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Update Jan 16th 2021: Flash Player is discontinued! The game can no longer be played via browser but I will leave it up for the memories. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed Vulpin Adventure over the years. When I released it, I never would have expected fans to still be reaching out a decade later to tell me how much they love it and still play it! I'll leave an swf of the game up on Google Drive for anyone who has Flash Player installed on their computer to download and play -…

Thank you for playing!


Edit 09/09/11: Argh, I hope peoples' data didn't just get erased because I updated the game with a tiny fix and realised that my saved file doesn't seem to be there...

A little RPG where you guide your own customiseable Vulpin through various different environments, fighting monsters in one-on-one combat. Earn AP (Ability Points) for defeating monsters and apply them to your stats individually, allowing your Vulpin to grow the way you see fit. You'll acquire various new skills and quirky pieces of equipment on your journey.

The controls are entirely mouse-based. You can mute the game with the musical note icon on the title screen, or by right-clicking and selecting 'Mute/Unmute'.

You can stroke your Vulpin in the 'Home' area by clicking and dragging your mouse over it!

This is the first proper Flash Game I've finished that wasn't just a for-practise minigame type thing. I did all the programming and artwork/animation. Pseudolonewolf composed the music specially for this game!


FINALLY, after many months, I'm able to release this game to the public! I probably mentioned it in a journal somewhere aaaages ago here on deviantART, but it's taken this long to decide on a sponsor for this game so then I could eventually release it. Pfffbbfft.
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Thank you for making one of my favorite flash games from childhood! :3

Hope that if you get the chance, one day just maybe make a sequel.