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G-8 1F-MEL Soccer-Championships 102

sketching session to test :
efficiency of the Soccer pant and the Shirt, done for the GUEST Character, for any of our sports scenes that could take place to enhance our central scenes, and, for that purpose, I stayed open eyed regarding the trends around and found some special files, that I used to Re-visite, and to re-compose as unique figures for our Daz ITEM collection, for #TaTriX, of course ...

So, for Ze GUESTS, we have choosen to introduce GAMES Characters, BUT to proceed to a FULL SHAPE and FULL Texture set, AND to create unique wearables, not to use those with rights protected, to make a FanTribute-like effort, but without stolling any work, from any one to do our work, b'cause we have commercial aims.

Sometimes, I publish as a person, sometimes, as a Content creator, sometimes as the professional guy I try to be ... for years !

Actually, this character seems to be a reference to a young lady named MELANIE, in a game said to be FIFA, I do not know which one, sorry, but I found the idea interresting while I was working on my DUMMIES project ...

Those characters, inside games, are somewhat a kind of DUMMIES, aren't they ?!?

The shoes are Genesis Trainer Running shoes, converted to G8/8.1, it goes well, with a Red color added, that's all, no effort on this part, whil I sketch at the same times some "CRAMPONS" addon, that you'll see on final renderings ...

The deco is a Soccer PIt from DAZ

Socks are an adaptation for Fishnets from DAZ while we are finishing working on a pair of ERGO Warmers for soccer figures.

The Hair is just a PONYTAIL from Genesis, old one, adapted to G8/8.1 PLUS a D-former for the tail ...

So, HERE IS one of our GUEST Figures, fully G8/8.1 conforming, PLUs a DUMMY of it, as a FanArt/exercice/Conforming cloths /... workshop ... to go in direction of achieving our G0>8.1 collecyion for #TaTriX #pire_son_age !

N.B. : I made the choice of making the character look elder than "original" one, like for most of.

For some Figures, I did and will have to make Zem Younger ! B'cause it bended too much on renderings b'cause of wrinkles :) !!!
Like I did for "me as a DUMMY", present in our #B3D, of course ;) !
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ADAPTED from, inspired by ... Fully crafted and then rigged in DAZ, as G8F then "migrated" to G8.1F format.

Mel Fifa 203