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Building a city is something Hard !

Let's try, with #Carrot_en_Y, a BETA project, for BETA figures, characters ...

Let's sketch IT ;) ! Heres' BumperStreet ! the area nearby the City center, with the ground Station, for buses, vehicules, metropolitain access, Postal Mail services, if there's some ... We'll see ! a shop at the background, on the left, some spaces/empty volumes for appartments and offices, up Stairs, some walls, and some part of floor, for public zones, some roads, road stuff, etc.
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Bumper Street 312

"It's large !

You see the small point near da bus Station ?!?

It's the first figure, the policeman of the city, our first character for this new Barrio !

Of course, we need safety !!

There's nobody to take care from ?!

Of course, You all say that !

our responsability is to prevent, not to punish...

So, we develop intelligence, by design ...

In every New scene, You'll have a COP !

Shut UP your mouth ! or I'll send him !"