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Taupe Sucrette-machine 114

Shhhhhhhhhhhut  . . .
DO NOT share it ;) ... !

it's a Dev for our Virtual GAF, Ze Global Air Force inside TaTriX etc.

i don't have all the script yet ... We'll see what to do with ZAT ! ! !
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Here's da MAP !

+ zan 8000px

but - zan 400ko

based on Ze original historical SR71 SpyCraft, with some upgrades/updates, with some new Aerodynamism principle integrated to the NEW design by addind a "CrossTranslongitudinale" Wing (Don't think yhose words aexist ! It's a story here, not Ze Real_ET !) to A temporal paradox Counter system ! It's done ...

The NEW wing is, in fact, a polarity axe as the fuselage ... Ai si, we have or orthonormal reference point to define the "JUMPS" between the "LINES of our Global Grid ...

It was simple to agregate elements as we do never consider things as limits but as starting point for next level achievements ... Just have to find a way going on :)!


i did not expect to have to do such things for a Cartoon ! What a #B3D i will be ;)... if, maybe, one day ...

Haaaa, #taTriX ! Ze story is nice...

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It's based on Hybrid propulsion systems ! of course ...

We gat spikes, in the front part of the "reactors", more DYSON'S vacuum-like tech's, but ...

With piece of MHD inside, and, for Navigation, We considered as an AXIOM that HAARP is used to define axes and lengths for waves to determin a Global GRID with inversed polarities that make each section of the globe being a ZONE, delimited by TWO lines, each one polarized by oposition to the other.

As is, a differential VECTOR based system have just to Define a +1 Vector to be "aspired" by the polarized "line" at the tangeante of which it was initially positionned = > A JUMP is then "JUST" made by the AIMANT effect on the Full conductive metal-covered shape to go in direction of the LINE "absorbing" the "sheet" of metal...

THIS is Vector Based Navigation process we use inside #TaTriX to make our deplacements, every day ...

what about YOU ?!?

more details further

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