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By Firequill
Woah, I've surpassed the 100,000 pageview milestone! Cool.

And while I don't obsess over my deviantART stats as much as I might've like 8 years ago or something, I still want to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to check out my art! And that your favourites and comments brighten my day! 


Also if you want to see more sketches and smaller pieces of my work, I post extra stuff on my Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr accounts!

I've just been finding it too much of a pain using deviantART's submission system for sketches and rough things, easier to just drop and plop on other social media sites!
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Congratulations :) it's well desserved!!
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Aaahh, thank you! :D :heart:
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Ok that’s good to know but I’ve been meaning to ask you for the longest time, are you going to make another flash project the size of vulpin adventures ?
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I don't have any plans to! I just don't have that kind of time anymore now that I'm a full-time animator. :P 

I have been doing art for a game developer friend of mine, but that's about as close as I am to any independent game projects right now, haha...! twitter.com/TyrannoGames