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Hey everyone! Long time no journal! I just wanted to quickly make a last-minute announcement that over the summer, I got to be part of an awesome art book project: The Tyrian Gazette, a fashion-themed Guild Wars 2 art (and lore!) book officially sponsored by Arena Net! I've contributed an illustration to this awesome book along with many other amazing artists. Funds raised by the Indiegogo campaign for the book will be donated to the Extra Life Charity! Today is the last day to grab a copy or support the campaign. We're just a handful of pledges away from unlocking a third really cool alternate book cover!

Here's a preview of the illustration I did which will be printed in the book:


Check out the campaign here -

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Woah, I've surpassed the 100,000 pageview milestone! Cool.

And while I don't obsess over my deviantART stats as much as I might've like 8 years ago or something, I still want to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to check out my art! And that your favourites and comments brighten my day! 


Also if you want to see more sketches and smaller pieces of my work, I post extra stuff on my Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr accounts!

I've just been finding it too much of a pain using deviantART's submission system for sketches and rough things, easier to just drop and plop on other social media sites!
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Due to time constraints, I am unable to take commissions right now! But I'll leave my info here for future reference when I find I am able to take on more work. Thanks! :)

Hello, everyone, I am excited to announce that I am opening for commissions! I am currently between jobs and looking to keep myself afloat with the power of art!

Please view my Terms of Service before commissioning me. By sending payment you agree to these terms.

Payments are made upfront via PayPal Invoice. Also, all my files are pretty big, so any art you receive from me will be nice and printable! (Yes, even icons.)

PRICES ARE IN USD. Commissions are for personal, non-commercial use only.

Please send me an email at to reserve your commission! Consider including any of the following info:
- Visual references of character(s), or clear written description.
- Any particular pose or emotion you want the character expressing.
- Any specific image size/dimensions. (Default is A3, but may be cropped to better frame the character.)
- Inking style.

For types of artwork that aren't included here (eg. painterly style, bust, environment background, etc), give me a description of what you're interested in and I can give you a quote. I may or may not be able to also provide you with examples of what to expect the work to look like.

I am comfortable with most subject matter -- I may decline human characters, but feel free to ask me anyway and I'll see if it's a type of character I think I can sufficiently tackle.

**Prices may have to be negotiated depending on character complexity.

$15 Sketch

Bonedragon Sketchexample by Firequill  pteranoAnthro2 by Firequill  Horsey 20161030 by Firequill
 +$10 for each additional character
*Sketches come as-is with revisions available only if I make a mistake in an important character detail.

$35 ink

Marshmallows Inkex by Firequill  Pteranoanthro2 V2 Inkex by Firequill  Pokemon20 Inkex by Firequill
Let me know if you prefer thick or thin lines!
+$30 for each additional character.

$50 Flat Colours

Pteranoanthro2 V2 Commissionex by Firequill Breakdancetiger Commissionex by Firequill
Refined, full-body character inked and coloured, no shading. 
+$40 for each additional character.

$80 Full Character Illustration

Breakdance by Firequill  Scribbles Commission by Firequill  Marshmallows by Firequill  Pterodude 2 by Firequill
Minimal background, cel shading plus possible painted elements, special effects, etc. Can request different styles of lighting.
+$60 for each additional character

$30 Icons

Avaquill 2016 by Firequill  Avacotton2 200 by Firequill
Icons are cropped from a larger headshot I draw of your character that looks something like this
Avacotton by Firequill
You'll get both the square cropped icon and the lovely full headshot which should still give you a decent sized print of at least 6"x 8".
You may also re-crop and resize your icon to suit whatever icon needs you may have! 

Please leave a comment or shoot a note my way if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks everyone!
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Oh my god I hate the deviantART app so much, every time I use it I wish I hadn't even bothered. :|
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I wish I could do more with the deviantART app. Like submit art to groups.
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