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Sacrifices (Newt x Reader)
You took in a shuddering breath, the cold piercing you like frozen daggers. Your head felt as if it was blank, slowly coaxing you to fall.
Something unpleasant slowly crawled up your spine, and you could only register it as fear.  The coldness of the air made your blood run cold- maybe it was just your imagination, but you could’ve sworn that your body was slowly freezing inside out.
Through the darkness, you could see glimpses of thick ivy covering the concrete walls, but that didn’t seem like a matter, at least for now.
A warm hand touched yours, and you immediately whipped your head to look at him.
The beautiful eyes- just like stars – looked into yours, and you smiled lightly. The only comfort you had now was him. His lips were set in a thin line, but you could notice the corners slightly quirking upwards.
“…Newt.” You spoke, trying your best to sound calm and steady- a seemingly hard task to accomplish aft
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Fate (Armin x Reader)
To him, Armin Alert, a quiet boy who loved books and reading and investigating, you were the perfect source of interest.
You were like a difficult book. Seemingly kind and carefree, but something hidden in the midst of that smile. Sometimes, it would take him days and days to decipher a single meaning of your gesture, a soft spoken syllable, or a short little expression…
….And that made observing you a more and more fun thing.
It was just for fun, at first. Little peeks, then hours of thinking. But before he knew it, things were spiraling out of hand. Longer glances, red blushes that colored his cheeks. It was so obvious you knew, but he couldn’t stop. Not even his friends could help, now. He was falling in, falling for you.
Because you were so damn fascinating.
So he didn’t stop. Carried out his routines, held affections. But he was so, so surprised when he saw you do the same. Peeks turning into glances and red
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Mature content
Cleanse (Yandere!Link x Reader) :iconfirework615:Firework615 34 18
Whispers (Levi x Reader) (Drabble/Angst)
 listen while reading, please.
“I do not love you.”
Far, far away, there’s a scent of blood in the air. A sense of warning in his gut, a feeling he knows all too well. The feeling of his blood rushing cold.
The sound of her scream.
“But, Levi-“
“I used you, don’t you get it?”
He’s flying too fast, running too fast- he can’t decipher his movements anymore. Slashing away blindly, bouts of blood exploding in front of him in precious, scarlet blossoms.
But he’s still yet so far away from where he should be.
“Don’t- don’t say that, Levi-“
“Am I not a man of words? Why are you not leaving?”
A blur of something next to him, and he pulls himself to a frightening stop. Because he knows that color, that blur.
The color of ruby sickens him.
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The End, The Beginning (Sheik x Link)
He is, like usual, injured pretty badly and stumbling through the woods when he catches the tune.
At first, he thinks he had misheard. It is quite peculiar, after all, for a person to be out here, playing an instrument no less, in such a dire time. But as he walks further and further ahead, the notes grow firmer to the point of making up a melody. And it’s faint, far away, but certainly there.
It’s so strange…
“Do you hear that too, Midna?”
Link finally asks after the fifth note, hands reaching to grip the familiar weight of his master sword (ignoring the pain that shot up his arm). What if it was another monster luring him into a trap? And what if he was going insane? Or did he injure his ear because Midna wasn’t-
A solid hand reaches out from his shadows and smacks him upside the head. “Stay focused, idiot. Yes, I hear it, but you have to go get yourself healed.” A breathy giggle leaves her mout
:iconfirework615:Firework615 6 15
Be Okay (OC x Maze Runner Trio)
“What in the world were you thinking?”
Alexa, in the midst of wrapping crisp white bandages (well, as crisp and white bandages could get after being under a teenager boy’s care) around her arm, rolled her amber eyes, not even looking up to meet eyes with the brown blur that had just made its way in front of her. At the corner of her eyes, she could barely catch a deadpan from Minho as well as Thomas and Newt, though, and she had to let out a small giggle at that.
“Alexa,” a warning voice, and Alexa finally looked up, fixing the three Gladers- especially Newt- with a ‘what’ deadpan. “I warned ya ‘bout this, you coulda gott’n really hurt.”
“Not to even mention that you were being incredibly childish.”  Thomas added.
And not to even mention that you were being a sh-“
“Guys!” Alexa sighed in slight-mock/half-true exasperation an
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Safe (Link X Reader)
Your senses were slowly numbing.
The clear leaves, each individually shaped and lively, were fading right before your sight, and you couldn’t smell the scent of the earth no longer. The cool wind that was so distinct against your skin at first was slowly growing softer as well, gently edging to nothingness…
…Was this why Saria had not returned?
…7 years…
Day after day.
But this numbness didn’t stop you. You’d never return, not without Saria and Link. Oh, never ever without them.
Another week. By now, your skin was slowly fading, muscles and bone showing. This should’ve hurt, but it didn’t. Your body was rotting, and it didn’t hurt at all.
Waiting. Silence.
Did Link die like this too? Rotting, somewhere, far far away from this place? Was he damned or was he already..?
…No. You had always known. Link was never, and neve
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Finally (Dark Link x Reader) (AU)
Dark grumbles, face annoyed, as he stalks forward with his phone in hand, closing in on his target. His stupid friends- if he could even call them that- had forced him on a dare, to ask the phone number of the girl of their choice… And it just had to be (Y/N), the giddy, overly-bright girl in campus. They had insisted that Dark had a crush on her, when all he thought that she was just pretty cute-
He silences his thoughts as he’s mere steps away, letting out a small huff. She’s listening to music with her earplugs, so he’s gotta do this the hard way, it seems. Quickly grabbing her shoulder, Dark wrenches the earplug out of her right ear, shoving his phone in her face. “Number.” He demands, rolling his eyes at the annoyed expression on her face….
….That turns into… recognition?
She’s stopped walking now, and her eyes are devoid of any shred of annoyance they j
:iconfirework615:Firework615 71 32
A Twisted Situation (Happy Mask Salesman x Reader)
“Please…! Save my sister, dear Mage! I beg of you!” 
Your wavering voice broke the soft chirping of animals in the woods, background noise dropping to a near zero and hushing in anticipation as if waiting for something to happen. You would’ve been unnerved, if in normal circumstances, but… No, not today. Not when you were carrying your little sister, (s/n), in your arms, breathing to shallow and face too pale to be a living one’s. Not when tears were threatening to spill from your face, warm and heavy and hot…
And oh, you were so scared… Without her, you would be… you would be…
“…Hm? And who might this be?”
The voice startled you into looking up, making a few stray tears escape from your eyes. You did not bother wiping them away, however, for your hands (and mind) were occupied in a much more important matter than just your dignity. And as you were met with chocolate brown eye
:iconfirework615:Firework615 16 20
Blood Lust (Shadow Link x Reader)
The candle flickers, casting wavering light to this wall and that.  And you, sitting on the cold metal chair, shadows clinging to you in all directions except for the hot candle’s light, bite your lips and almost glare into the warmth of the candle, waiting.
He will be here any minute now.
Silence. Waiting.
“Turn that light out, pet,” A whisper of winds suddenly hisses into your ear- so soft like an echo yet so poisonous as a poisonous serpent- and you involuntarily suck in a surprised breath. That was the wrong answer, however, for something dark lashed out from beneath the shadow and grabbed your neck. You are prepared this time, and you hold completely silent and still.
You do not breathe.
“Turn. Out. The. Candle.”
He whispers into your ear harshly once again, and you do not hesitate to lean forward, bringing your fingers out to the flame. The hot fire licks your finger and burns them,
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Sheik/Link 100 sentences
Warning: Mentions of sexual content.
1. Life
There is only one thing that Sheik values more than his life, and he feels glad to be dying for it, no matter how painful.
2. Youth
Gazing mournfully at the young pair that dances in the square, Link purses his lips and turns away; it reminds him too much of a youth that he would never be able to have and a love he would never be able to pursue.
3. Content
Lying against the soft earth with leaves tickling his neck and a comfortable body wrapped around him, Sheik actually feels content.
Link always promises himself that he would change and he will forget; yet he never could, he knows.
Years ago, when Link woke up panting from a nightmare, Sheik would’ve always been there to comfort him; but now, only air greets his pained eyes.
Link told Sheik to be more optimistic time and time again, yet with the w
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Corrupted Flowers (Sheik x Link)
Soft. Delicate.
That’s what the Hero of Time feels as he brushes his hands along the delicate petals of the poppies, soaking himself in rain that falls from the sky in thick, thick droplets. It’s cold, but he does not mind. Nor does he mind the way his tunic clings to his body like a lithe body would.
It’s interesting, he notes, how the petals are curled around themselves. It’s as if they’re trying to hide themselves but failing miserably anyway. The vivid violet, red, and white are too much of a stark contrast to the muddy ground to be considered hidden. It’s their nature to be beautiful. Noticed. Appreciated.
…If only…
Link shakes his head, steering his mind away from the course of thought. These thoughts, he knows, would bring him right back to the very reason he was out in the rain all alone. Inst
:iconfirework615:Firework615 4 7
Mistletoe (Sheik x Link)
“I what?”
Sheik deadpanned, glaring at the tall man in front of him. This demon, Ghirahim, he didn’t know if he could trust. Actually, all he wanted to do now was smack him upside his cocky little face and go find Link, who had kindly abandoned Sheik quite a lot of time ago-
“You heard me.” The man- demon- smirked wickedly, gesturing to the small bundle of flower that hung from the ceiling. “This is a mistletoe, and when under it, you must kiss whoever you meet.” At the baffled look he was receiving, the man added, “It’s a Hylian tradition.”
“Well, you’re not Hylian, and neither am I.” Sheik stated, voice flat and un-amused. “There is really no point of-“
“-oh, you little bitsy Sheikah.” Sheik wanted to growl at the pure amount of amusement in the demon’s voice. “This celebration is taking place in a Hylian
:iconfirework615:Firework615 4 21
Care (Midna x Link)
Link drooped his head as he faced away from his beloved hometown, disappointment and exhaustion peeking through the stoic mask he was putting on. There was a small gash to his leg as well, and he could feel himself walk in wavering intervals; enemies would be quick to attack him now, surely.  
But he could not find the strength nor motivation to run.
After all, what would he do, after he had been abandoned and pushed away from his own friends and families, being forced under a wolf form? What would he do, as the only hero of twilight, forced upon the role to save the princess and banish the evil?
With that thought on mind, he tried to block out the chiming of bells and laughter behind him, but his all-too sensitive ears were picking them up constantly. And it added on and on to his pile of misery, and now, all he wanted to do was curl up and sleep…For an eternity.
…And curl up he did when he finally found a small cave
:iconfirework615:Firework615 9 10
Shadows Celebrate (Dark Link x Shadow)
Dark Link sat proud and tall on a comfortable chair, fingers absent-mindedly grazing the edges of the bars of his balcony. The freezing touch of metal biting into his skin felt quite nice, contrary to popular preference- it was a similar way as how Hylians would feel pleasant under the gentle warmth of sunlight. Being made of the darkness, he was accustomed to cold more than warmth.
Drifting away from the thought, he found his ruby eyes lazily outlining the outlines of his Shadow Domain, drifting from left to right in a single sweep. The snow was falling quite heavily now, Dark Link noticed, and he mused that he should probably head inside, but his body did not listen to its master. He rarely got these kinds of solitude these days; just silence, his thoughts, and him alone in a pleasant cold, and he decided that he quite felt peaceful…
Until a flicker of movement and a pull against his heart strings- the signs of magic- decided to interrupt him.
“What keeps you out, dear pr
:iconfirework615:Firework615 1 2
Worth Living (Newt x Reader)
“Hey, (Y/N)!”
The field was echoing with faded laughter, the campfire giving off a comfortable warmth that felt like ticklish butterfly against skin. Teenagers were drunk heavily on ale- never a good sign- but they were happy anyways, lips forming smiles that were preciously rare in this world. Even the ever-stoic Minho was smiling, face flushed to the tip of his ears.
Someone had shouted, joy lacing their almost-crazed shout, and soon teenagers of all kind were joining in at the chant. The chant became a song and the song became a mash of yells, yet the loud voices did not seem to bother them at all.
Nothing would bother them at all. There was still fuel to their fire, and they would not stop until they ran out.
Not even the Greivers could ruin their party, not today.
And in the very midst of it, in the chaos and the yelling and the rough movement of swaying and rough dancing, a certain (H/C)-ette and blonde stood, gig
:iconfirework615:Firework615 34 21
Love you all~~


Undertale - Battle Cuts (Remaster) by Sanguynn Undertale - Battle Cuts (Remaster) :iconsanguynn:Sanguynn 5,030 232 Ghirahim: Heart by Notori-Notori Ghirahim: Heart :iconnotori-notori:Notori-Notori 9 2 dark link - 2 by AikaXx dark link - 2 :iconaikaxx:AikaXx 866 29 Dark Link by AikaXx Dark Link :iconaikaxx:AikaXx 861 43 LoZ: Nocturne of Shadow by saltycatfish LoZ: Nocturne of Shadow :iconsaltycatfish:saltycatfish 645 38 Attack on Titan - Humanity's Strongest by Hodremlin Attack on Titan - Humanity's Strongest :iconhodremlin:Hodremlin 903 129 Attack on Titan - Armin by Hodremlin Attack on Titan - Armin :iconhodremlin:Hodremlin 1,132 141 10.06.2014 - tumblr meme by Mioko-san 10.06.2014 - tumblr meme :iconmioko-san:Mioko-san 243 12 02.01.2014 - redraw by Mioko-san 02.01.2014 - redraw :iconmioko-san:Mioko-san 206 4 We're not good people anymore by KatInATopHat We're not good people anymore :iconkatinatophat:KatInATopHat 259 70 Older Armin by KatInATopHat Older Armin :iconkatinatophat:KatInATopHat 218 42 We'll rise and fall by NinthVerrine We'll rise and fall :iconninthverrine:NinthVerrine 233 18 Armin by InsanitylittleRed Armin :iconinsanitylittlered:InsanitylittleRed 346 121 Bloody Armin by namirenn Bloody Armin :iconnamirenn:namirenn 693 70 Armin Arlelt by 210793 Armin Arlelt :icon210793:210793 1,238 43
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