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Cosplay Tutorial: Wig Ventilating Tips and Tricks

By firewolf826
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Sometimes you end up cosplaying a character with a really crazy hairline, and you think “How am I going to make THAT?”

Maybe you’ve already learned about lace-front wigs and how they appear more natural-looking. Maybe you’ve even heard of wig ventilation, which is the method for individually adding hairs into the lace of a lace-front wig. If you’ve gotten that far, you’ve probably noticed you need special tools, called ventilating hooks/needles, and they can be costly and hard to acquire. Fear not! I am here to show you a few methods to ventilate hair with just normal supplies you can find at your craft and sewing store! That’s right, you can ventilate hair with just a normal sewing needle!!!

Tutorial written by *firewolf826
Feel free to download!
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This is so helpfull! Thank you so much!!! ❤
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Very helpful, thank you so much for posting! Also, how were you able to get the wig into such a nice and neat ponytail that isn't sagging?
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This was very helpful!! Thank you so much!!
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Thank you so much for posting this, it's the reason I was able to make my friend a ventilated wig! *_*
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This is fantastic. Thank you for sharing.
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thank you for the tutorial
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Thank you!! This is very helpful!!
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I've been looking for a tutorial like this for months!! Thank you so much!!
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Is it possible to ventilate a non-lacefront wig? Like attatching the mesh and then ventilating it yourself? I would imagine it is, but I'm not sure how good it would look
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hi! I actually answered a similar question before (which you can read here:…, but the short answer is yes. In theory. It also depends a lot on the style and what you're trying to achieve. But check out my previous answer and let me know if you'd like to run any more specifics by me! I'm happy to give suggestions if you're working on something particular.
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Thanks for the tutorial. it's great! We made the charected with this tipe of hairline differently, but that was only becouse cosplayer's natural hairline was shaped thet way. Wreat to know there's still a wat to make normal wigs for the other cosplayers :)))
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It must be great to already have a hairline like the characters! ;)

And you're welcome! Maybe it will be useful for you one day. It is very time-consuming, though.
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Yes, I understand it's time-consuming, but sometimes it's the only way :)

Thanks again!
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You are just sooo awesome! *3* Thank you for that!
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Wow, that's insane!
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Excellent tips! Thanks!
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You are AMAZING for sharing this! Thank you very much!
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Holy crud. You're incredible. :wow:
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That's very impressive! Thanks~
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