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Hi, it's me. I'm a soon to be 18 years old med student. Oh, not that I'll be one for long though, since I'm 100% going to flunk 1st year. That shit is hard, I tell you. Only 20% of students passing might seem like a lot, and at the same time it really doesn't. And I'm french too, so my english might be bad. Mais au moins j'ai de la baguette.

About me... Well it might be apparent from my page but I'm the kind of sheeple who wants to have a cute page with a pastel color scheme, draw cute girls, have one cute character that I can commission people to draw and not feel ashamed of myself, have a cute icon and be able to pull off always typing in small letters. But I can't. It's harder than it  looks ! Not everyone can be cutesu or uniicake. 
By the way I know this widget has no background and it looks horrible, but I erased it by mistake and I can't put it back if I don't have a core. Which I don't anymore. Ehhhh. And it's necessary to be the kind of aforementioned cute people, too. Whatever.
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