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Paint canvas texture

So here's another texture I created, feel free to use.
Download for full size.

Please credit me if used and it would be nice to leave a link or comment so I could take a look (and fave) the work done with it.
These are my early attempts at creating textures so feedback would be great :)
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Thank you for sharing your stock
I used it here in this creation Red witch by Clendermens
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Merci pour le partage 

Le Dome du Jurassic by cflonflon
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You have some fabulous textures.  Thank you for sharing you work.
Used here: Spellbound
and also uploaded to my flickr:
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I used you stock here: 
The Lord of Death by spescarus

Thanks, :)
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Used here: ARRRrrrrrrr! by Rowdy-Dawg   Thanks
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Hi, and again here, many thanks =D
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.. and again here; many thanks =D
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Hi, used here Many thanks =D
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This is soooooo nice. I used it, but I don't know how to link things, cause i'm dumb.... But anyway Awesome work!
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Thanks for this! :) Used here: [link]
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[link] Used here, thank you!
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Thank you!! i used your texture here... [link]
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Great stock, thanks for sharing!

Used here>> [link]
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Thank you! I used your texture here: [link]
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Used: [link]
Thank you =3
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thx your pict
i used it here ... [link]
Thank you for sharing...
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I used this here, [link] thank you so much!
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