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Mistborn: Sazed



It's 2 weeks well into my summer holiday and I'm slowly whittling away at the many WIPs I have.

I took a break to read lots of fantasy books that my friend lent to me. I really enjoyed the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson (go and check it out!) because of its fresh approach to the genre and the amazing characters. The author has put up sample chapters of the first book up for sampling.

I really loved the supporting character of Sazed, the steadfast Terrisman in the story. He's like a well-loved pair of shoes; always dependable in any situation even though he tends to be run quite roughshod. He's a scholar (hence all the books) and a steward of the highest quality.

I was really fascinated by the brief descriptions of the Terris culture and clothing. In my mind I pictured a combination of Bhutanese, Bolivian, Berber, Saami and Ndebele clothing for his steward's robes since they started out as herdsmen. His metalminds are just simple bracelets and rings. I actually wanted to keep his arms bare to show off the copperminds but that made him look too informal.

The flower isn't just there for decoration but signifies an important event in the books. :)

I built the painting up in SAI on a finished unshaded pencil drawing. I worked mostly without refs for the hands and feet and clothing, except using Zinedine Zidane for the face colouring. :P I tried flipping through the books for a physical description of him but there weren't many to be had.
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Sazed! I love Sazed.