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Sheith Big Bang 2018 - All Out Of Love by FireWindmill Sheith Big Bang 2018 - All Out Of Love :iconfirewindmill:FireWindmill 4 0 Krieg Commission by FireWindmill Krieg Commission :iconfirewindmill:FireWindmill 1 0 Sheith Big Bang 2018 - Sleeping Angel by FireWindmill Sheith Big Bang 2018 - Sleeping Angel :iconfirewindmill:FireWindmill 2 0 A Year Without Rain by FireWindmill A Year Without Rain :iconfirewindmill:FireWindmill 2 0 More Than That by FireWindmill More Than That :iconfirewindmill:FireWindmill 1 0 #RedInstead by FireWindmill #RedInstead :iconfirewindmill:FireWindmill 2 0 Stars Redraw 2018 by FireWindmill Stars Redraw 2018 :iconfirewindmill:FireWindmill 8 1 La Shiro Desnuda Con Ahuacatl by FireWindmill
Mature content
La Shiro Desnuda Con Ahuacatl :iconfirewindmill:FireWindmill 0 0
Lizard's B-Day 2018 Wander Over Yonder by FireWindmill Lizard's B-Day 2018 Wander Over Yonder :iconfirewindmill:FireWindmill 2 0 Soriku Gift Commission For Kett by FireWindmill Soriku Gift Commission For Kett :iconfirewindmill:FireWindmill 3 0 Ko-Fi/Steam Commissions by FireWindmill Ko-Fi/Steam Commissions :iconfirewindmill:FireWindmill 0 0 Commission: OC's Chester + Alex For BricenoSubaku by FireWindmill Commission: OC's Chester + Alex For BricenoSubaku :iconfirewindmill:FireWindmill 1 0 Vanitas in Guidance Palette by FireWindmill Vanitas in Guidance Palette :iconfirewindmill:FireWindmill 1 0 Gift commission KH1 Kairi for Mints by FireWindmill Gift commission KH1 Kairi for Mints :iconfirewindmill:FireWindmill 5 0 OC Max For Chai Commission by FireWindmill OC Max For Chai Commission :iconfirewindmill:FireWindmill 0 0 Axel Monochrome Green  For TuesdayinThedas by FireWindmill Axel Monochrome Green For TuesdayinThedas :iconfirewindmill:FireWindmill 2 0
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Voltron/ToZ Crossover Commission by SpeeshSpoosh Voltron/ToZ Crossover Commission :iconspeeshspoosh:SpeeshSpoosh 60 7 Voltron: LD assets - Galaxy Garrison logo by kingpin1055 Voltron: LD assets - Galaxy Garrison logo :iconkingpin1055:kingpin1055 37 0 :ko-fi: by CherushiMetsumari :ko-fi: :iconcherushimetsumari:CherushiMetsumari 16 0 :instagram2: by CherushiMetsumari :instagram2: :iconcherushimetsumari:CherushiMetsumari 26 0 :steam: by CherushiMetsumari :steam: :iconcherushimetsumari:CherushiMetsumari 36 0 :paypal: by CherushiMetsumari :paypal: :iconcherushimetsumari:CherushiMetsumari 62 4 :tumblr: by CherushiMetsumari :tumblr: :iconcherushimetsumari:CherushiMetsumari 31 5 :twitter1: by CherushiMetsumari :twitter1: :iconcherushimetsumari:CherushiMetsumari 27 0 :facebook: by CherushiMetsumari :facebook: :iconcherushimetsumari:CherushiMetsumari 26 4 :gmail: by CherushiMetsumari :gmail: :iconcherushimetsumari:CherushiMetsumari 17 0 Keith's Delivery Service by Inversidom-Riot Keith's Delivery Service :iconinversidom-riot:Inversidom-Riot 131 9 DeviantArt Point Calculator by charfade DeviantArt Point Calculator :iconcharfade:charfade 19,265 1,875 Arms Open Wide Out Pose Reference Dynamic Shrug by SenshiStock Arms Open Wide Out Pose Reference Dynamic Shrug :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 450 24 elsa by Satchely elsa :iconsatchely:Satchely 529 10 Set Price Adopts [CLOSED] by Satchely Set Price Adopts [CLOSED] :iconsatchely:Satchely 677 20 ayumi by Satchely ayumi :iconsatchely:Satchely 288 6


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Nemo Siqueiros
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Nemo | He/They pronouns | 25
co-host of Finding Me at KPPP-LP Fargo-Moorhead radio, artist, graduated Bachelor of Science Univ. Studies with major focused in art & anthropology at MSUM.

This is my new account from my old one cause new name, more grown up and less immature, expect a bit more professionalism if you ever knew me.

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Busts - colored & shaded
colored & shaded bust of a character or OC. Must provide reference if I don't know them or if I have not seen them before etc.
Waist up - Color and Intense Shading + abstract background
Waist up commission, fully colored, shaded, and background. I'd also recommend a tip to cover the full price but that's up to you I guess. The example is the closest thing I have even though it'd be cut before you got any legs #RedInstead by FireWindmill 
I'm in a tough spot still, only reaching 39% of my goal for December-January as my mother will be going through a leg surgery and survival will be tight. So please check out my commission info here (click on the image below for details!)


Sheith Big Bang 2018 - All Out Of Love

@sheithbigbang 2018 | All Out Of Love

Saudade | Read on AO3

An Excerpt of the first illustrated scene…

“Do we have any other option?” Shiro asked, sounding like he thought he was being reasonable.  “Loving you would have killed me.  I fought it when I realized what they were doing, but afterwards, I realized the practicality of it.  It’s for the better.”

Tears finally overflowed to run fast and hot down Keith’s cheeks.  Every breath was agony.

“Let go of me.  I want to go.”

“Keith, please.  This won’t get any better if we ignore it.”

Keith whirled, tears glittering as they scattered.  “What do you want to do, huh?”  He had clenched his fists even tighter now, though the sensation of nails in his palms was the least painful part of his body right now.  “You want to talk about it?  You want to set up a five step plan for me to get over this the way I got over every other person leaving?  I know it’s not your fault, but fuck, Shiro, you were all I lived for and now I need—”

Twitter | Instagram |Tumblr | Pillowfort

I was unsure what I wanted to give as a title of this artwork but after some digging of the feelings I wanted to convey, the title of this art piece is after the song by Air Supply. It’s perfectly fitting I think for the feelings I got from this wonderful fic. I was in tears when it hit all the emotional notes I felt, so please, read this fic and if you’re as emotional as I am, you’ll cry as much as I did. 

Krieg Commission

A Krieg the Psycho Commission for @gabriel-morrison-reyes on tumblr from Borderlands games, one of the few fps games I like playing for it’s interesting cast of characters across the games.

I’m taking commissions this September to continue covering my monthly student loans, so please check out my art and consider supporting my work through ko-fi or getting a commissioned piece!

Ko-Fi // Patreon 

Instagram // Twitter // Tumblr

Sheith Big Bang 2018 - Sleeping Angel

Take It If You Want It - Chapter 3: March (An Excerpt) | Read on AO3

Soft sunlight filtered in through the curtains they hadn’t bothered to draw the night before as Keith blinked a few times and tried to stretch, but his limbs felt heavy and he was much warmer than he expected to be without the covers on. His breath froze in his lungs as he looked down at his chest.

At some point in the night, Shiro had moved in close and tucked his head under Keith’s chin. Shiro’s arm was in between them, fisted into Keith’s shirt, and their legs were tangled together. Keith’s chest ached with fondness. He knew he wouldn’t have any trouble getting used to waking up that way... if he could just tell Shiro how he felt.

Shiro was sleeping peacefully, breaths coming and going softly against Keith’s neck. It tickled a little but Keith couldn’t find it in himself to mind. I could wake him up right now and tell him… I don’t need flowers or a big grand gesture… Shiro snuggled farther into Keith and tugged on his shirt, mumbling under his breath as he slept.

I should let him sleep a little longer, Keith thought to himself with a yawn, deciding he could use a little more rest as well. He wrapped an arm around Shiro’s shoulder; it was easy to fall back to sleep with Shiro in his arms.

Tumblr // Twitter // Instagram

Sam’s Tumblr Post // Twitter

I guess this moment spoke to me, the pining emotions were just really good, palpable and in the last stages of creating this because I had another sketch in mind in Chapter 2, and perhaps, one day, I”ll play with that too because I adored this fic a lot. I think a major inspiration as well playing into the pining emotions was listening to Spandau Ballet’s “True” which fits Shiro personally but it’s relevant for just...that pining feel. 

Made this is Clip Studio Paint with a lot of water color brushes and pushing and pulling the shades all around to capture that feeling Keith was having appreciating how precious Shiro looked sleeping in that moment. I’ve really improved in my ability to draw Shiro lately so I hope that shows compared to past version of Shiro I’ve illustrated, and at first I was self conscious about making so pretty as a man but the recent Form Podcast reassured me that he was illustrated as such on purpose so SHRUG I like my men kick ass, and pretty and I’ll continue to indulge that.

To Sam: It’s been amazing working with you on this project, and I hope we can continue to be mutuals in the future, and talk about Voltron, Sheith, and even when Voltron is over, I hope we can still be okay friends and all that jazz or grow to be better friends. Thank you for this experience. 

A Year Without Rain

@keithminibang | A Year Without Rain by @belovedsheith | AO3 | Tumblr

Keith leads them into the desert along a narrow footpath. His head is bowed, and he’s scuffing his feet; little puffs of dust kick up with every step he takes. Every angle of his body suggests a force field—any touch would receive an explosive rebuff. With Keith, there’s a bittersweet irony: Shiro often feels at a loss with him, yet never lost; somehow, in the months leading up til now, Keith has become his touchstone, his Polaris. In Keith, Shiro finds both truth and home.

Up ahead, there’s a mass of rock jutting out of the earth, and Keith picks up his pace to reach it…

I really enjoyed this sweet fic, teared up actually cause I really appreciate Mei’s writing of Keith and how relatable he was in his own way. Please check it out.

Instagram | Twitter | TumblrWebsite

More Than That
This has been a collaboration with Chin for the Keith Minibang over on Tumblr so dropping this art off here so y'all can read this fic from the Keith centric bang.

“Hey, Takashi,” Keith chirped, making Shiro jump. Keith could hear Allura excitedly squealing from the phone - it had been a long time since she’d seen him. Keith plopped down next to Shiro, carefully avoiding the carrot buds in the row next to them. He turned the camera toward them. “Say hi!” Allura gushed at the sight of Shiro, but Shiro was silent. Keith glanced over at him. “Babe, are you oka-“
Shiro’s stared, slack-jawed, his eyes bright and amazed. “You,” he started. “You have Altean marks. Allura, is this-“
“Yes, Shiro,” she beamed. “We’ve found an Altean colony hidden in the core of a planet. And this is Hanya.”
The girl gazed back at Shiro intensely. “Hello,” she said in a small voice. Shiro giggled, wiping the sweat from his forehead and accidentally smearing even more dirt on his face. He was smiling wider than Keith had seen him smile in a long time, just because of a little Altean girl.
“Hi, Hanya, I’m Shiro.” He was absolutely radiating joy. Keith had known that Shiro loved kids, but he didn’t know they made him this happy. 

This fic by @ouranchimaru had me feeling a certain way but it was comforting to read and I can’t really explain why but it’s just really good. Hopefully this art piques your curiosity for this collaboration for the NOSFX Keith Mini Bang!   

My Twitter |On Tumblr | Instagram | Chin's Tumblr | AO3 Link | 


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