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Sunset in Burns - ATS Oregon DLC by Firestarthecat1 Sunset in Burns - ATS Oregon DLC :iconfirestarthecat1:Firestarthecat1 1 0 The FireStar Special by Firestarthecat1 The FireStar Special :iconfirestarthecat1:Firestarthecat1 1 0 Freightliner/Utility FireStar Freight Combo by Firestarthecat1 Freightliner/Utility FireStar Freight Combo :iconfirestarthecat1:Firestarthecat1 1 0 New(ish) Truck Smell - Scania T113H by Firestarthecat1 New(ish) Truck Smell - Scania T113H :iconfirestarthecat1:Firestarthecat1 1 0 Daf XF 105 in Sweden by Firestarthecat1 Daf XF 105 in Sweden :iconfirestarthecat1:Firestarthecat1 2 0 Peterbilt 379EXHD Part Two by Firestarthecat1 Peterbilt 379EXHD Part Two :iconfirestarthecat1:Firestarthecat1 1 0 Peterbilt 379EXHD Part One by Firestarthecat1 Peterbilt 379EXHD Part One :iconfirestarthecat1:Firestarthecat1 1 3 Scot A2HD - Fontaine Phantom by Firestarthecat1 Scot A2HD - Fontaine Phantom :iconfirestarthecat1:Firestarthecat1 1 0 Pile of Cars by Firestarthecat1 Pile of Cars :iconfirestarthecat1:Firestarthecat1 0 1 Northern California Sunrise by Firestarthecat1 Northern California Sunrise :iconfirestarthecat1:Firestarthecat1 2 0



Sunset in Burns - ATS Oregon DLC
So on the first day of ATS' Oregon DLC (This last Thursday, the 4th) I met up with some fellow members of the Viva Trucking VTC and we had what I assumed was an informal convoy. This was the point in which we were trying to get everyone together and line up. The truck stop at which we were at was a partially chaotic one at times next to a very popular four lane that runs through burns. The fact that the TMP staff literally rushed the update for Oregon didn't help either. My truck is the third from the right, a Peterbilt 389 rockin' the Rush paint job from the also new Classic Stripes Paint Pack DLC. The two to the right are fellow VTC members, and the one to the left was racing though the truck stop for some reason.

Truck: Peterbilt 389 Flat top
Paint: Rush
Engine: Cat C15 625HP (466kW) King of the Hill, 2,050 lb-ft (2779Nm) torque at 1,200 RPM
Transmission: Eaton FO-20E313A-MHP R
Wheels: Seagull Chrome Steers, Steel Two-Hole Tandems

Trailer: Standard Trailer 45' Curtain Slider with 28' Curtain Slider Pup in Rocky Mountain Double configuration.
Paint: Rush
Wheels: Steel Two-Hole

For me this picture hopefully marks the end of my long hiatus from DA. I had a drawing of an old truck for a buddy's birthday, but being me it got lost in my room.
Alright, so if DA hasn't already told you people, today is my birthday, and my 18th at that. It also means it's a Monday. My plan for today was go to school, coast through like always, then race to the local DMV to take the Written/Knowledge CDL test for my state so I can get a CLP (Commercial Learners Permit). Unfortunately the DMV is closed on Monday. Why is the DMV closed on a friggin Monday, as opposed to Saturday? What makes it worse is now I have to wait until Monday to take the test because I'm going on a long field trip tomorrow that doesn't get back until late that night.

I was playing ATS MP last night with some guys from the VTC I'm in, and we have the Verizon Home Fusion thingy that runs off of the Phone Data. Anyway, we get 15gb of 4g and it's 3g for the rest of the month, and I was playing ATS MP last night on the 4G and my ping was unnecessarily high (roughly 650 ms) until it rolled over to 3g, at which point my ping dropped to an average of 140 ms. Something smells fishy here...
So I think I finally found something I can do on DeviantArt without an overly complicated posting process. And it's still something I love. And that thing is...

*Drum roll*

*Cymbal crash*

Drawing semi trucks! I've already drawn what mostly resembles my truck in ATS, and I'm working on a 1987 Marmon 57L with a 60 inch flattop sleeper. Oh boy. I need some colored pencils.
The FireStar Special
This is my first actual attempt at drawing a truck not for a paint design, but for looks. This is in essence how my personal rig in ATS looks, minus the 2000R Reefer. I still need a skin for that. Burt anyway, this was a seat-of-the-pants 20-30 minute sketch. That's really all I have to say though, enjoy.

(Yes, I know the cab is off.)
I was sitting at my computer the other day, drooling at trucks and hauling virtual freight, when something occurred to me. What if I didn't make it? What if, no matter how hard I tried, I would never catch it? Then my brain offered up some words of advice.

Dreams are like rainbows, you can chase them all you want, but you will never catch it. You have to build it yourself..

That is all.


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Ian S. Olson
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Just a guy who loves semi trucks, particularly old ones. I like to write stories and not finish them (for some reason). I also like to share pictures of my trucks in American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. I intend to get my Class A CDL in the fall and hauling grain for my uncle. y favorite truck brand is Peterbilt, my favorite engine brand Caterpillar, and my favorite transmission brand is Eaton. I can get a little philosophical at times, and I make a damn good friend when you get to know me.

Opinions aren't facts and facts aren't opinions.
Just because you don't like a song, or a book, or a movie or show, or vehicle that someone likes doesn't make it stupid. That just makes you stupid.
I don't care what you believe in, a person is a person and they should be judged by their character, not the way they look or what they believe in.

Art belongs to CaboverTruckLover, check him out!


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Thanks for the fave on RvBY! Appreciate it.
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Thanks for asking
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