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Vulpin Adventure

By Firequill
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Update Jan 16th 2021: Flash Player is discontinued! The game can no longer be played via browser but I will leave it up for the memories. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed Vulpin Adventure over the years. When I released it, I never would have expected fans to still be reaching out a decade later to tell me how much they love it and still play it! I'll leave an swf of the game up on Google Drive for anyone who has Flash Player installed on their computer to download and play -…

Thank you for playing!


Edit 09/09/11: Argh, I hope peoples' data didn't just get erased because I updated the game with a tiny fix and realised that my saved file doesn't seem to be there...

A little RPG where you guide your own customiseable Vulpin through various different environments, fighting monsters in one-on-one combat. Earn AP (Ability Points) for defeating monsters and apply them to your stats individually, allowing your Vulpin to grow the way you see fit. You'll acquire various new skills and quirky pieces of equipment on your journey.

The controls are entirely mouse-based. You can mute the game with the musical note icon on the title screen, or by right-clicking and selecting 'Mute/Unmute'.

You can stroke your Vulpin in the 'Home' area by clicking and dragging your mouse over it!

This is the first proper Flash Game I've finished that wasn't just a for-practise minigame type thing. I did all the programming and artwork/animation. Pseudolonewolf composed the music specially for this game!


FINALLY, after many months, I'm able to release this game to the public! I probably mentioned it in a journal somewhere aaaages ago here on deviantART, but it's taken this long to decide on a sponsor for this game so then I could eventually release it. Pfffbbfft.
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You were the person who made Vulpin? Thank you for this dude, it's an amazing game and was my favorite out of all the Kizi games I played as a kid when I was 10 years old. <3

Thank you for making this game. It gave me some of my favorite childhood memories.

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i was able to archive the swf file from the desc on so now everyone will be able to play the game without having flash player :D

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hey, i just wanted to tell you, that you made a pretty awesome game and even tough i cant play it anymore, it probably will stuck in a nostalgia corner in my head, forever <3

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the last time i played this game, i wasnt able to beat it, but i came back and even though my save was wiped i still wanted to fully experience this game, i played from start to finish, and have even collected all the items (Well mostly, im missing at least 1 tome) The antenna were a bit of a pain to get but it was worth it, they're the coolest head item. Also the ending was great but also i find it really funny that immediately after that whole experience the games just like "hEY HAVE YOU CHECKED THE S H O P S?"

and also while farming enemies for the antenna item my little vulpin lad Grin was just... bonking everything with a flower while wearing a monocle and banaples kinda piled up on the floor, it was great, love this game.

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I played this as a kid and loved it, I still play it.

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It was a great pleasure to play this game in my childhood and even play it again after I grew up, thank you very much for all the wonderful and pleasant experience of hours and hours I had with this game

And as a fan question, I would like to know if you intend to continue and make a new game in the future, or else a continuation of the game Vulpin Adventure

(I am Brazilian, I am using Google Translate, sorry for any English error)

Firequill's avatar

Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much! :heart:

I don't have any plans to make any new games right now. I might like to one day if I have the time and resources but for now I have to focus on my animation career.

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i remember i used to love this game so much as a young kid i even made vulpins and the enemies out of colored paper when i was around 7 and i pretended to play the game with the vulpins made out of colored paper

Firequill's avatar

Aaahh that's awesome, thanks for sharing! I actually used to do similar things when I was a kid too, except replace vulpins with yoshis xD

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hey, i remember a few years back i was compiling a bunch of information on this game and i stumbled across some weird text
Wait what by Drakkiie
can't remember how i accessed it but what is this? was it from a test or smn?
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Hahaha, that's just the default text I wrote into that text box so I could see how it was positioned/designed which, under normal circumstances, would be replaced by what the game is programmed to actually display!

This is another one that's silly although not quite so random lmao


There are some text fields that are just filled with MWMWMWMWMW by default too (mostly monster and Vulpin names) because I needed to figure out a character limit based on the widest letters of the alphabet being crammed into the space. xD

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Apparently Flash Player will die in about a year, but you can download the swf file of Vulpin Adventure and still play it on Swiff Player! If Swiff Player tells you you don't have Flash Player on the computer, that means you only need to install another version of flash player ( there is a section for other version ), select the version of your system and FP 32 Internet Explorer - ActiveX, when it's installed, that works.

Deflishie's avatar

it doesnt work help

Deflishie's avatar

it didnt say anything its just a lightgray screen hello?????????? ??????????

MAbsolGirl's avatar

I was struggling for the longest time on downloading it to play on my computer. Thank you so much!

PrimalKyogre44's avatar
i'm sure you probably already heard, but they're eliminating Adobe Flash completely by 2020 aghh
i'm gonna really miss this game, but just wanted to thank you for all the memories! i played this game as a kid all the time, and i still do today on the occasion haha
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Aw dang, I knew it would happen eventually the way the internet's been evolving, but that's sad news! At least if you still have a machine with Flash Player installed you should be able to download the game and play it locally.

aveture's avatar

This doesn't seem to save games anymore. I saved a playthrough a couple days ago but I come back to nothing.

Firequill's avatar

Oh no, I'm sorry you lost your game data! It uses Shared Objects to save data, which is sort of like a cookie. Depending on your browser security settings the data might not be getting stored on your machine.

quasar3000's avatar
OMG You made Vulpin Adventure!? I used to play this game as a kid and loved it!! Great job making such an awesome game.
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This is such an adorable game. Please make more Vulpin content! :w00t:
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