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Zim and His Wife

Their Own Way by FireyFlamy, visual art

All Together Now!

IZ Collab of DOOM with Renee by FireyFlamy, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Varied
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My Bio

Female ♀ | | INFP

Ophiuchus ⛎ / ♐ | Demi-Heterosexual | Transhumanist/Technocommunist | Professional RUS-ENG Translator | Fan-Artist

Residence: Petrozavodsk, the Republic of Karelia, Russian Federation

Timezone: UTC+3 Moscow time

Languages: Russian (native), English (fluent), French (beginner), German (some words), Esperanto (some words), Japanese (some words)

A Bit About Me

I draw cartoon-styled fan-art. My top favourite cartoon and comic series is Invader Zim, so expect a lot of related artworks from me. I may also draw other occasional fanarts. I'm shipping my IZ fan-character Fai with Zim, so I'm a horrible ZaFr (Zim X Fai) trash. You'll find the artworks on the subject in my gallery. If you're not into such things, you'd better not look there, or it will make your eyes bleed. And don't tell me I didn't warn ya :B

My biggest inspiration source for drawing is music, and my favourite music artist is Victor Argonov, a Russian scientist, transhumanist, philosopher and blogger. I love the way he writes his music and the ideas he conveys in the lyrics. All of his existing works are in Russian, but I've translated all of them and put on Lyrics Translate, so be sure to check them out (they go under Complex Numbers and Victor Argonov Project titles)!

That's right, I enjoy to translate different texts like song lyrics, comics, subtitles, etc. I'm aiming to become a professional translator in the audiovisual translation industry. Also, I'm the leader of Russian IZ Fans Project, the goal of which is translation of all existing English official Invader Zim-related materials into Russian. The thing is, neither the cartoon nor the comic have been officially released in Russia. So, I hope my efforts will help to bring more attention of the Russian-speaking audience towards the franchise.

Favourite Movies
Interstellar, Cloud Atlas, The Fifth Element, Valerian, The Matrix, The Terminator, The Thirteenth Floor, Avatar, Hardcore Henry, Attraction
Favourite TV Shows
Invader Zim, Steven Universe, Westworld, Altered Carbon, The Expanse, Gravity Falls, Star vs. Forces of Evil, Wander Over Younder, Villainous, Hazbin Hotel, Aggretsuko, Rick and Morty, Gurren Lagann, Galavant, Sense 8, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Crush 40, Complex Numbers, Victor Argonov Project, UNREAL, Xe-NONE, Neuromonakh Feofan, Rammstein, Lindsey Stirling
Favourite Games
Detroit: Become Human, Deus Ex, Half-Life, Portal, Sid Meier's Civilization, SPORE, Minecraft, Starbound, Quake, X-COM, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, RIFT, Spiral Knights, Sonic Adventure DX, Rayman 2, Drakan: Order of the Flame
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Nintendo Switch
Tools of the Trade
Usually a graphic tablet. Sometimes paper, pencil, eraser and pen.

The Box of Awesome

★。*゚・。∴☆。・ ~My Dear Friendos~ ・。 ☆∴。 ・゚*。

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There, Beyond the Line...

Still1 By R No71-dcm8oh4

Stampz Zone

Fai Zim :commission:
Transhumanism Stamp
Humanism Stamp
ZaFr (Zim X Fai) Support Stamp
Futuristic Gluk'oZa Stamp #3
Valentine Heart Bottle_-_ Surprise Kiss

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I know you're probably not on a lot anymore but i remembered that old comment i made and it made me cringe 😭 i can reword it though, you're such an underrated artist and you deserve so much more appreciation. Don't let haters get to you, people are jerks and i have absolutely adored your oc fai and your ocxcanon ship so much since i found your profile. Apologies if I'm being irritating

Hey, wanna do art trade?

I am absolutely loving your illustrations, @Firey-Flamy, they are very lovely in design, detail, and composition.

For that you have yourself a new follower here, on Instagram (as 'lucentxdesigns'), on Twitter (as 'Lucent Designs Official'), and on LinkedIn (as 'Daniel Dino-Slofer').

Keep it up, I look forward to supporting you and your future works! <3

Do you have discord?
Yeah. In fact, I'm more active there, rather than on public social media. You wanna add me?
Sure! Thank you. UwU