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Fluttershy - The Face of Sorrow

To take a page out of Tsuki's book... DAT HEARTBREAK. :tears:

Seriously, how long has it been since there's been so much emotion played out in a kid's cartoon? For me, too long. The animation, the dialogue, the music and the voice acting just made this outburst one of, if not the best moments in the series. I wanted to cry my heart out... if only I hadn't left the door open. ^^;

Starting to understand Inkscape's in and outs, but I've still a way's to go to get these things done in an efficient manor. Took about three hours here whereas I could probably cut off an hour in Flash. Oh well, them's the breaks. I'll get a pattern down eventually.

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic owned by Hasbro
Made in Inkscape

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I feel a great disturbance in the force as if billions of hearts were crying along with her and were all suddenly silenced
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this is what happens when i forgot them and love fnaf 1 and 2...

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Poor :( I want hug her...
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I can't STAND to see poor Fluttershy upset... :'-(
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She really doesn't deserve this much pity. I do not understand why people show their soft side to a coward, that is Fluttershy. I mean it's OK to do that to a youngster, but to do that to a young adult like Fluttershy is like giving taxpayer money to an incompetent bastard who's too afraid to work. Is that scene THAT emotionally powerful enough for you to feel sympathetic? To me, that's just a cliched device in disguise. Love is good. Too much love is not. Too much love can turn to hate. And I can freely compare making Fluttershy cry to making Baby Bop from Barney cry.
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Me: *to Fluttershy* So, are you tired of being laughed at, teased at and made fun of?

Fluttershy: *crying* Yes!
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Awwww.... please don't cry. I'm sure that everything will be fine. *Coils around fluttershy calmly and lays head on her head*
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I'll murder whoever it is that made Fluttershy cry!!!!
"Don't laugh at me! Stop laughin' at me! Stay out of my shed! STAY OUT OF MY SHED!"
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I burst into tears when Fluttershy cried during this scene
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So many manly tears shed during this episode.
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Awwww....*I give Fluttershy warm cuddles and hold her close to me. I then lick the warm salty tears streaming down Fluttershy's face with my tongue and gaze deep into her beautiful blue-green eyes.* Don't cry, you poor sweet pony....
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Hehe.....well, tears are an acquired taste.
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I must comfort her!!
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Better get in line... *points to line stretching from here to town*
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"And at that moment... thousands of bronies died a little bit... on the inside"
...i know i did
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the most sad scene if all time
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nice picture. i like it.
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My heart completely shattered when I saw this scene.. ='(
I know how you feel too Fluttershy, I was bulled though school. >.<
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