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Top Hat Tutorial

Made to answer a post at the CF forums's cosplay tutorial section.

I made 2 hats like this 3 years ago. They still look pretty X3

Just thought I'd share.

I needed a head model, so I just snagged Roxas from a sketch I'm working on XD

If my writing isn't clear, just note me or something to ask.

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What kind of fabric did you use which was thick and strong enough *^*?
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Waaaa so cool! :bounce: >w< *wants to make one now* :heart:
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Thanks. Haha, it's really fun X3
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*squints* yeah I can barely read this....mew >.<; sorry....but I can basically get the jist of it just by looking at the pics
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You have to download to get the non-reduced version XP
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Ooooooh otay *stupid* yeah Im pretty slow >>;
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ROFL! I just wanted to tell you there's someone who need help in CF! XDDD~ Useful tutorial *thumbs* >3< , I remember i was suffering making a top hat for the phantom of the opera drama XDDD~
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Yea, I spent all morning making this tutorial XD

They are actually quite easy once you figure it out. The hard one would be one with a rounded crown @_@ Haven't figured out how to do that one...
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