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By: Firethroat

There is mention of blood and violence below.
It's maybe PG-13 worthy.

Dagr a woke sometime later, the smell of plants and fallen rain filling his nostrils. They were definitely not in the sewers anymore.

“May..?” he uttered as he slowly opened his eyes and lifted his head. He felt drained and due to his currently blurry vision, he could not tell exactly where they had been taken. From what he could make out -the blurry greens and browns- he guessed they were out in the woods.

He closed and squinted his eyes to attempt to focus them, then went to move his arm. He couldn’t move it. He blinked and lowered his gaze to his body to see what was keeping his movement restricted.

He was encased in thick, light brown roots. He proceeded to shift and attempted to get an arm free, but couldn’t. The roots only seemed to tighten with every movement. Seeing how he could do nothing to get himself out presently, he lifted his head towards his surroundings again. Where were the others and where were they now?

He found Stein, Spirit to his left. They too were in cased in roots and seemed to be sleeping. He then looked to his right.There was May, a few feet from his position then Maka and Soul were next to her -with a good three feet between them-. He was glad everyone seemed to be okay for now. He then focused on the rest of the area.

There were indeed in a forest. They were in clearing of dirt and mud, with lush green foliage and trees surrounding them on every side. Straight ahead from Dagr’s position, near the tree line was a gigantic fuschia colored blossom.

Dagr stared at it curiously -yet suspiciously-. Not only had never seen a blossom of that size or type before, but it was emitting quite a bit of soul energy. The blossom itself was currently closed, had white splotches on the pedals and it’s large leaves were wrapped around the stem. That was too peculiar. He traced it’s form with his eyes all the way down to the where it’s stem met the soil. All the energy was stored beneath the earth. So this wasn’t just a plant. There was something much bigger beneath it. Whatever it was, it was not hard to guess at where it was getting all that energy. From him and others.  Why else would he feel so drained? These roots must’ve been some type of Grass type attack.

“May, Maka.” He spoke as he turned his head towards them. If he could get one of them to wake, they could potentially burn the roots away. Spirit could as well, but May and Maka were next to each other.  “May! Maka!” he said again more loudly, but not too loud. He didn’t want to wake whatever was under the earth. Come on wake up!

May’s ears twitched slightly at the sound of her name. It took her a couple more moments, but she finally managed to open her eyes.

Dagr sighed of relief in his mind. He was grateful he didn’t have to keep saying their names. He didn’t know where Gengar was -he couldn’t sense him- and he didn’t want to wake the beast.

“” May began as she lifted her head. Why did she feel so groggy? “Dagr..? What happened?” She had closed her eyes again to try and shake off this tired feeling. She then went to move and realized she couldn’t. Her eyes snapped open and focused on the cause. “What is going on?” she asked, then lifted her head towards Dagr. “What are these things?”

“We've been transported elsewhere… and these things are to be roots of some kind… they are zapping our energy… and belong to that plant.” Dagr answered, motioning with his head towards the large plant.

May looked towards the plant -she too had never seen anything like it-, then she looked back down at the roots. So that plant was absorbing her energy? She growled slightly. She did not like to share. Especially with some force she didn’t know about. “Think you can--” Dagr began, but before he could finish, Mays fists ignited in flames and she began to burn the roots around her.

He eyed her as she broke free of her root prison. She was always one step ahead of him.

“Now for you..” May began as she straightened up and made her way towards him. She swayed slightly as she did, but made it to him without falling. She glanced around the clearing as she lifted her hands. She didn’t see her team anywhere. “My companions aren’t here..” she stated as she brought her gaze back to the roots and began to burn them away.

Dagr looked about the clearing once more. Besides themselves and that large plant, he couldn’t pick up on any other soul energy. He found it strange that there were no feral pokemon… that was concerning.

“They aren't here May. I am not picking up any other traces of energy.” he told her, then glanced down at her. The other Death Scythes were no where be found either.

May clenched her teeth. They had to be here. Where else would they be?

“Doesn't mean I'm going to stop looking.” she growled. She was beginning to get discouraged.

“I didn't suggest that.” Dagr told her as the roots holding him broke away. “Let's free the others, then we'll search the area.” he continued as he jumped down from his root pedestal. He, like May swayed slightly, but gathered his composure fairly quickly and straightened up.

May glanced at him for a moment then nodded.

“Right.” she muttered then turned away from him and walked towards Maka. She’d free her first then Spirit.

Dagr watched her go for a moment, then turned towards Stein. The sooner they got everyone free, the better. Hopefully with some of his strength regained, he’d be able to pull the roots away.

As May began to free Maka, Dagr raised his hands and grasped the roots around Stein. Just as he was about to pull, his ears twitched.

“You shouldn't do that…” a sudden voice said from behind them. It sounded like a child.

May jumped slightly and turned around.

Dagr turned his head, his crimson eyes focusing on what looked to be an Arba.

The child's hair was midlength, his bangs covering his eyes and he was wearing a black and white sweater and baggy pants, with no toes. Where did this kid come from? And what did he mean we shouldn’t do that? Dagr thought.

“Master.. Won’t like it…” The Abra continued, slowing lifting his head, so you could see one of his eyes through his hair. They were yellow.

Master? Dagr repeated in his mind.

May scoffed slightly and proceeded to finish freeing Maka. She didn’t care who his master was. She wanted to get these guys free so they could go find her team.

Dagr glanced at her then looked back at the Arba, taking a step towards him, then knelt in front of him.

“And who is your master?”

The Abra turned his head, glancing back towards the large blossom.

Dagr’s gaze followed his motion, then narrowed. He knew that flower couldn’t be just a plant. As he went to speak and focus back on he boy, the Abra lowered his head and disappeared -teleporting away-.

Dagr passed a hand over his face and got to his feet. So much for finding out more information.

“How's Maka?” he asked as he straightened up and looked towards May.

“Freed.” May answered as she caught Maka and carefully lowered her to ground. “But still unconscious.”

Dagr nodded to her answer and stepped towards them.

“I’ll try to wake her. Get Soul free.” he told her as he knelt beside them.

May turned her head towards him and nodded, then got to her feet and stepped towards Soul.  “Hey, Maka, time to get up.” Dagr began as he knelt beside her and patted her cheek. The sooner she woke, the quicker they could get everyone freed. He’d ask her to get Spirit out. The more fire power they had the better.

“Huh… what?” Maka mumbled as she started to come to, after a few more pats to the cheek. She opened her eyes and looked up, to see Dagr. “Dagr?” she noticed they weren't in the sewer anymore. “Where are we? What's going on?”

“Some forest. The others are tied up in roots that zap our energy.” Dagr answered as he helped her to sit up. “That blossom seems to be cause of all this.” he continued, motioning to it with his head.

Maka looked towards the blossom and as she went to open her mouth, the ground beneath them rumbled.

“Okay… what was that? That was not comforting.” she said as got to her feet with Dagr’s help.

May had started to burn Souls roots. He would've made Soul the third free Pokémon, but as the Abra warned, his master did not like that.

The next moment, there was in spike of Soul Energy and the rumbling began to increase. Both Dagr and Maka’s eyes widened at the sudden burst of energy and turned their heads towards the blossom. This was not good.

May also stopped what she was doing and looked towards the plant, the sound of cracking and a deep, low growling filling the clearing. Soon crimson red, glowing eyes could be seen through the loose dirt, followed by claws and the body of a beast up rooting.

Dagr’s eyes narrowed as he watched the blossom open and the beast before them growl, green saliva dripping from its mouth. It was a Venusaur. He should’ve known. Only one kind of pokemon has that kind of blossom.

“Free Soul.” Dagr told Maka, without taking his eyes of the Venusaur. “May and I will keep the Venusaur's attention.” He had never seen a Venusaur such as this.

Its skin was dark green, almost black and it’s skin was covered in vein like anomalies. The mouth was full of sharp serrated teeth and it was bigger than average. It had to be at least ten feet tall.

May glanced over at him. She hoped he knew what he was doing. Considering the situation, they didn’t really have a choice. They needed as many free bodies in order to defeat this thing. But it was still risky.

Maka nodded without arguing and turned, moving swiftly towards Soul and May.

This movement did not go unnoticed. Venusaur's eyes gleamed and he let out a breath as he lifted his head towards her. If any others got free, his power source would be gone. He wasn't going to let another victim go.

He growled deeply, his eyes focused on Maka as vines come out of his leaves and shot themselves towards her.

May and Dagr attacked quickly together. Using extreme speed, the pair ran at each other. As May neared him, she reached out to him, he grasped her hand in turn, immediately causing her to transform into her twin dagger forms.

Coming out of Extreme Speed, Dagr twisted around, using the momentum to his advantage and sliced the first vine with his left. Then he extended his right and sliced the other, the vines falling to the ground wriggling. To his surprise, the vines were different as well. The ends had mouths on them… they looked similar to a venus fly trap. So that was another thing to avoid.

Venusaur let out a roar of pain as he pulled his now headless vines back to him, his green blood spewing from the ends.

Dagr straightened up and turned, going into his fighting stance. He was glad he and May worked so well together. They managed to pull that off without any verbal communication.

Soul began to stir at this moment. The roar had caused it. He began to open his eyes, them slowly coming into focus. Maka was hastily burning his roots.

“Maka..?” he mumbled as he lifted his head. “What happened..?” The last thing he remembered was being in the sewer. As his eyes finally came into focus, this is when he noticed the Venusaur, who was now looking at him. “What the h** is that?!” He exclaimed in alarm, then the venusaur letting off another roar. That made Soul turn pale.

“Hang on I’ve almost got you out!” Maka told him as he started to struggle.

“Hurry up Maka!”

The venusaur took a step in the direction once more and lifted it’s head. He was preparing for another attack. The wind blew around them, as leaves from around the clearing gathered around him.

‘That’s leaf storm.’ May told Dagr. She had fought against another grass type who had used the same move. ‘Be careful.’

‘I am aware.’ Dagr thought back to her as he waited for the Venusaur to makes it move. “Maka, get Spirit free next. We are going to need all the fire power we can get.” He told her, not knowing she was already on the brink of freeing Soul.

“Right!” she answered just as Soul’s roots gave way.

In that moment Venusaur’s attack let loose. The leaves from the clearing and even some of the leaves from Venusaur’s back flew at them.

Dagr immediately lifted his right hand and used Protect, to block the move from hitting himself and Maka and Soul -as they were a few feet behind him-.

This enraged Venusaur. It roared furiously, stopping it’s attack, then went to move but before it could Dagr lunged towards it, May’s blades igniting in flame.

The venusaur attempted to counter, using more of it’s vines, but Dagr dodged and sliced the heads of the vines off, May’s flames searing the ends. Venusaur let out a painful roar, it’s eyes brightening with rage, as it retracted its roots, bringing them together above its body. It was preparing for another attack, by forming one thick vine. One that Dagr could not cut through.  

Dagr saw what it was doing and wasted no time in rushing at it. He had a small window to strike and needed to buy a little time for the others.

‘I hope you know what you’re doing.’ May thought to him.

‘Trust me.’ He answered as he kept his eyes focused on his target, gripping her blades more tightly.

The next moment, Venusaur swung it’s now single, thick vine at Dagr. It had used Power Whip. Dagr moved to the right, then leapt just before the vine made connect with him, landing atop the vine. He may be able to severe it, but he could cause damage to it and use it as a bridge. Without a second's hesitation, he stabbed the thick vine with May’s left blade, then he jumped into extreme speed and ran along the vine, towards the vensaurs body, slicing the vine as he did.  

This caused Venusaur to roar out again, his vine slowly coming apart as if it had seams.

“Your free, get Stein!” Maka ordered Soul as she turned on her heels and darted for her Dad.

As she did, the Venusaur's gaze glanced at her, taking its focus from Dagr. That was a mistake. For in that brief moment, Dagr accelerated to closed the last few remaining feet between him and the Venusaur's face, then jumped.

“Ahhhh!” Dagr exclaimed as he plunged May’s daggers into the Venusaur's left eye.

Venusaur reared, letting out a wail of pain, his head swinging from left to right, in an attempt to get Dagr off.

Dagr smirked slightly, being sure to hold on tight, but it didn’t last long. For when Venusaur’s front feet hit the ground, vines erupted from its flower and it’s remaining eye glowed with rage. Needless to say, it was furious.

Dagr wasn’t expecting thousands of vines. He managed to pull the daggers out and jump back, but just as he raised his hand to use Protect, a wave of vines hit him. He was sent, with great speed, into the tree behind him, the back of his head slamming against the trunk.

‘Dagr!’ May excalmined and before she could finish her thought, Maka screamed.

Maka had made it to her father and hastily started to burn away his roots, but Venusaur grabbed her with his vines and pulled her away from him, lifting her into the air.

Her father was only slightly awake, but at the sound of her scream, his eyes snapped wide open.

“Maka!” he called out, quickly letting out a growl and he started to try and get free himself. He didn’t like seeing his daughter in distress.

Soul was next to call out. The Venusaur had grabbed him too, to keep him from freeing Stein.

“You… insolent pests…” the Venusaur growled as green blood poured from his eye, forming a puddle on in the ground. “I’ll see to it, you all never see daybreak!”

“Stein wake up!” Spirit yelled in urgency. He was surprised he was still out.

“Grab me will you..” Maka began as her hands ignite in flame.

The Venusaur let out a deep chuckle.

“You can’t make fire… if you can’t breathe.” he told her as this vinces tightened around her.

Maka's eyes widened and she gasped her breathe, her flames dissipating.

“Maka!” Both Soul and Spirit exclaimed.

Spirit clenched his teeth and desperately tried to create some fire, but the moment Venusaur caught him doing so, the roots which held him prisoner began to glow and started sapping his energy from him more quickly.

‘Dagr wake up!’ May yelled through is mind. She was still in her dagger forms next to him. She didn’t dare transform just to have Venusaur grab her, She needed to think of something.

“As for you…” The venusaur began, turning his gaze upon Dagr. “You are a thorn in my side.. I’ll eat you first.” he growled as his vines went towards him, moving like snakes through the air.

This was the moment. Now or never. The moment the vines reached Dagr, May transformed back into herself and used Iron Tail to cut the heads of the vines off.

Venusaur let out another roar or pain and fury.

Now she needed to MOVE. Using extreme speed, she used will-o-wisp on the vines that currently had Maka and Soul entangled. That only infuriated Venusaur more as his grasp loosened enough for Maka to regain her breath.

While May moved in haste to Spirit, Venusaur attempted to mash her with multiple vines, creating creators in the ground. It was like playing whack a mole.

“You.. forgot about me.” Maka stated, a smirk crossing her lips. She only had seconds.

Venusaur lifted his gaze to her, long enough to distract him from May. His eyes widened. Maka’s body was glowing. He immediately shot more vines towards her, but it was too late.

Makas body burst into flames, incinerating the vines around her -as well as those that nearly reached her-, making her fall to the ground, landing on her feet.

“That’s my girl!” Spirit spoke out as the flames around Maka shot towards Venusaur, engulfing him. She had released Inferno.

With Venusaur roaring and shierking, May hasily began to free Spirit.

“Thank you for helping my daughter.. Perhaps you’d be interested in getting a drink with me after all this?” He asked, giving her a flirtatious look, his eyebrows raising up and down.

May rolled her eyes. Really? He was going to come onto her in the middle of a fight?

“I’ll pass.” She replied simply, his roots falling away from him, then moved over to Stein.

Stein was starting to open his eyes. The moment he did, he looked at what was before him with great interest.

“Well.. isn’t that interesting.” he commented, seeing the extra large Venusaur a flame. “ I was not expecting that.”

May glanced at him, but made no comment and commenced trying to get him free. You could hear Venusaur let out another wail of anger.

Dagr was now starting to come to at this point. His eyes opened slowly, his vision blurred. He lifted his hand to the back of his head. For a moment he forgot where he was. Then the Venusaur's roars brought him back to reality. His eyes widened and he focused on the partially burning Venusaur, who was now attempting to squash Maka and Soul who had been reunited. They were severing vines that Venusaur shot towards them and attempted to go after the others.

“May..” he muttered as he got to his feet and looked for her. He spotted her by Stein. Everything was going in slow motion for him. There was so much taking place. Spirit -now free- had regained his composure and was on his way to join Maka and Soul in their efforts.

Dagr swayed, taking a step back, using the tree behind him for balance. As he went to straighten up again, Venusaur stomped the ground, causing the ground to shake. He was in full rage.

“Nearly there..” May muttered, keeping her balance.

“Take your time. The Venusaur won’t be lasting long.” Stein stated calmly. He honestly wasn’t worried.

May gave him a glance as though something was wrong with him, but before she could open her mouth to speak, Venusaur roared again and more vines, as well as massive seeds erupted from his blossom.

“May watch out!” Stein exclaimed. Some of the seeds were coming right at her. Soul, Maka and Spirit were doing their best to keep the vines at bay, but the seeds escaped them.

May didn’t have much time to react. As she went to, she was suddenly hit and taken to the ground. When she opened her eyes, they widened.

“Dagr!” she said with relief as she realized who had bull rushed her. He had used Extreme Speed to get to her.

“Are you alright?” he asked as he got to his feet, bringing her with him.

She nodded and straightened up.

“Good. Then let's finish this… I’m tired of my ears ringing.” he stated, before she could say anything else.

Of course she nodded and her body began to glow, but his time into a single, sword.

Dagr glanced down at it, looking over the blade. It was hybrid of some kind. A smirk crossed his lips. ‘Twos forms huh?’ he thought to her. “Very nice.” he lifted his gaze to Venusaur, the blade igniting in flame. “Spirit, get Stein free.” he told him.

Spirit glanced back at him briefly, then nodded and hurried over to his partner.

“About time Spirit.” Stein said simply as the remainder of his roots were burnt away. All the while, Dagr, with May in hand, hurried to help Maka and Soul.

“Do not think for a moment… that I am anywhere near finished..” The venusaur growled, his eyes gleaming once more.

Maka scoffed slightly.

“You should look in a mirror. You look pretty done to me.” She told him.

Venusaur growled.

“That is what you think..” he stated. The next moment his body began to glow.

Maka blinked and her eyes widened.

“What is happening? His aura is getting larger.”

Stein looked intrigued, but again, not worried.

“Looks like Overgrow.” He said calmly as Spirit worked on the last of his roots. “Means his power is increasing.” he continued in explanation.

“It also means he’s nearly dead.” Dagr stated as he gripped May’s handle, his gaze fixated on the Venusaur. Just a couple more hits.

Hearing that, Venusaur turned on Dagr, his vines lashing out towards him. Dagr waited until last moment to dodge, the vines slamming into the tree behind him.

“You little pest!” Venusaur exclaimed, his vines moving like snakes and redirecting after Dagr.

‘Seems we have his attention.’ May thought to Dagr. ‘He must hate you.’ her tone was borderline amused.

Dagr scoffed slightly -nearly sounding like a chuckle-.

“He has good reason. We are fast and strike hard.” He replied as he skidded to a stop, just barely missing one of Venusaur's Power Whips, which slammed into the ground in front of him.

“I’ll crush you into pieces!” Venusaur growled, his head still turned towards Dagr.

“I’m not the only one you have to worry about.” he replied with a toothy smirk, briefly glancing upwards. Maka had lunged towards the Venusaur, then jumped.

“Ahhhh!” She exclaimed as she swung Soul in a downward thrust, with all her might.

Venusaur turned his attention to her, just in time to feel Soul tare into his side. He let out roar of pain and attempted to take Maka out with some of his other vines, but Stein, using Spirit slashed through them. Venusaur reared, more of his green blood spewing everywhere.

Where was Gengar? Why wasn’t he here? He wondered. He could feel his life slipping. He went to open his mouth to speak, but his eyes widened instead.

Dagr had, in that instant, plunged May into his side, then swung her upwards for good measure, creating a long gash.

Venusaur cried in pain and withered, causing everyone to jump back into defense positions. But soon the movement stopped and Venusaur clasped into a pool of his own blood, the blossom on his back wilting. His eyes only remained glowing for a few more moments after that, but then dimmed. His body disintegrated a moment later, leaving his red soul hovering in mid air.

“Good work team.” Stein said softly as he approached the soul, taking it. He’d be giving it to Lord Death.

Soul, Spirit and May all returned to their regular forms, standing next to their partners. “Now how do we get out?” Stein asked as he turned towards them and looked around.

“I can take you…” a small voice said.

Everyone but Dagr and Stein jumped. It was the Abra again.

“W-what in the world! Where did you come from?!” Soul asked in alarm.

“Do you want to do back..?” The Abra boy asked, ignoring Souls question, then lifted his head towards Dagr.

This made everyone look at Dagr, all but Stein having  puzzled and curious look about them.

Dagr nodded.

“We do.” he answered simply as he turned towards him and walked over to him.

“Very well.. gather around me everyone.” The Abrb instructed, which they all began to do.

“Why are you helping us now?” Dagr asked intrigued as he knelt beside him.

“You freed me.. And Gengar is no longer a threat.. He too has been neutralized.” Abra replied.

Dagr blinked, then looked up at Stein, who was twisting his screw.

“Seems backup arrived.” he answered, knowing Dagr would’ve asked.

“Back up?” Dagr repeated as he straightened up.

“Of course. While Gengar went after you and May, I called Sid, who informed Lord Death of our situation.” he gave a smirk and pulled out his cell phone. “I am going to have to give kudos to my cellar company. Excellent service down there.”

Dagr gave another seeming chuckle. Now it all made sense why Gengar didn’t show up to protect his master. That was fortunate.

“Are we ready..?” Abra asked, looking up at Dagr.

Dagr turned to him and nodded.

“Yes. We’re ready.”

With that answer, Abra nodded and lowered his head, his yellow eyes glowing through his hair. Then the next second, everyone was back in front of the sewer passage.

It was bustling with activity. It almost seemed like a crime scene. Both the Police and members from the DWMA were there. Death the Kid with Patty and Liz along with Ox, Havar and Kim with Jackie.

The moment they appeared, everyone's attention turned to them. This was followed by what seemed to be thousands of questions and welcome backs. While this was all going on, Dagr glanced behind them in search of Abra, but he was gone again. He couldn’t help but wonder what he’d do now. With that thought in mind, he lifted his gaze towards one of the cop cars. He could see Gengar sitting in the back of it, as well as a few other policemen on either side of the vehicle.

Dagr couldn't help but smirk slightly. That Gengar had been a true pain. But he and May held their own for the most part. Wait.. May? He looked around. Where was she? He looked over the heads of everyone and finally spotted her by their rental. He approached her and quickly noticed her demeanor was different.

“May..” he began.

It seemed to startle her, because she jumped and quickly began to wipe at her eyes.

“Oh.. hey Dagr. Don’t like the spotlight?” she asked straightened up and turned to him, putting her hands together.

Dagr shrugged.

“Never been my thing.” he replied as he looked down at her. He knew what those tears were for. No.. who they were for. “I’m sorry about your partner and your team. I too wish we could’ve gotten here sooner.”

May gave him a sad smile.

“Thanks Dagr..” She lifted her right hand to her face and wiped it once more. “But there is nothing to do now.. Expect go home and give them all a proper goodbye. Thank you your help.. I am glad we at least vanquished their killer..”

Dagr nodded.

“You’re welcome May. Thank you for working with me. We should do so again sometime.”

May lifted her head and gave him a surprised smile.

“You know what.. I’d like that. Next time I am near by, I will give you a call.” she said softly. “Perhaps I can teach you a thing or two about landing on your feet.” she added, giving him a smirk. She was referring to him being slammed into that tree.

“Hmph.” Dagr gave her a small smirk in return. “I am always up for more learning and training.” he answered her, then went to open his mouth to speak, but everyone else joined them. The rest of the group was ready to go back to the hotel and rest. Dagr and May agreed. They were ready for some peace and quiet too.


The next afternoon at the airport, before everyone parted ways with May, she thanked them all individually. But when she stopped in front of Dagr, she not only thanked him again, but gave him a hug. This surprised him, but he hugged her briefly in return.

“Keep in touch.” she told him as she pulled away, handing him a slip of paper.

Dagr took the slip, then looked down at it and opened it. She had written down all of her contact information. He gave her a nod and a small smile.

“I’ll be sure too. Have a good flight May.” he replied, then watched her go. He did so for a few moments, before pocketing the slip of paper and turned towards the others. He was eager to return home. He may even  take a day off to sleep.

PDWMA | Disturbance in Seattle - Part 3


P1 | P2 | P3

Bullet; Red There is blood and violence mentioned Bullet; Red  
It's maybe PG-13 worthy.

Soooo... FOREVER later, I finally finished Part 3. Oh my gosh that took forever. I think I've fainted. 
I started this three part series back in January. Then I got busy... and distracted and then... I lost motivation for a time. x_X;;;
BUT! It's better late then never right? I hope you all enjoy it! This was a fun thing for me to through together. 

If you have not read Part 1 and 2, I invite you to read them, so you'll know what's going on.
And if you read them way back in January, I invite you to read them again, if you feel like it, just to give you a refresher. xD

Sorry for typos! I did go over it once. But that doesn't mean I missed some. ^^;

Characters Featured~

Story, Dagr and Kagura/May (c) Me!
PDWMA | Dagr's Heart Chart


Finally made a Heart Chart for Dagr! @_@ 
Don't know if I'll get around to doing it or my other characters.. but we'll see.
I went through all the past missions/interactions that Dagr has had within the group to find Characters to add on it. 
At first everything was in order of who he met first to last... but then I remembered/found a bunch more people then I thought.. so I just through them on there where ever haha.. at least the ones that are still in the group. (except Avalon. Shes on there. She was a big infulence for Dagr and helped soften him up a little)

If you don't want your character's name on his chart, please let me know! I was just adding people who have been on missions with him.
Or if you'd like to get to know him better, let me know that too! xD


Bullet; White Acquainted | Dagr has meet you/ worked with you.  That's about it. He doesn't know you beyond that.

My Purple Bullet - F2U! Tolerates | He's met you and has worked with you on and off multiple times, but you aren't someone he enjoys to be around constantly. (in fact you probably annoy him) haha Stein >>

Bullet; Green Family/Partner | Kind of obvious what this entails. 

Bullet; Blue Respects/Trusts | A hard title to obtain. Dagr doesn't respect or trust just anyone. If you managed, kudos to you.

Bullet; Yellow Friend | Dagr doesn't have many friends. If he considers you one, you are something special and have a loyal comrade. Don't mess it up. A friend would be someone he hangs out or trains with on occasion. 

Bullet; Purple Close Friend | If you've managed to get into Dagr's small inner circle, that's even more impressive. He cares for you like family and is willing to risk his life for you.

Bullet; Pink Cares For | This is technically a "crush" aspect. Dagr wouldn't call it that, hence the title. He would say he cares for you. He has only admitted this to one person. 

Bullet; Red Loves | This is something that I have a hard time seeing Dagr doing. He is very cautious about who he lets in. But if some lucky lady manages to get his heart, I will be impressed and SOOO happy! salmon heart bullet 

Bullet; Orange Considers Equal | Congratulations! You have not only managed to earn his trust, become his friend/ally, but he considers you as an equal! In his mind you are on the same level as he and has earned his utmost respect/loyalty. 

Bullet; Black Strongly Dislike | Hate is such a strong word. And though Dagr's past is tragic, I can not see him holding onto hate. Hence "strongly dislike". If he feels this way about you, he will most likely ignore you or only talk to you when he absolutely has to. He will of course still be professional if doing a mission and act accordingly.

Dagr and his Art (c) to me.
Pokemon (c)  to Nintendo
Heart Chart Meme (c) The-Pokemon-DWMA

The year 2017, in the month of September, shortly after Dagr became Athene…

You’d think that after becoming Athene, one would take a break, but no. Dagr continued forward with his rigorous training, without a partner, yet again. Avalon had returned to her family and she had started writing letters to him, which he enjoyed receiving and responding to, but  after a while, even those stopped. Dagr would never admit it, but it hurt. He thought about writing to her, but decided against it. She was where she belonged, with her family. And he was where he belonged.. At the academy continuing on. Part of him knew his continuous training was to keep his mind off it… off her. He had let his guard down and now he had to deal with it.

He let out a slow breath as he lifted his weights. Keep focused. He thought to himself as he began to sweat. You can use any weapon you like now. You have no need for a partner. He continued as he lowered the weights, and lifted them again.

The next moment, his ears twitched and his eyes glanced towards the door. He raised his eyebrow. Izumi had walked into the gym. She was one of the Senior Athene Members.

“Izumi..” he began, nodding his head towards her as he lowered his weights, then turned and grabbed his towel. “Is there something I can do for you?” he added as he began to dab the sweat away from his forehead and turned to face her once more. His first thoughts were a possible mission…. or that Stein was looking for him. He hoped the latter wasn’t the case.  

Izumi as always kept herself limited in the partners she had, not everyone had what it took to Wield her, those who could she could count on her fingers. However, being as an assignment was coming up soon, she had to get familiar with what Meisters they had: Including a new recruit. Dagr. “Dagr.” she greeted slowly, “Athene now, mm? Congratulations. Anyway.” as she leaned against a wall “Assignment comin’ up.  Need a partner, and I was told you got what it takes if you’ll try.” To the point. As always.

Dagr finished wiping the back of his neck as she spoke, a slow smirk crossing his lips. So it was a mission. And from the look on her face, it seemed like a good one.

“I’m up for anything.” he replied as he draped the towel around his neck, then turned to his things, picking up his trench coat and hat. “When do we leave?” he added, giving her a glance.

“Not long. As you’ll find Athene has very little time to prep when we are needed. We’re the first-responders, when we’re needed.” she explained walking up to him holding an arm “Our prep time starts as soon as you’re ready to deploy.” Izumi kept her eyes forward and not in a scowl, more of her neutral, standby expression. “Gotta warn ya though, hotshot. I ain’t as easy as other weapons to wield around here.” the smallest inclination of a smirk appeared on the womans face.

At her response, Dagr placed his hat on top of his head, then put his trench coat back on, buckling the claspes.

“I’m ready.” he answered, removing the towel from around his neck and tossing it onto the bench, then brought his gaze to hers. “I’m not the easiest Meister to be around either.” he stated, another subtle smirk crossing his lips. “So, this could get fun.” he told her, then made his way towards the door.


The mission went… surprisingly well. Dagr had trouble at first, but once they synced up everything went smoothly and together, were able to vanquish the Feraligatr Kishin that had been causing problems in the Everglades.

That successful mission brought on many others, in which both parties looked out for each other. It wasn’t long before both of them grew to respect one another and a friendship began to form. They trained and spoke together often. For once Dagr truly felt he had someone he could depend on.

As the weeks continued on, during a training session, Izumi suggested to Dagr he should go Variant. He had mentioned wanting a change of some kind in his life, he just wasn’t sure what. He contemplated the idea for a while, before consenting and even asked Izumi her opinion.

She had heard of the loss of his family, so she suggested choosing someone in his family who he respected and take on their species as a variant. That suggestion convinced him. He’d go Houndoom, in respect for his biological father. Dagr never knew him -as his father was killed when he was 5-, but that blood was still in him.

The next time Izumi saw Dagr, he was a Lucario-Houndoom Variant and two inches taller, with a wardrobe update. She gave him a nod of approval with a proud, receptive look on her face, then assured him it was a good decision and was happy he did it.

Dagr was glad he did it too. Not only he did feel stronger, but he felt a closer with his biological father then he ever had.

PDWMA | Dagr and Izumi - Past Head canon


VeryBerryPerry and I decided to do a little headcanons for two of our Characters. 
Dagr tends to always use Izumi as a weapon in the monthly missions, so we thought we better find a reason why. xD
We are still thinking of other headcanons, but this one is for last year, right after Dagr joins Athene and leading up to his Varient addtion. :3

Thanks for helping Perry! I am looking forward to others! 

Characters Mentioned:

Characters are (c) to their original owners
PDWMA | Halloween 2018

Happy Halloween everyone!

This was just a fun collab between myself and Crowvict with our characters from PDWMA all dressed up!
Crow did the sketch/lines.
I did the coloring/shading and added a background. 
For times sake, I did soft style shading. I really like how the image turned out. :3

Characters going from left to right~
Gallivan is Sherlock
Alysa is a dragon (with Pete The Dragon Colors)
Dagr is a pirate. (I have come to realize that he loves tail coats)
Then Leticia and Ginjiro dressed up as Red Riding Hood and the Hunter/axemen! (aren't they adorable?!)

We missed the live Halloween event, but that doesn't mean our characters weren't there and are hanging out for Halloween!
I will probably be doing some Halloween head cannoning. wink grin 

Art and Characters (c) to their respective owners.
Pokemon (c) Nintendo

PDWMA | October Missions Collab


Yee October missions are complete!
Special thanks to Brushtail for sketching for us!
I lined the piece~
And Crowvict colored/shaded and added a background! <3
Ahhh I'm so excited! This will be the last Mission Alysa and Leticia do, then they go on to their witch hunt! :happybounce: 



Culprit: Terrence the Terror (Talonflame)
Soul Count: 1 

Culprit: Houkou the Heated (Mega Houndoom)
Soul Count: 1 

Culprit: Impala the Isolated (Igglybuff)
Soul Count: 1 

Culprit: Farah the Fleeting (Ferrothorn)
Soul Count: 1 

Culprit: Pilea the Pliant (Plusle)
Soul Count: 1

Art and characters (c) to their original owners


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