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Firri the caracal [speedpaint]

By FirriApril
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time: 2h
tool(s): PainToolSAI


My third attempt on finally finishing Firri's design! (also second attempt on sketchy lineart) So for those who didn't know: I decided to change Firri's specie from a wolf-lynx hyprid into a caracal, and I don't regret that decision at all because this looks way better than before in my opinion.

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This is gorgeous! 
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Oh! you did the speedpaint video of that1
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Drawing this good is goals ;-;
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This is very cool!  How long does it take to learn to draw like this? Years? Months? Days? ( pfft... prob years :3
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Well I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pen in my hands, almost daily since 7... So yeah learning to draw usually takes years and years of practise :"D
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x'D I have been trying to get good at furry art like this. I am one myself, but it's aggrivating when you can't draw them like
this! x3 Thanks for the reply~ :)
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haha, Just keep on drawing and you'll get better! ^^
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Thad head is great :D Maybe the shirt could be a bit thicker or have a fold at the edge but the awesome rest really makes it unnoticeable
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thanks! and yea I still need to pay more attention into the clothing etc. : D
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your fur Looks amazing though :3
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