Long time no see everyone it's been about a few years since I posted a journal on here. I hope that some of my watchers and followers are still here it's been a pretty busy couple years for me. I'm here to talk to you about having more social media pages now. 


You can keep up with me on all of my updates, commissions and other projects on there as well.

I’ve been working on a new project for the past month and it’s been a great opportunity for me. I’m currently making artwork pieces for a portfolio I’m working on for Gallorey.com. You can do any book on there you choose and can make art that goes with the pages in a book. I picked the Hunger Games series and I’m starting with book 1 and ending with Mockingjay. These are samples of what my portfolio will contain. I had to completely come up with a new style and way of coloring and I hope everyone likes it. It's on their website now at www.gallorey.com/portf…

I have 15-20 pages done for it so far and I'm also going to make Catching Fire and Mockingjay as well. Their all going to be $8.00 to purchase and I would love to hear some feedback and reviews of it, if anyone is interested in purchasing the portfolio.
Again sorry about the long hiatus, I should be back on here a lot more. Hope to see and talk to everyone again soon.