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Hello, Hello! Welcome to my DeviantArt page. This is my main spot for all my art, I post on this more frequently than any other platform other than my discord server.

If you are interested in seeing all my wips, doodles, giveaways, occasional requests and want to know me more, I suggest you join my discord! It's got a little space theme, custom roles, pings for me and other people's work, and a little chat level system!

Most of my artwork is centered around my original world and species: a planet called Radriea with a wolf species. Most information on the specifics are posted privately, but if you have any questions go ahead and ask! I don't really draw fan-art, but it might pop up every now and then if I'm super inspired.


Disclaimer: Please do not interact if you're an NSFW artist! I'm not interested in viewing anything suggestive or blatantly nsfw, but I'm fine with gore which is why I don't filter mature content.

Do not draw, reference, trace, copy, or redistribute my work or my characters for any reason. I am not comfortable with surprise gifts, please ask me before you decide you want to draw one of my OCs. I assure you that knowing in advance is much preferred over being surprised.

Character Introduction


Ashtur - Phoenix Rising

"I'm coming for my crown."

Fallen God

SCYTHE - Wielder of Souls

"The deeper you dig, the darker it gets."
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Eko - Spark of Fear

"Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. I look death in the eyes and can’t help but smile."
Commission Status: OPEN I have decided to open commission slots, these are going to be done between my school and work schedule. The prices are fixed prices, adding on additional costs will only be done in cases of additional characters and super-complex OC Designs. Commission Rules Will only accept commissions of canines or dragons at this time No NSFW commissions Illegal or overly gore-related Content (blood is fine, excessive injury is not) I will collect 100% of the payment up front. My signature will not be removed under any circumstances PRICES Headshot/Busts - Line art: $20.00 + $10.00 per additional character - Flat Color: $25.00 + $10.00 per additional character - An additional $5.00 will be added for overly complex designs (per complex design) (several layers of markings, items, limbs, etc) - Color, Shaded w/ Transparent BG: $45.00 + $15.00 per additional character - Color, shaded w/ Full BG: $55.00 + $20.00 per additional character Full Body - Lines: $30.00
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I'm just gonna promote my discord server real quick. I did some rework and made it all space themed and I currently have a $5 chibi promotion going on in there. I only take requests from Server Members (if I open them) So, perk there! Shameless plug:
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Thanks for fav!

tysm for the fav, your art is beautiful!

Thank you for the watch~! Your art is gorgeous as well!! Absolutely amazing <3

Thank you for the watch back! I absolutely love your style.

Of course! Ty I appreciate it 💜 keep up the good work

Thank you for the fav, I appreciate it! Nice artwork by the way

No problem! Really beautiful work you have~