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3rd sketching session, yesterday ...
started with last version, so, really, the second one, here's the direction taken to produce a second modele, derivative work from the first one, of course... The rear junction is "leather made" how you see it, and you can also see the "volume" of the strap, by looking at the leather borders... The BRETELLES, as in the previous shape, are made of external, internal and borders textures, separated, to give the ability of playing ith colors, shaders, etc.

The worn out effect is just a simple denim texture, applied to the pant part of the "Bodysuit" general form factor and "geometry" of the item that comes in one piece, for this model, while previous is, as well, made in one piece but with cuts that will, I hope, provide ability of adding Dforce to produce natural fallen effect for both right and left pectoral fixation zone, if the genesis bend down, for example, to take something from the floor, or to take a flower from a daisy plane or for mecanics, too, if the operator works in a garage, that could suit to the Oily pattern of the denim choosen here ...

Today, Maybe, I'll give a try on going somewhat further, when I'll have time to do it, and enought calm to work :( ... What a world !
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worn out mixed leather denim pocket effect ...

a poke on the pec's is still here, b'cause I do not want to wirk with anti collision for the generation of the nominal item ...

We'll move that in hexagone, with the depth of the ppocket surfaces to adjust final NOMINAL general pose for the model... I think we have our desired Used Salopette effect now ...

VERAbot Salopette 314
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other views :

just before adjuting chest width regarding the Tshirt position

just after having started texture application, before sizing tiling, for example, posing the pocket item, addon as a wearable, tio defin the ability of rendering without it, to save some poly's ;) ...

This view was produced to help me havng a large vie on the effect of the pics

remember : We still have our borders zones, for the front part, so, next step is to add some other colors to put a contrsat between elements ...


pocket posed, not yet connected, to let me some flexilibity for the ending choice about where exactly to add it, to generate and add one morph, a minimum, to open it, before adding a button or a thing like that to close it if necessary for the scenery ... We can se the depth of the filed between the facing tissu part, the background one, and the pocket between. This is one of the criterias that definied the need of such a model, to prevent from having flat items for our characters and there dedicated sur mesure stuff ...

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