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Blood Spilled on the White 8(Kaname x Reader)
Masquerading: Part II
The class that was invaded by the moonlight was filled by the noble students. The first lesson for the night didn't take long to start. Though the professor was teaching like nothing had happed, a heavy atmosphere burdened the air and the students' minds.
The most skeptic of all was Kaname, not even bothering to rise his head up and give attention to the world around him. He only dived deep into his thoughts, turning occasionally a page or two of his book, just to keep his hands busy; his pupils didn't use energy to read the small, black, delicate letters.
The rest of the class pretended to pay attention at the lesson, but everyone was in their own world of thought. The incident that happened couldn't just pass by unnoticed. Aidou, Ruka and Akatsuki were exchanging some notes, probably discussing the recent event.
The Pierry siblings acted in their own way too. Stephan doze off the window and occasionally took a note of what the professor said. Jacques, as I saw w
:iconuniversequeen:UniverseQueen 5 2
The butterfly in a spider's web by Nolven The butterfly in a spider's web :iconnolven:Nolven 56 19 Miko and hanyou by Nolven Miko and hanyou :iconnolven:Nolven 63 8
Kaname X Reader: Senri's Sister
Kaname X Reader: Senri's Sister
A/N: I will go back and forth with Japanese and English. Some things sound better in Japanese, but I can't be bothered to keep looking up how to spell everything so...Gomen'nasai
 You were sitting down next to your brother in the Moon Dorm and you were exhausted. Neither of you talk very much, so you just laid your head down on his shoulder to show it. He shifted himself so you were comfortable, and you started to nod off. Right when Lord Kaname walked in. Senri straightened up for him making you almost fall off of him, so you jolted up. "Nani? (What?)" You asked rubbing your eyes. "(Name)-chan." Kaname stated making you straighten up and blush uncontrollably. "K-Kaname-sama." You stuttered. "Tired?" Kaname asked as he watched you fight to stay awake. "Ē-Ē to...Īe. (" you said.
 "Come on. I'll take you to bed, (Name)-chan." Kaname stated and helped you stand up, earning a brotherly stare from Senri. "Dōmo a
:iconteamedward4ever1326:teamedward4ever1326 98 16
Kaname x Reader x Zero part 1
You were standing outside the gates of your new school. You had (h/c) (h/c) with (favorite color) highlights. You wore a blue mini skirt, with ripped black leggings, knee-high boots, and a (fav color) and black sleeveless shirt. You wore dark make-up, and a lot of eye liner. Your (e/c) changes depending on your mood. You wore a Rosario choker (I got the idea, of course, from Rosario and vampire), it was the only thing you had left of your mother's. You were pretty much an orphan.
You saw a girl walk to you, you decided to open your mouth and speak, and having a soft voice, she barely heard you. "Excuse me, but is this Cross Academy?" You asked. She smiled and nodded.
"Yes, it sure is. I'm Yuki Cross. Nice to meet you." She said, she opened the gate to let you in. "Are you (Name)?" You nodded.
"It's nice to meet you Yuki." You said. From the way she looked she seemed pretty hyper. Her brown hair was short and simple. She had big brown eyes.
"Please follow me, (Name)." She said. You foll
:iconhetaliayaoi198:HetaliaYaoi198 252 45
Mature content
Vampire Knight Fanfiction Ch 1 :iconanika-lenya:Anika-Lenya 7 6
Blood spilled on the white1(Kaname Kuran x Reader)
Chapter 1: Inspiration of the twilight
  It was a cold day of December at Cross Academy. It was cloudy outside, the light was dim; all the other girls in the Sun Dorm were complaining about the weather, mostly because they wouldn't be able to see the colors of the characteristic traits of the hair and the eyes of their favorite Night Class students shining to the blaze of the sun. But I didn't bother at all; in fact I like gloomy weather. For some unexplainable reason, it makes me feel excited. It's kinda romantic for me. With this weather my imagination runs free to romantic fantasies related to my adorable unfortunately nonexistent race; Vampires. I imagine giant castles with terrific rose gardens which look like to be abandoned but deep inside a scary sexy vampire lives. I am his one and only that he so cherishes and loves. I swear that sometimes am lost in my daydreams and I can feel his fangs slowly piercing my soft neck as my blood is spilled over my white dress...Oh, I ador
:iconuniversequeen:UniverseQueen 40 4
Conflict~ Yandere!Kaname Kuran x Reader
"Let me go Kaname" You spoke with a firm voice.
"I know where you'll go if I do [Name]... I don't want you running to him." Kaname's silky voice replied.
His slender fingers' grip on your wrist tightened causing you to wince. You shivered when his soft hair brushed your neck as he licked the tender skin.
"Kaname p-please don't--" You were cut off by a sharp pain as Kaname's fangs pierced your neck.
You attempted to scream, but the hand that covered your mouth prevented you from doing so. The sound of Kaname drinking echoed throughout your mind. Black spots began to cloud your vision as you became dizzy. The last thing you saw before everything faded into darkness was a pair of glowing red eyes.  
Once Kaname had finished drinking he set your limp body gently onto the satin sheeted bed. He watched your sleeping form for a while. Kaname reached out a brushed a [h/c] strand of hair out of your face. To him, you were perfection, beautiful in every way. You were the only thing that
:icongfftfg:gfftfg 405 97
Heaven's fate (sesshomaru x reader) Part 1
"Your highness! Your highness!"
a servant was running though the rather large hall while panting rather heavily as worry etched on her face. A loud bang of the doors flying open sends the servants and women soldiers in a look of dissarray as such conduct was not common. The servant continues to run towards the queen as the queen sits calmly on her throne. 
"What is this? why are you entering my throne in such a manner?"
"Forgive me my queen, but i have terrible new about your daughter!"
The women soldiers quickly get into a defensive position as they hear the news about their beloved princess, the queen also gets a worried expression on her face as she stands from her throne.
Her calm expression was now that of worry.
"Speak quickly and calmly and tell me what has happened to my daughter."
"Yes your highness. As you know the princess and I were out on the ocean trying to gather fish, but I'm afraid we went too far out to sea and the great demon wanizame appeared and destroyed our
:iconrukia2011:Rukia2011 56 3
Harry Potter: The Twin Sister Chapter 1
Author: TheBlueMoonRose, SlytherinJess and Madhasahatter (all me)
Pairings: Draco Malfoy and OC
Warnings: "Contains Mature Content will not be shown on fanfiction only on Wattpadd" Alternated Universe 'AU' 'Not set in original time period, different time of 2015' Set in after before 6th year in the summer.
Rated: (T-Fanfiction) (T- DeviantArt) MA- Wattpadd
Disclaimer: We do not own ANY trademarks of 'Harry Potter'. They belong to J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. I merely own this story which we make no money from.
Summary: What happens when Harry finds out all this time he has a twin sister. Even up by lily to raise Harry, it was the hardest thing Lily and James had to do after learning not a boy but a girl also born at the end of July that will destroy the dark lord.
Chapter one 'truth'
~In America~
"JESSICA!" dawn shouted from the kitchen "Lunch!"
"Okay mom!" the girl shouted from up in her room, the master bedroom. It was painted black with deep green Saxony plush carpet. Mila
:iconslytherinjess:SlytherinJess 2 9
Vampire Knight: The Witch Chapter 1
Chapter 1 'Night Class'
Kaien sat in his office with his head on his desk, thinking of what to do with Zero, the sound of the door opening made him sigh "How is he?" he asked Toga lifting his head "He's getting worse, now with that woman gone... He won't make it... he's getting weaker..."
Kaien frowned, he sat there thinking what to do more, the sound of Toga sitting down at one of the chairs made him look at him "we have to do something Kaien... or I will do it for you, you know I will have no problem... putting him down when he gets faraway"
Kaien bite his lip "You can't possible think that you have to kill him Toga.." then he just thought of something that might just save him 'this is will go against all the rules of this but there is no way' he sat up making Toga look at him "What is it?"
"I know away to save him... I didn't do this before because I was afraid of getting them involved will only get me into trouble... we have to contact the Mikcloud family"
Toga's eyes went wide and
:iconslytherinjess:SlytherinJess 2 0
The Silent Fox And The Spider! Ch.1- Umiko
Name: Umiko, The Last.
Age: 21 (Physical Appearance),
Race: Yokai
Type of Yokai: Kitsune (Fox Demon)
Parents: Unknown (Were Brutally murdered by Shippo's parents)
Personality: All too random to tell you.
Description: *Beast* Jet-Black fur with Silver stripes, belly, and chin. Aqua eyes, black-silver tipped ears, *human* wears a miko kimono, Long Jet-black hair, Aqua Eyes.
Power: Poison Fog, Claws Of Silence, Fox Fury, Healing Kiss Of Light.
Skills: Agile, quick, fast, flexible, quick reflexes, able to use anything as a weapon.
Friends: Kaede, Sesshomaru, *Temporary: Kagome, Shippo,* eventually Naraku and Kagura.
Love Interest: Only Naraku.
Strengths: Heal's fast, speedy, agile, anger's easy, is able to heal others, easily fools people into believing she's a weak human, because of never or simply rarely showing her demon traits.
Weaknesses: unknown for the moment
Weapon Choice: Her Claws, though she can use any weapon available to her.
History: Her parents died by the hands of Shippou's
:iconsesshyuchiha:SesshyUchiha 2 0
SessKag-week by Rannyunny SessKag-week :iconrannyunny:Rannyunny 317 24
SesshxKag truth or dare at the beach
truth or dare at the beach
"AHHH! I love the beach!" Kagome exclaimed, spinning around with her arms outstretched as if to greet the sun.
"come on, Sessh, lighten up." Inuyasha laughed, and slapped the older inu on the shoulder.
"I do NOT ENJOY the beach, Inuyasha. the ONLY reason that I am here at all is because my mate wished to come."
"keh, you just wanna see her in a bikini."
"hmph, if I wished to see my mate's body, I wouldn't waste my time going to the beach. especially since the bedroom is QUITE sufficient. hmph, my mate IS rather shy, after all" with that, he walked off, his hands stuffed into the pockets of his jacket. "you are wasting your time if you wish to get a rise from me, brother." he then said over his shoulder at the hanyou. "and you would do well to refrain from trying during this trip, you know how it upsets her"
"oh, I'll get one, alright...just you wait, you pompous bastard..." Inuyasha growled under his breath and clenched his fists. Sesshomaru won
:iconocupers:ocupers 8 0
The Blue Okami~ Ch.1
Name: Rakia Okami
Gender: Female
Race: Wolf Demon *Full blood like Kouga*
~Human Appearance~ (Pic is in description.)
Eyes: Glowing *in shikon era only* baby blue with a red stripe marking under each eye. *markings are also only in shikon era*
Hair: Silver with wolf ears sticking out of the sides. *normal ears in Kagome's world*
Body type: Thin but strong looking.
Age: 20 *Kagome's world*
~True Form~ (Pic is in description.)
Eyes: Glowing baby blue, her markings moved to her forehead and changed shape *as you can see in the picture above* and changed to a metallic color.
Fur: Light blue and is as soft as a cloud.
Body Build: Thin, Strong, and fast.
True Age: Unknown *200+*
~Other info~
Birth Place: America in Kagome's world
Life before meeting Kagome: She was adopted as a baby. She was always alone since she was very little, her parants or "parents" were always working and she didn't have many friends, till she met Kagome by becoming a transfer student and living in her house.
Likes: K
:iconsesshyuchiha:SesshyUchiha 2 0
The Wilting Flower
AN/ [Kag/Sess] Centered. Dark.
Karerui no Hana:
The Wilting Flower
He had hunted her for nearly a fortnight. Following rumors of the broken miko from afar from his home in the West, to the mountains in the North, to the Southern valleys, and finally he found her in the far East. She was a pitiful sight to behold. She reeked of blood and grime, her once flowing, ebon hair tangled and unkempt. Her lust for life that he had once almost admired in her cerulean eyes was gone, never to return, bled from her soul in the final battle between good and evil.
His brother had done well, bringing down the wicked hanyou with a righteous vengeance. How ironic, that when Inuyasha had died on that fated night nearly two weeks ago now, he had shattered the very thing he had sought to protect so valiantly.
He had heard, via word of mouth, that Naraku had met the group in the growing village of Edo. The impious hanyou had lain in wait, until the miko had returned home from wherever it was she came. Ev
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