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Monologue 3
I honestly don't know if I would say that you've ever made me happy. Well, maybe. Maybe it's just a different kind of happy, you know? I don't know. I don't know if I've ever actually been happy in my life.
I guess that with you, I feel comfortable. I don't have to pretend anymore. See, I've always had this feeling, this gut instinct that everybody who I've ever come into contact with secretly hates me and that they wish that I was dead. So whenever I'm around people I get all worried and I try so damn hard not to fuck it all up and really make them want me dead.
But see, I think that the whole being paranoid thing comes from this fact that I kind of hate everybody. Well, no. I don't hate everybody. I don't even hate anybody, actually.
When I was little, I was always taught that you were the best or you were nothing. Either you're a winner or a loser, no grey area. So I always get real paranoid whenever I see someone and I can't see how I'm better than them in some way at first glance.
:iconfirewater409:firewater409 3 0
Monologue 2
"I never told you that I love you because I expected you to love me back. That would have been stupid and not worth the breath. I know that you can't love me and there's no point in sitting here and wishing that you could. I wished at first. I hoped and once I even prayed.
Imagine that, huh. Me, praying. Asking God Almighty himself if he could show you how much I care and maybe, just maybe you'd realize.
But I know. I'm not your type. Not even close. So don't bother apologizing to me because you can't force yourself to love me. I don't expect you to, and to be honest, I don't even want you to.
I told you because I wanted to thank you. I wanted to thank you for showing me what love was and how beautiful and absolutely indescribable it is.
Thank you for not loving me. If you had it would have ended in some horrible heartbreak and my hopes of love would be broken.
Now I can live my life as a dreamer, hoping one day that someone will come along and love me as much as I love you.
And may
:iconfirewater409:firewater409 4 1
However Much I Booze
Trapped and locked away in a cage made of your own loneliness. The people surround you but you've put up too many barriers to even acknowledge them.
You are alone.
:iconfirewater409:firewater409 0 0
Hose House No. 2
I tried to be stronger, I tried to be tough.
Played like a fool, but also played rough.
Tried to be everything that you wanted.
Tried to be smarter, wanted to do the right thing.
I wanted to be the one that would make your heart sing.
Beat myself up to be everything that you wanted,
But you never wanted me.
:iconfirewater409:firewater409 1 0
I was better at fooling the masses,
You were better at starting at trend,
I was better at knocking off their asses,
But who was the better one, in the end?
Oh, who was the better one, my friend?
You were better with the rich than the poor,
I was the best at checking the boy,
You had been better at not asking for more,
But I was better at playing it coy.
Who was the better one?
I was better at thinking on my feet,
You were better at not getting muddy;
I was the better at keeping the beat,
But you could always turn them to putty.
Who the better one, buddy?
Who was the better one?
You were better at snorting a line,
I was better with downing a beer;
Remember that trip on the night so fine?
Where the air tasted like salt and brine?
So who was the better one, pal of mine?
Was the the better one?
Now it comes down to it, you laying on the bed,
About to meet your end;
There is only one thought rolling through my head,
You were the best, in the end.
you were the better one, my friend.
:iconfirewater409:firewater409 0 0
Moron Five
I look at all of those old, stupid poems. The ones about my misery and the lost love.  Now I look at them and I have to laugh. Not because they're funny, but because they're sad. I wish that I could go back and tell myself that it was all worth it, in the end. I want to say that it was all worth it, because it all brought me right to you.
:iconfirewater409:firewater409 1 1
I Met a Whore in the Park
The noise has vanished
It's been away for too long
And now you're free to hear
The new siren song

Let it fade, let it drown
Just let it pull you down
Ignore the screams and forget the cries
Just go under to escape the lies

Let the silence drape you
Embrace the cloak
But do not let it take you
Or you will never come back
The noise will make you lose your mind
Or whatever it is you have
You know your fate
You know what you must do
You have to leave
Now that you've gotten slew
Go into the silence
Embrace what you've become
Once you enter, you all become one
Once you enter, you all become one
:iconfirewater409:firewater409 1 0
A Folk Tale
I don't really mind where you go,
As long as I'm going there, too.
And I don't really care what you do,
As long as I can do it with you.
I don't know where life will take me,
But it will lead me straight to you.
I'm not sure what to say anymore,
And I'm not quite sure what to do.
But as long as you're there with me,
I don't really mind.
:iconfirewater409:firewater409 2 0
New ID by firewater409 New ID :iconfirewater409:firewater409 3 3
Heart's Desire
Sit on the bed you built out of lies. Go there if you've done nothing.
Oh, you've done nothing.
And the have that dream of those bad things. Punishment for your crimes.
Oh, the crimes you've committed.
Why can't the truth hide forever?
And never come out,
Never come out?
Go to that place with your sweet redemption.
The angels of your sins greet you as you walk on by.
Go on down that great hall.
The wake up and beg for your redemption.
Why can't the truth hide forever, and never come out?
Never come out?
:iconfirewater409:firewater409 1 1
Sugar Box
I'm the cutest gal in town; let me tell you why.
I've got the boys wrapped around my finger, and the ability to make them cry.
But let me just explain to you,
I'll tell you what I'm gunna do.
String them all along,
Make my right turn wrong.
Play them like the fools they are,
Then drive away in my nice new car.
So darling, don't you dig me?
Tell me what you see.
The actions of the others guys,
The loving deceit and the nice little lies.
:iconfirewater409:firewater409 1 0
The Twisters
Just sit back and relax,
Don't think.
Don't face the facts.
Just try not to blink.
They fuck you if you turn,
Because they know you'll never learn.
:iconfirewater409:firewater409 2 0
The Line Scene
(Lights up. A boy, STAN, enters. He stands center stage, and appears to be waiting for something. He is of average height and build, with no major distinguishing features. The set is fairly simple, but there is a framed concert poster on the wall, which appears to be signed. STAN looks at the sign once, then his nails. He continues to look, his hands twitching and his actions becoming more neurotic until he grabs the poster and runs offstage. Lights down. When they come back up, the poster is on the wall and STAN is standing, perfectly calm. The previous scene was a delusion.)
STAN:  (looks at his watch) Guess I'm early... (glimpses at the poster, then shakes his head and looks away. He taps his fingers) I've got time. (he walks offstage)
(lights dim again. When they come back up, there are about four people in line, obviously waiting. Some are chatting, but quietly, so that STAN is heard)
STAN: You've got to be kidding me! (sighs in a frustrated way, and stands behind an obn
:iconfirewater409:firewater409 3 1
Play First Draft
(GABE, ANNA, and STAN stand in center stage, a t a slight curve. ANNA is shivering, and STAN hands her his jacket.)
ANNA: Thanks.
STAN: No problem.
(GABE huffs)
GABE:  Just make out, already.
ANNA:  (snaps) I have a boyfriend, for your information.
GABE:  Oh, the mystery guy who stood you up?
STAN:  Gabe...
ANNA:  He did NOT stand me up! He would never stand me up!
GABE:  Yeah, right! Look here, sweetheart, let me tell you something about life. You can't depend on nobody.
STAN:  (corrects) Anybody.
GABE:  Shut up. (reassures himself) Look, I've never depended on (pauses, and emphasizes) ANYBODY, my entire life. Not my parents, classmates, nobody. Hell, my parents look at me and they see what they want to see. They see sweet little angel Gabriel with the blonde hair and perfect fuckin' smile. (becomes more passionate as he talks) I don't need any other person! I'm fine! I'm okay! I was born alone, I'll live
:iconfirewater409:firewater409 3 3
Time Cube
I miss you.
Do you miss me, too?
Do you miss how we used to play
And how the days just faded away?
But now I'm alone,
Wondering where those days went.
I love you so much,
Please let me be your crutch.
Hold me in your arms,
Safe from the bad world's harms.
I don't want to shout,
But before I mellow out,
Can you see me?
Tell me what I'm supposed to be.
I walk by our places every night,
But now I can't feel anything but fright.
Hold me all night,
Love me with all your might.
:iconfirewater409:firewater409 1 0
Fantasy Hotel
Oh look, here you come again.
I guess that's not so unusual,
Or maybe I'm just delusional.
Here I lay, waiting for you again.
Wishing to hear that voice I used to know so well.
Now it doesn't ring a bell.
Nostalgia brings daises and cyanide.
It gives me another reason to hide.
Memories bring rubies and ashes,
Of a day that burned out long ago.
Now you go dancing with flowers in your hair,
Preaching in the town square
The only one listening being the air.
You don't notice me standing over there.
I don't want melancholia.
I just want sweet nostalgia.
You were so good with lies,
And hiding all of the stray cries.
I need some lies right now.
The arrangements have been made,
And the undertaker has been paid.
The only thing you gave me was a numbing pain.
Just daises and cyanide.
:iconfirewater409:firewater409 1 0


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Tue Jun 28, 2011, 2:16 AM
dA is kind of dead for me. I'm basically only on here for social purposes now.…

If you like my writing, the link above is where I will continue to post it.

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