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Glam It Up: Lonely to Fabulous
    “Don’t be sad sis.  I’ll be sure to get plenty of photos and pics with everyone, that way, it can almost be like were there anyways.”
    “I don’t think looking at pictures is going to make it feel like I was there,” grumbled Anna, her arms folded as she stared at her laptop.
    Her older sister smirked and said, “Oh don’t be like that.  It’s not my fault you couldn’t get a date for tonight!  I mean, you still could come if you wanted to, even if it would be totally embarrassing showing up all by yourself.”
    Anna said nothing, refusing to give her sister even the slightest look.  She just kept her eyes focused on the screen, at the website that had information she’d need for her upcoming science project.  Taylor merely chuckled and said, “Later super nerd sis” as she closed the door.
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 36 1
Fairy Mousemother to the Rescue! by Firingwall Fairy Mousemother to the Rescue! :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 53 0
Toon It Up: Beach Horse
    Angela Jean stepped out of the changing booth and onto the soft, warm sand.  Ahead of her lied the beach, the place she had been craving for so long.  The summer had finally begun, and she had time off from her busy life.
    She stretched her arms to the left and to the right, cracking her shoulders and working the knots out of her back.  She let out a sigh after doing so and headed towards the water with a sense of confidence and excitement.
    ...which all but faded when she looked out to the right for a split second.  There, she could see a bunch of handsome, well-built men around her age.  They were busy playing volleyball, their tanned, glistening abs and muscles on full display.
    A blush came to her cheeks as her attention stuck to them like duct tape.  It was too bad since she accidentally found herself tripping over her own feet.  A few steps forward and WHOMP!  H
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 37 3
Pizza O'Clock: New Employee
    “Good ta have da extra weight again!  I’s was wastin’ away dare!”
    “I’s say!  I’s was way too skinnee.  Nice ta be handsum an’ gud lookin’ again!”
    “I’s hear ya… handsum!”
    “Ugh, why don’t you to get a room?”
    It was early morning and Melissa wasn’t having any of the lovey-dubey, boasting chat from her two roommates, JD and Rachel.  Well, it would be better to say, Gutton and Smokey Steve, the two large, male toon animals they had become.  Every few days or so, the two would smoke it up with some toony-based cigars and transform into two hefty toons that ran a smoke shop in their city’s ToonTown district.
    While certainly not bad people in either form, Melissa did tend to find Steve and Gutton a bit… overwhelming be around.  Their
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 17 0
Let's Transform Melissa! Feeling Pinkie Excited by Firingwall
Mature content
Let's Transform Melissa! Feeling Pinkie Excited :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 19 0
Fur and Buff to Warm the Cold
    “It’s M-M-M-M-March,” stammered Tabby, hugging herself as she trudged through the snow towards her destination, “W-w-w-w-why is-is it so-so-so c-c-c-cold?”
    Tabby had finished off at work, ending a bit earlier than usual, and was heading home.  Unfortunately, her car was still in the shop, forcing her to walk home.  She couldn’t afford a cab and none of the buses stopped near her work or home.  As such, in fifteen-degree weather, the young, red-haired lady was forced to leg it all the way home.
    How is it colder now than it was this morning?  She grumpily thought, this is simply not fair!  Ugh, I think I got to start asking some of my friends for lifts.  This is just stupid.
    Turning the corner at the end of the block, her eyes on the ground, she ran into something suddenly.  “OOF!” She grumbled, stumbling back after h
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 37 1
Upgrading to a Big Mac by Firingwall
Mature content
Upgrading to a Big Mac :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 74 3
Pizza O'Clock: Summer Is Here Ad by Firingwall
Mature content
Pizza O'Clock: Summer Is Here Ad :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 23 0
Big Gain for Big Blin by Firingwall Big Gain for Big Blin :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 45 7 Pizza O'Clock: Pineapple Topping Ad by Firingwall Pizza O'Clock: Pineapple Topping Ad :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 33 11
Daddy Get Pony-ified
    “Honey, I really don’t get this obsession.”
    “For the last time, it is not an obsession!  It just helps me look my best.”
    “But I thought you didn’t care that much about your appearance?”
    “I don’t, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a day when I want to look really pretty and stuff.  Now, just help me find my bottle!”
    It was peaceful evening at Henderson apartment.  A young couple in their early thirties were busy looking for a certain bottle belonging to the wife, Callie.  The young woman, very homely in appearance, occasionally visited a certain brewer who provided her with a little beauty booster for when she wanted to feel fancy.
    However, her latest potion was nowhere to be seen.  “It can’t have gotten far!” Callie huffed, looking under the bed in vain,
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 62 5
Pizza O'Clock: The New Employee by Firingwall
Mature content
Pizza O'Clock: The New Employee :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 19 0
Encounters with the Mousy and Magic Kind
    “GEES!!  What the heck was that?!”  A young, blond man named Wes had awoken one morning to the sound of what sounded like someone pounding a hammer against his front door.  The pounding took him by complete surprise, his heart beating fast as he tried to figure out what was going on.
    After getting hold of himself, the guy got out of bed, tossing on a red t-shirt and jeans before heading for his living room.  There were no other sounds and, thankfully, it didn’t appear as if someone had broken down the door.
    With the exception of a peculiar sight sitting on his coffee table.  Three large presents with yellow wrapping and big, pink bows were resting quietly on it.  Wes glanced around the room cautiously, checking behind things before approaching the items.
    “Where did these come from?” He mumbled, kneeling down and p
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 25 1
Toon Puppers' Pillows by Firingwall
Mature content
Toon Puppers' Pillows :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 62 50
Raphael + JD  Re-Redesigns (RPable) by Firingwall Raphael + JD Re-Redesigns (RPable) :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 24 3
Toon It Up: Party Animal Wants Fun Too
    “Phew!” Chris declared, stepping into his apartment and tossing his jacket towards the coatrack, missing it completely.  He stretched his arms and trudged towards the living room, declaring, “Work is finally over!  Time to relax!”
    After what felt like an eternity, Friday had come at last and Chris was more than ready to have some fun.  With the bonus of having Monday off as well, the young, brown-haired man had the perfect weekend laid out before him.  “Time for some nonstop gaming action,” he cheered triumphantly, kicking his shoes off and jumping onto the couch.
    He grabbed the TV remote and PS4 controller from the table, ready to veg out.  But as he reached, a voice called, “HEY!  Wait a darn tootin’ minute!  You call this a weekend?!”
    Chris’ arms fell to the side as he jumped up, looking around the room rapidly.
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 36 2



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What Pizza O'Clock Ad Would You Want to See Made? 

33 deviants said Love the Smell of Pizza? You'll Love Your New Smell Too! (Skunk)
23 deviants said 1/2 Half on Our Meat Lovers Special! A Deal Fit for the King of the Jungle! (Lion)
17 deviants said New seafood-fresh pizza available today! Taste and Look the Ocean! (Dolphin)
17 deviants said Today, order our special family-sized feast and feed yourself into fat toony heaven! (Elephant)
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13 deviants said Join Our Team Today! You'll Grow Into Your New Role Fast! (Bull)
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RP THEME: Toons. Lots of toony fun!

Emmi the Motivational Wolf here!  Come on down to a special little press conference to meet a new mascot we at Happy Feeling Co. is unveiling today! We're here to have fun and get you to meet our lovely new friend!  See you there at the link below!

Toony Tasty Tally Toucan by Firingwall


The artist who draws most of my anthro pics, EpicHoagie, is launching a GoFundMe to get a new computer. Theirs ain't doing so hot and they could really use a little help. Any bit helps.…
Toon Discussion RP!  OPEN!
Feel free to join in some fun toon talk about product mascot ideas and such.
Toony Breakfast RP Opportunity! CLOSED
Come on down to Jessica's mobile food cart.  Now serving breakfast all day~
Busty Green Witch RP Opportunity! CLOSED
Come on down to the park today where the lovely Traci is offering wonderful, witchy-focused treats on sale!
Group RP Opportunity!  CLOSED:
A special seminar has opened and you're all invited to find your inner silliness.  Join the fun and click the link below~
Later this afternoon I'll be hosting a chatroom where you're all invited to talk and ask me questions about anything. Things been hard recently and I could do with some pleasant chat with friends and fans. I'll post the Chatzy link in a journal later. Hope to see a bunch of you there~
I use to read a lot of comics a while back, but have been pulling out lately.  Image Comics just bores me with most of their titles these days, Marvel is just a confusing mess that is stumbling around drunk, and DC is DC.  They put out titles I like and titles I'm just kind of eh about.

But after so long, something has finally been announced.  Vertigo, the adult publishing side of DC, has announced a bunch of new titles and most of them sound really good!  I haven't been this excited for a bunch of announced comics since... the last big announcement from Vertigo when we got Slash and Burn and Twilight Children.

A lot of these just grabbed my attention and I'm totally in. [check out list here]  Here's my favorite:

SECOND COMING from writer Mark Russell (God Is Disappointed in You, THE FLINTSTONES) with art by Richard Pace (IMAGINARY FIENDS) will debut in 2019

God sends Jesus to Earth in hopes that he will learn the family trade from Sun-Man, an all-powerful superhero, who is like the varsity quarterback son God never had. But, upon his return to Earth, Christ is appalled to discover what has become of his Gospel and vows to set the record right. 

That's my thing right there, especially since the creator wrote things like Prez and The Flintstones recently.  Any titles jumping out at you?…

You know what? Don't care if it's a remake, inject it straight into my veins.
Finished seeing Solo. Not the best Star Wars movie I ever saw, but a lot of fun. One moment made me go, "Wait what?!"
(Closed Now) RP Fun:

Jessica the Toon Dog Writer: A new Toon Town is being founded, buuuut, we need citizens to make it a dream come true!  Come to me with what you want to do our new town and I'll try to help make you fit in~


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