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Territorial Dispute

By Firequill

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I started this one back in October and shelved it for a while because I was struggling with it. Came back to it recently working on it bit by bit for weeks and I managed to finish! PHEW!


chest floof.

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I love the composition and the hint of humour with the dodo-like creatures and their little spear. The griffin is just plain awesome. The way you painted the wings and fur and claws is amazing!

Kastellae's avatar
I love the colors and details in this, especially on the feathers and the fur! It's really impressive!

I love this art it's a trip n well done

caesar213's avatar

It looks good.

fireytika's avatar

those detail feathers is amazing..

love the color scheme too, theis expression also on point.

well done Two Thumbs Up

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

My money's on the big one 😉

BeckyKidus's avatar

Love the concept, and those expressions :heart:

SmoreKr's avatar

That's beautiful, I love the background!

Janartdigitally's avatar
Tinselfire's avatar

Worth every hour.

Mountaintrouble's avatar

wow this is amazing looking, there is so much going on and so much detail on every character

outstanding job

Firequill's avatar

Thank you so much!!

HareTrinity's avatar

Ooh, nice! I like the designs, reminds me of Monster Hunter (which I'd be way more tempted to play if you could get little 'raptor-bird friends instead of the cat-things).

Nice work on making it dynamic! :)

Moonlit-Art's avatar

LOVE the chaos mixed with beauty !

In our world that would be like having a couple of Chihuahuas boldly attack.
Firequill's avatar

Haha chihuahuas with sharp weapons!

MicahFreeze's avatar

WOW that is SO COOL, I love that!!

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