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Hey, long time no see! I am gonna show you my special talent. So watch closely! I don't do this just for anypony. Well, often at least.

If it looks a bit uneven, don't be suprised! Me changing color isn't an instant or "even" thing. It's more like a uneven erratic color wave... I can have it start from any point, though. Even multiple points! Enjoy!

Art © ~voyeurs

Firestorm © ~FirestormDangerDash

Rainbow Dash © Hasbro
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© 2012 - 2021 FirestormDangerDash
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not bad.

Can you so Traditional art? just wondering
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This is not my artwork. That said. No, I cannot.
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So he's a changeling?
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I never actually though about it before. Or even made the connection, but ever since Changlings made an appearance it can add a bunch of depth, mystery, and drama to my characters story/life/bio. Still, the downfall is it has made my character. . . lose his uniqueness a bit.
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Possible. But unlikely. Read his bio on the main page (it is long) and judge for yourself. That bio was made before changelings made there wedding crash in Ponyville. :iconthemoreyouknowplz:
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:iconponyclapplz: yay thats amazing
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woah :iconimhappyplz: niiihihihiice I cant change lineart color so smoothly like that
FirestormDangerDash's avatar
Yeah, it is pretty cool isn't it?
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AH, Changeling!!
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:iconroyalcanterlotvoice: Nay children no wait! I am not... Actually, could I be? Very good question. This calls for research! :icontwilightgrimplz:
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