for this character, one with standard 4096² and one with MU as you can see on cheeks, for lips and eyes, with a Clown Like Look, white pealing blush, eyeleashes adjusted ...

Here's a sample !!
Hope you'll like it !

PS : I did adapt the TC Caot to our "brand colors" and to have a dedicated mat preset for the first scene this actor will have to participate ... As you see, just a coat can be enought to be elegant, without many things/accessories, decor or else ...
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SONIA Clown-210

customized enhanced eyes

+ custom LITE skin, w/MU


I thought about the differenciation of characters, while having many of them, for a production ... Digitalization asked for HQ process while creating ...

While reading, consuming, do all readers have enought time to look atfer details, spec's, all "special points we have appreciated working on, as operators" ? I do not think so ...

This is why, sometimes, I try to increase the contrast of some parts of... to help the "reader" focus on ONE thing, to help the futur readers of the #B3D be able to detect ONE detail to fix the character in memory for next to be scenes ...

I'll try ! ;) ... Hope you'll help me as well !!! sharing your thought about my thoughts !


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SONIA Clown-209

standard DAZ eyes set

custom LITE skin, w/MU

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TC coat-206

detail on the custom texture applied ...

Winter si coming, so I decided to "make it look like a Winter coat" ...

Leather, wool and I added a "line" that could make us think that it is a Denim layer :) ...

With all that skins over the skin, maybe, winter will be less cold than it could be !?