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Kingdom Hearts - endless sorrow

me as Ventus
:iconkashinorei: as Aqua
:iconm00nf1sh: as terra

photo made by :iconwanasabi: :heart:

I love this picture so much!!!
And because Kingdom Hearts has it´s 10 Anniversary this year!!
I wanted to upload this really badly.
From the very begin I was a big fan from KH!
And I can´t wait to play Kingdom Hearts dream drop distance this summer finally!!!
One of the best game series EVER!!

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Feb 6, 2012, 3:04:07 PM
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NovaVoidNecroz's avatar
Ventus has officially broken his vow of peacefulness.
NovaVoidNecroz's avatar
That moment a pasifist know, is a secrect arsekicker, breaks his vow of non violence... who ever drove him to that.... lost all hope to survive
MrYingYangDreamer's avatar
Then Ventus went Super Saiyan....... don't say that you weren't thinking the same thing also
RedCosmicDragon's avatar
I'm listening to white plains by two steps from hell while seeing this
TwistedRockStar's avatar
Omg... The feels in this picture... It's still a really awesome shot though. :)
Firiless's avatar
thank you very much, happy you say that
TwistedRockStar's avatar
You're welcome. :) Yay!
Blitzwin's avatar
Ven...don't let their loss be in vain, great shot by the way
Firiless's avatar
thank you very much ^^
Blitzwin's avatar
Dell-AD-productions's avatar
oh shut it Ven, it could be worse
Firiless's avatar
how could be this worser then this?
Dell-AD-productions's avatar
what if they're related.
TwilightProductions's avatar
Beautiful shot, well done
Firiless's avatar
thank you happy you like it~
Twocool935's avatar
Looks like Ven's just added Xehanort and Vanitas to his I'm gonna kill you list.
Firiless's avatar
jup I think you totally right
Tangoshi's avatar
IS he going to eat them now? O-O
Firiless's avatar
....why should he?
he cry and scream out loud
TheCoolCosplayer22's avatar
Oh my gosh this made me tear up a little :iconinusadplz:
I nearly completed the game on everybody's story, I just have to finish the final boss on Terra's story then the Final Story. And it's soooooo sad what Xehanort is doing to their friendship, so this made me cry. :'(
Firiless's avatar
mooo thank you very much~
happy you like it.
we also cried as we play that game.
BBS is the sadest KH game QQ
TheCoolCosplayer22's avatar
Hey no problem!
I finished it yesterday and I think it's now my favorite. No others made me cry as much. ;~;
Firiless's avatar
yeah I know exactly what you mean.
But The kingdom hearts dream drop distance is my favorite game and my favorite ending ist was so fucking amazing.
You should play it~
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