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Link - Legend of Zelda

By FireWings26
This is a gift for my brother who is a big Link/Zelda fan. 

There's actually three colors in the boots and the gloves, but it's somewhat difficult to see them; they blend so nicely...maybe too much. lol. I did change a few stitches of the pattern, but it is not too noticeable. I simply printed the grid on a full sheet of paper and chose colors from my stash. All DMC. If you'd like to know what colors I did use, view the list below.

Navi's wings also have sparkly filament! :la: First use of it, and I love it! I wish it was brighter and more noticeable though. Definitely going to have to look into metallic and other fancy threads. :D

Pattern Grid courtesy of Hama-Girl found here: Link

You can view my process by clicking over to the Imgur ablum I made:
You can also see other versions, like Link without backstitch and it finally framed.

The background patterns are blackwork fills from gatchacaz, which you can find here:…. The hill-like design was designed by me, as was Navi.

Color List:
304 - Medium Red
336 - Navy Blue
444 - Dark Lemon
535 - Very Light Ash Gray
666 - Bright Red
701 - Light Green
704 - Bright Chartreuse
745 - Light Pale Yellow
797 - Royal Blue
800 - Pale Delft Blue
3760 (806)*
3820 - Dark Straw
3828 - Hazelnut Brown
3829 - Verey Dark Old Gold
3862 - Dark Mocha Beige
Standard Black
Standard White
519 - Sky Blue
I forgot the color for the wings...sorry.
701 (Already listed)
704 (Already listed)
996 - Medium Electric Blue
*I know this number seems odd, but it's literally what it says. I have no idea about why. It's the blue I used for his eyes.
Please note: I only used one color for his skin, so there is a color missing for the few stitches around his chin. I didn't think they were really worth the few stitches. 

The color names I grabbed here:… (PDF)

Spring 2015
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© 2015 - 2021 FireWings26
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You made link so cute!! Love this Free - Navi Fairy from Legend of Zelda 
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This looks amazing. :D
BlueRoseKelly's avatar
You are welcome. :D
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Heya, looks pretty great. Link has a nice contrast with background. Two spots bug me though. The one empty spot between top of the blade and the boot. Maybe could have been one more black dot from the sword or the the boots bit changed. The other is the blue dot on the glove. The black lines reminds me of some old opengl sprite games or something like that >< Gives it an edgy touch.
The brown colors are melting bit too much indeed but still looks good.
Interesting pattern style to create a fading background. Maybe also a shadow on the bottom for the next one. Nicely done with all, also with the step by step slide show xd.
I looked at all pictures but the glitter is bit hard to spot. Some fairy glitter so it can fly like a fairy..oh wrong story, never mind =p
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OMG! :jawdrop:  I completely missed that square. There should definitely be a green line of sorts between the blade and the boot. Or as you mentioned, just another black stitch; it doesn't seem as noticeable without the backstitching though. (Backstitching is the name of the outlining technique around the stitching. It's usually done in black and with just one thread, but you can experiment with it.) 
And yeah, the blue in the glove is a bit off too -- this is why it's good to really examine homemade patterns. There could be changes made to make it even better (even if it was good to start with.) I already made a few other changes, as mentioned...

I'm glad you liked the backstitching (the black outline). At first I wasn't going to add it at first, but it didn't look right without it once I started adding the background stitching. 

Thanks; I was going for a foreground, background, sky effect, kinda like what you see in mountain pictures. Something easy to stitching/create but also give it a bit more depth. (Think of one of the classic Windows screensavers:

Yay! :dummy: I am glad you like all the pictures I took! Yeah, I was a little disappointed with the glitter, but it was my first time using it, so I'm not going to beat myself up over it. I will improve it for the next project! Mwhahahahaaa! lol. Wait, was that Tink!? Oh, nope, nevermind...
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It's a missing spot but only if you notice it and it's been like this on the original picture already. Those few things are not a thing unless you have an eye for such or be bothered by small details =p
So it's called backstitching! I would have called it sewing somehow or line-laying-rails I am a dummy!
Yeah i had such type of fading background in mind but with "classic windows" i only have the "green grass hill" in mind ><

A backstory of the whole thing is always an interesting read.. at least for interested people usually hahaha.
You can also always buy a whole glitter box, mix it with glue, load a paintball gun with it and fire it at the peter pan stitch!
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Yeah. The grid is designed that way; I just missed my background that's all. 
Backstitching is the type of stitch. :) Like cross stitch, running stitch, french knot, chain stitch, etc. There's all sort of embroidery stitches, and I've never tried any other than cross stitches, backstitches, and french knots. O-O Those three are really all there are for cross stitch kits... I probably would have called it "outlining" since that's what you're using it for. XD
The Windows backgrounds I think of off the top of my head are the classic grassy hill, the blue mountains, and the tulip: 1cv4y131sweukg8sr2f7vd57.wpeng… lol
lol. I gotchya. ;) 
^ But with glitter
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French knot sounds like some tasty pasta variant somehow :o Try to combine all into one pattern, put all the inlines, outlines, betweenlines and the + / x stitches for a ultimate piece of stitching. The result looks good and that's what matters most.
Brilliant idea, a flamethrower with additional glitter fire to make sure everything in your surrounding burns down. Ah, wait.. now i see.. the arrows points on it. You meant YOU are covered in glitter burning it!
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lol. I have a kit that has blended threads, filament/sparkle blending thread, full cross stitches, half and quarter stitches, backstitches, and BEADS! I have no idea when I'll get it though because it's really big. 

I meant use that picture and little dude but replace the fire with glitter. Glitter-thrower! Spread it EVERYWHERE!! Mwhahahahaaa. No one can escape the glitter! 
nexinita's avatar
One hell of an ultimate combo kit. Now blend it and create a modern piece of abstract art hahaha. If the prophet doesn't come to the mountain, the mountain has to come to the prophet ><

Ooohhhh.. glitter everywhere by a glittergun. It's obvious now. You are the one responsible for all those damn sparkling vampires! That or a secret 70s disco cross-stitch project I think I've fainted. 
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First thought about the mountain:…

Shouts: "I plead the fifth!" >.> <.< >.>
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This is wonderful Clap 
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Your welcome Meow :3 
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I love it! The background in particular is interesting - a great way to have something without doing something as solid as normal full cross-stitches.

Amazing work! :D
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Thanks! :squee:  I think it's great too! lol. I tried to go with a foreground, background, and sky to give it some depth without actually creating a background.

I definitely want to play with this idea more as I do more sprites (eventually). I get tired of seeing plain ol' gaming sprites with just a white or black fabric background. So boring...
DaydreamQueenMisha's avatar
I know, right! Sometimes you are left looking at a background going: "I don't want to stitch all that... But it would look better with *something*...."
I'm totally going to file this general idea away now to use myself! :D
FireWings26's avatar
I have yet to stitch a 100% fully stitched piece, but it's on my "stitching bucket list" or whatever. (I still consider myself within the novice area because I don't have much of a collection of completed works yet even though I'm good at it, ya know?) Pieces like Thomas Kinkade's Disney series are sooooo wonderful! :la: Ugh, that Little Mermaid! So heavenly!… Anyways, for this piece, I would have had to create my own background, and I just didn't feel comfortable with doing that. So, I devised a solution I felt comfortable with. :) 

YAY! :squee: If you do something with it, let me know. I'd love to see how people build off my general ideas/technique. 
DaydreamQueenMisha's avatar
Will do! :D

(And oh, my that link you put in... so pretty! I haven't done anything that ambitious size wise yet either!)
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I know! The whole line of disney works are stunning. I think you can get them as puzzles, too, but I'm not sure...
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