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And so concludes the story. I hope you enjoyed the ride, as I certainly did. Please feel free to leave any comments, critiques, or thoughts. I might come back to this story eventually and do something else with it, but it'll probably be a while. I'm focusing on my Fearun story at the moment, and I have no idea how long its going to take to get that one pounded out. Also, with me being in my last quarter of school, I'm going to be a might busy. So don't expect much in the form of new content from me for a while. I might post a few snippets here and there, but they are going to be few and far between.

This is the final part of my entry into nightmares06's contest which can be found here:…


Supernatural and all associated Winchesters (and Milligans) belong to Warner Bros, the Brother's Apart AU belongs to nightmares06, this particular story is mine.
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This was a very nice story! Good job~