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    “I really should take walks more often!” Eve cheerfully spoke as she strolled down the sidewalk, “I keep missing out on some nice exercise and weather by teleporting from place to place all the time!”

    The young trainee witch had just left a fast food joint with a big bag of food.  She was on her way to visit her boyfriend, who was terribly sick in bed.  She was going to spend all day with him and make sure he felt all better.

    Got the burgers, she thought happily, the fries, plenty of napkins, ketchup, and…

    BAM!  Eve was suddenly knocked to the ground, falling flat on her butt as the sound of a rolling skateboard past by.  She let out a small squeak as she hit the pavement, a nearby passerby helping her back up quickly.

    “You alright miss?” Asked the good Samaritan.

    “Y-yeah,” the green witch meekly replied, rubbing her bottom through her skirt, “Just a little bruised.  I hope I didn’t…”

    Eve looked at her hands and at the ground around her, her body tensing up. “Oh crap!” She exclaimed, “that guy stole my boyfriend’s lunch!”

    Easy lunch, Derek thought as he skated away as fast as he could on his board.  The skater bro was on his way back from the park and heading for home when he started getting some hunger pains.  He had skipped out on lunch and was in need of some grub.

    However, why buy it when you can get it for free easily?  As he was skating along, he saw a woman, cosplaying as a witch it seemed, holding a large fast food bag.  It was the perfect score for him, shoving her aside and snatching her food before she could even realize what happened.

    A few more twists and turns around some blocks and he found himself inside a parking garage, away from the public eye.  He glanced around.  No one seemed to have followed him.

    In the clear, he thought with a soft chuckle, sitting down on a car’s hood and tossing the bag onto it.  He ripped into it, looking through the contents.  He tossed the fries, ketchup, and napkins onto the ground, only caring about one of the burgers he snatched.

    “Here we go!” He declared, his stomach growling happily.

    He took a large bite out of the burger and swallowed, letting out a pleasant sigh as the food hit his stomach.

    “Oh man,” he said with a cheerful smile, rubbing his cheek ever so gently, “that was quite wonderfully delicious!”

    Derek froze up, his jaw hanging open.  “Oh goodness gracious!” he chimed, “Whatever happen to my vulgar vocabulary and my face fuzz?”

    His entire face lost its rough edges even beyond losing his goatee.  His chin and jaws were rounder, his nose smaller, and even his eyes were wider.  On top of that, his skin was much lighter and felt smoother.  He looked almost a decade younger now.

    “This surely is not good or nice at all!” He exclaimed, taking another bite from the hamburger out of getting misguided comfort from it.

    The same thing proceeded to happen to the rest of his body.  His skin turned much lighter and softer, all body hair from his form melting away.  Even his eyebrows seemed to thin up a bit, turning more delicate and neatly groomed.

    What is happening to myself? He thought, looking at his smoother arms, was that woman really a witch and not one of those silly-looking dress-up girls?  So unrefined-looking… wait, why am I thinking that?!

    He bit into his burger again, taking a smaller, more delicate bite than before.  He let out a gentle sigh, his body quivering so slightly that it was almost unnoticeable.  His form began losing muscle and definition, dropping him several inches in height too.  His clothing became looser and looser, looking like they were three sizes too small for him.

    He sighed and looked at his clothing, muttering, “like I’m one t-to talk… I’m f-far more unrefined than them.  Oh… why can’t I be better dressed as well?”

    He shook his head, ridding his mind of the thought as he delicately bit off another piece of his stolen food.  His raggedy brown hair began smoothing out, giving off a soft shimmer as if it was conditioned and treated with care.  It grew several inches, drooping down just past his back muscles.

    From there, his hair started acting even stranger.  Once grown out, it lifted up into the air and wrapped itself into two cute, bushy ponytails that sat on each side of his head.  A big strand from his head lifted up, turning into an adorable cowlick.

    “Oh whatever is the matter with me!” Derek exclaimed sadly, eating the rest of the burger, “I just don’t understand… and I wish I had b-b-better clothes.  I look so garish and unrefined!  H-h-how did-did I ever l-leave the house today l-looking like this?!”

    His body slimmed down even further, except for his hips, which grew just a tad wider and rounder.  His shoulders lost their broad look and his waist pushed inwards only a little bit, giving him the shape of a young woman.

    However, he wasn’t one.  He was still just a guy… just a very feminine and dainty-looking one. Glancing at himself, he mumbled, “whatever am I going to do with myself?!”

    “F-f-f-fo-found… y-y-y-you!”  Derek turned around and much to his surprise, struggling over to him was the woman he stole the food from before.  She was completely out of breath and, getting a better look, she was indeed a green witch.

    “Oh goodness no!” He exclaimed, placing his hands on his cheeks, “I-I-I h-h-have b-b-been f-found!  I’m-I’m-I’m sorry!”

    “Y-y-you b-b-b-bet-ter be-be sorry!” She exclaimed, pointing a finger at him while her hand grasped her knee, “G-good thing… I p-put a tracking… sp-spell on my b-bag!”

    Derek’s face went all red and he nervously looked away, stuttering, “I’m s-s-sorry M-Miss Witch!  I-I’ll-I’ll m-m-make it up to y-y-you!”

    “W-well good!” Eve exclaimed, wiping the sweat from her brow, “I was going to m-make sure you did regardless.  Now, l-looking at you, it seems you had some of the food from the bag.  As such, I know exactly w-what you can do to make up for this!”

    Eve snapped her fingers and Derek’s clothing glowed blindingly bright.  Both of them shielded their eyes and turned their heads away until the lights eventually dimmed.  His clothing had been completely altered from top to bottom.

    All of his clothing was bathed in a light coloring of pink and white now.  His sneakers were replaced with light pink dress shoes with two-inch heels, white stockings riding up his smooth, pale-ish legs.  Pink bows rested at the base of each of his ponytails while a light pink maid’s cap rested on his noggin.  He wore white, laced panties that tugged at his equipment while his shirt and pants had become a cute, covering pink & white maid uniform.

    With his skateboard turning into a feather duster, Derek truly looked like a maid, even a cute girly one at that despite still being a guy.

    “O-O-Oh m-m-my!” He blushed, pulling at the base of his satin dress, “This is… is…”

    “Perfect!” Eve declared with a bright smile, “My boyfriend just loooooves femboys and you’ll be the perfect sissy femboy maid!  All you need to do is help me nurse him back to health and clean up his apartment while looking your femminess!”

    “O-o-okay,” Derek blushed, looking away embarrassed.

    “Now Miss Maid,” Eve said with a grin, “You will accompany me back to the restaurant to get some more food before we go home.  You’ll be paying this time though.”

    “Y-y-yes ma’am,” the femboy maid replied, picking up his feather duster from the ground.  With that, the two headed out together, Derek closely following the witch behind.  Despite the change and overall nervousness, part of him couldn’t help but be sort of happy that was finally wearing some proper clothing that he felt rather comfortable in.


We have a commission here for :icon5555566677:, who wanted a femboy/sissyification tale!  Hope you enjoy something different.

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