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Aged paper texture

Created from a paper and multiple brushes in photoshop.

Please credit me if used and it would be nice to leave a link or comment so I could take a look (and fave) the work done with it.
Feedback would be great
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Used for my map 
Earthni by septarian
using it for a d&d map. Also finallygetting my feet wet with digital imagery. So, thanks!
I used this for my entry in NaNoGenMo 2016 –….

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Used here:…
Thanks! Really useful texture :D
Wonderful work. I can't wait to use it with some of my cartography. 
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This is very beautiful :)
We used this texture with the art for our latest cover at (you're linked to on the acknowledgements/copyright page). Thanks!
Hi Firesign! Your parchment is the foundation of our supernerdy D&D Campaign website, and we love it. As someone who has actually worked with parchment before, I am delighted with the quality of your texture (it's a high-quality rendition of low-quality parchment, which has the most character!), and the variations you include in it (veins, folds, scars, and a texture which looks like it may have had hairs on it at some point); it was the closest I found to the real thing while looking for a blank page of parchment (without having to remove text somehow from images of actual parchment manuscripts!). 

But you asked for a link, so here you are. You are listed in our acknowledgments page, as well. :) 

Thank you for creating and sharing such high quality work!
JB-Pawstep's avatar used here ovo for the Background
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will use it :D looks great
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thank you! I used your texture here:…
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Used for the Opeth wallpaper I created. Thanks!…
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