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Happy New Years!

Whelp, managed to at least get this one out within the time frame! 

Happy New Years all! May 2018 be full of great food, better company, and enough joy that any hard times are bearable. 

Edit Agssfk! I for some reason deleted the layer with the smoke and my sig... I'm an idgit. 
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Haha, amazing, I love it! :XD: Nice job on Tempest, her mane looks awesome :D And her expression is priceless :D
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Hug  Thank you very much. This is pretty old now, but I had a lot of fun with her. 
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Oh, but a nice surprise, what a wonderful composition.
Super, I saw the rest of the your works, they are wonderful.
Regards, I'm waiting for more Tempest
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Thank you very much, that's kind of you to say.

I do like Tempest quite a bit, expect her to pop up now and then.
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Tempest, the death of the party. 
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Nah, she'd break the top off in a bit there, and join in with the others. 
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I feel like how she looks
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You need a drink? 

Sorry man, I hope you feel better soon. 
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Very nice and happy New Years!
Firimil's avatar
Thank you, happy New Years Delta!
Epic-Prose's avatar
Happy New Year!
Firimil's avatar
Likewise, Epic!
Seltonik's avatar
Amazed the party blower remained intact.
Firimil's avatar
Pinkie supplied it! It's reinforced in case of Moody Magical Mishaps! 
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happy new year
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Happy New year bud!
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