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Da Gare-Age NO clients 101

Hi Zere !!!

"While Zere iz no client, Ze pose s'impose ...
Ze CYBER_IA Da Gare-Age is NOW available as a FREESTUFF on #renderosity !

Hope you'll like it ;)

Ze Garage is not a small one ... Done to store our last acquisition from DAZ store, a SNO-CAT, it is perfect for our ICE-land-scape !

So, if you need a Garage, here's one !

FREE for all type of rendering !
NOT for resale, please. TYVM...

A special MORPH combination allows you to OPEN fully Da Gare-Age, or to open only Da Entrance grid, rolling up ...

Lot of surface zones, logicaly applied, I think, And a spec for floor ones, with some "juxtaposed" parts to make a kind of "Melting surface", depending on what you prefer using, the NE file Texture furnished, to be decompposed if you wish to add details, have your own grids positionning, a full "rusted METAL roll" to cover the FOSSe ... YES ! I made a fosse, to be able to generate poses from under-ground for mecanics activities, on Ze SNO-CAT !"

So, here it is ! ENJOY :) !

PS : no character, no oily ground, no wearables in zis kit, ONLY ZE Gare-Age ! SORRY !!!
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