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Inspire wallpaper

Update: The prints no longer have "firetongue" written on them. Anyone requesting use of this, please see my profile for contact details.

Update: Now available as a print, mouse pads etc.

Update: Added a range of sizes to the download file.

I improvised on a tutorial from here:… though it was written for Photoshop, and I only have GIMP.

Thank you to hawksmont and redheadstock for the brushes, you're both amazing!

Feel free to use this for your own wallpaper (or why not buy a print?), but don't re-distribute or try to take out the name. Thanks.
© 2008 - 2021 firetongue8
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Very pretty!

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Very inspiring work..I love the words in your work..Thanks
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I LOVE THIS LOVE THIS LOVE THIS..  I would really like to put it on the front of both my hosting and my development website.. How much would you charge, and you can leave firetongue there, and I will attribute to you also. 
I live in Northwest Washington on an Island, and I think this is just so perfectly perfect. ( maybe a ladybug or a bird, or something similar could be walking down below it.. but I really love this.
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This is so beautiful,  I just love it. Colourful, and Inspiring. :)   This is absolutely amazing!!I think I've fainted. 
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Hello from Serbia.Nice job...
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Hello from New Zealand. I would like to use this graphic for our Not For Profit Charitable Trust. We are running a fund raiser event and intend to run it annually or twice a year to support the local youth centre operational costs. How can I get permissions for it and how can I get a high resolution download of the image? Happy to pay a fee for this. We would use it on our facebook page and on printed materials, tickets, posters etc. Thanks SJJ, Would appreciate a really quick reply.
A friend would like to use this for the front of a t shirt. It would be for a hair salon with their name and number on the back. How can we do this?
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Very cool. I like anything colorful.
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I love this... It really has inspired me to try to create it. I am in Graphic Design school and learning typography. This again is AWESOME.
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Hey there Elen, I love your type work!
I'd like to add this shirt, and some of your other work to our website ''.

It's just launching and all of the shirts are typography based "sayings", that inspire &/or challenge people in one way or another. It's a designer's platform, where the designers get to submit designs and get 20% of every sale that comes in (eg. you would make $3 on every $15 shirt sale). Would you be interested in teaming up with us and our other International designers on a project like this?

If so, please let us know. You can email us (, send us a message through facebook ([link]) or mention us on twitter ([link]). We want to make sure you have ways to get ahold of us ;)

Thanks a bunch for being inspiring!
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May I use this for an avatar on Fanfiction? I can credit you on my profile.

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Sure, so long as you keep a link back to my deviantart page or this one on your profile :) Glad you like it!
Hi. I found this image and used it on my website. I didn't see any author/copyright at the time of stumbling upon it. If it will be a problem to use it, I will immediately take it down. But I thought this was the perfect image for my blog post. I will be giving due credit as soon as I post this message.

[link] (this is the page it was used on)
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Thanks for asking- you can use it so long as there's a link back to the deviation page :) . I couldn't see your blog though, that just linked me to the blogger login page.
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Incredible. This is one I found elsewhere on the web. I found it so incredible, that I tracked it down to the Deviant Art website.
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Really? Thanks, do you know the website?
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some idiot decided to steal this: [link]
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Thanks for the heads up, looks like it's been deleted :)
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wooooooooow this is good
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