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I had to whip this up super fast, so it's not really done, but it's in this state that I submitted it to the weekly competition.

This was for this week's Character of the Week Premise: NES characters made real, 12 years later. Basically, the idea was that Nintendo accidently stumbled across the invention of a device that ported game characters into the real world around the heyday of the NES. They destroyed the cartridges that they could and tried to integrate as many of the characters as possible into society. This is them adapting, or struggling to adapt, to our "real world".

Lakitu here works for Nintendo as a programmer. I saw him once. The building is across the street from Digipen, and I was allowed to enter it once for winning a prize at a costume contest. I accidentally wandered down the wrong hall and happened to spot him (shh!) Nintendo kept as many rogue characters as they could, employing them and tucking them away into hidden corners of the company.
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That's lovely! I love the atmosphere and light.. very special

Good job +fav
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Thank you. I was worried the light was too much, so I mde an alternate version, but I'm glad it seems to be going over well. :)
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Hahaha that's great. Oh, what has life become Lakitu? I bet he doesn't get benefits.
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He needs nothing more than a long vacation to go fishing... I think that' perk him right up. Unfortunately, he can't be seen by human eyes, so things get a bit difficult. He obviously needs some better eyecare coverage. :)
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Poor Lakitu! He looks kinda bored. :(

Nice pic! I like his paper weight, too!
firesprite's avatar
Thanks! I would want a paperweight like that, myself. Nintendo ought to make them. :)
AlienGuardian's avatar
Agreed! I'd snatch one up in an instant! :D
Neminder's avatar
I love his lil´ paperkeeper. X3
firesprite's avatar
Thanks, he loves you too...
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This piece is pretty cute. Reminds me of myself at work......right now. >_<
firesprite's avatar
Lol! Aw, poor you...

Actually, I'm sure I had that expression while I ws working on this, not because I was bored, but I tend to do a zone-out while coloring digitally. :)
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