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Adam frowned as he looked into the room. John and Dean were still arguing. They weren’t being quiet about it either now since they didn’t have two sets of sensitive ears nearby.

“Do you ever get used to their voices?” Adam asked Sam.

“Dean’s fine when Dad’s not around. For that matter Dad is usually better than this.” Sam said. “Come on, sitting here isn’t going to get this over with any sooner.”

Adam sighed, but nodded. The teenager followed Sam out of what he now recognized as a mouse hole. Sam started jogging lightly across the floor. Adam noticed that Sam still kept close to the walls, and under the bed whenever possible. Eventually they reached a point where they would have to go across open floor.

Sam stuck his fingers in his mouth and let out a shrill piercing whistle.

Dean heard it, and held up a hand to his father. Dean looked down and saw where his younger brothers were standing. Adam took a step back as Dean took a step forward. Dean quickly knelt and held out a hand for Sam and Adam.

“Need a lift?”

“Thanks.” Sam said.

Adam watched a bit incredulously as Sam just meandered on up to the car sized hand and hopped into it. Sam looked at Adam with a question in his eyes.

“Umm,” Adam started.

“Don’t worry about it.” Dean said. “I assume that you can climb up that line just as easily as you climbed down?”

Adam nodded, “I’m an eagle scout, I know how to climb rope.”

Sam groaned, “You should have never told him that. He’s never going to let you live it down now.”
“Alright, boy scout, let’s see it then.” Dean said with a smirk.

Adam shrugged. He walked back toward the table, making sure to give the normal sized people a wide berth. John was clearly still fuming, but Dean just watched the teenager with patient interest. Once Adam reached the line up to the table though, Dean stood up. Adam watched, still feeling a quiver of fear in his spine. He realized that Sam was actually scaling Dean’s arm and heading for the guy’s shoulder.

Adam shook his head in amazement at how comfortable Sam was around his much bigger brother. Adam wondered if he would ever reach that level of comfort around his newly discovered brothers. Adam turned to the fishing line, and started climbing. Of course it took longer than coming down had, but he made it in decent time. Adam noticed that Dean was still close enough to catch him if he fell.

“Not bad.” Dean said with a nod of approval as Adam rolled himself over the edge. Adam was breathing a little bit harder than he would have liked, but that was a long climb! “Of course Sam is faster, but I think he cheats.”

“How exactly do you cheat at climbing a rope?”

“I don’t know. You’re the one who’s was trained in the secret arts of the borrower.”

Sam sighed and opened his mouth with some retort.

“If you two are just going to sit there bickering, Adam and I will leave.” John said. Adam froze in fear when he saw John’s hand heading toward him.

“Dad, can’t you see the way he’s reacting when you reach for him like that?” Sam asked.

John stopped his hand, and looked closer at Adam. Adam looked away as his ears burned in shame.
“I’m sure we’ll figure it out eventually.” John said gruffly.

“Dad.” Sam said, grabbing John’s focus again. “Did you know that you hurt him when you grabbed him before?”


“He’s hiding it well enough that you and Dean probably don’t notice. But both his neck and his wrist are bothering him.”

John frowned deeper, and said, “I didn’t mean to. He’s just so damned fragile. This is why he needs someone to take care of him now. Someone who isn’t going to be putting him in danger just by being nearer to him.”

Adam wasn’t sure he had ever felt emasculated before, but now he understood the feeling. Adam knew he wasn’t fully grown up yet, but he was getting close. John was treating him like some kind of weak little baby or something.

Adam stood up and walked closer to the edge of the table. “I can take care of myself!” Adam shouted up to John.

John looked down at him skeptically.

“Okay, well maybe I can’t right now.” Adam hated that he backed off a little bit at the sight of those intense eyes. “But if Sam teaches me I’ll be able to eventually!”

John shook his head stubbornly. “Fine, eventually he might able to, but before that happens you’d make Sam even more vulnerable than he is already, and Dean would be distracted trying to protect you.”

Dean rolled his eyes. “It’s not like I’m planning on actually taking him on any hunts. At least not until he gets some serious training under his belt. Even then, only if he wants to.”

“He’s not going on any hunts ever.” John said firmly.

Adam felt a streak of rebellious anger run through him. “What makes you think that you get to make that decision?” Adam shouted up to John.

John looked at him again. Adam didn’t flinch this time, though he wished that John would sit down or something so that he wasn’t looming so much.

“Listen, I know that you saved me from that witch or whatever, and thank you for that. But you can’t just barge into my life and expect that I’m just going to follow your orders. I mean, for all I know you’re not even really my father. You’re just some stranger who picked me up off the floor for all I know.”

“I am your father.” John said firmly. “And seeing as your mother isn’t around anymore, that makes me the one responsible for you.”

“Sure, maybe that would be true if you were actually even vaguely a part of my life before this.” Adam said. “I know I’m still young, but I’m old enough to sit down and look at options and come to a reasonable decision. You can’t just dictate to me what my life’s going to be.”

Adam glanced to his side, when he saw movement. Dean had placed his hand down on the table about a foot away, and Sam was climbing out of the hand. Sam walked up to Adam and stood right by him.
“He’s right Dad.” Sam said.

“I agree.” Dean added. “It’s his choice. Not yours. Not ours. His. Let him make it.”

John looked back and forth between his three sons. It looked to Adam like he had just realized that he was completely outnumbered, and that his own sons were putting forward a united front against him.

John gave them all one last look before sighing, and saying, “Fine. What do you want to do Adam?”

Adam realized that all three were looking at him now. He didn’t really have to think about it all that much. John scared the living daylights out him, and he couldn’t easily forget how the man had handled him. Dean on the other hand had been nothing but gentle, and had even stopped John from grabbing him. Not to the mention the fact that Sam was with Dean.

Adam knew that he was probably being a bit unrealistic, but it was hard to not look at Sam like he was some kind of superhero. The guy lived in a world so much bigger than he was, but he was perfectly content with himself. He even seemed perfectly comfortable with Dean. If Sam could help Adam have that same confidence, and help him to live in this titanic world that Adam now lived in, then Adam was going to take that opportunity.

“I want to go with Sam … and Dean.”

“Fine.” John grunted after a few seconds of silence. John looked at Dean. “But under no circumstances are you to bring him on a hunt.”

“Scout’s Honor.” Dean said. Adam caught the mischievous glance that Dean shot in Adam’s direction. Adam just rolled his eyes.

John nodded. “Good.” He looked at all his sons, and then finally said, “I need to get out of here. See if I can catch that witch’s trail.”

Sam and Dean nodded.

Adam frowned, “You’re going after her? Even after what she did to me?”

“That’s why I’m going after her.” John said. “And for what she did to Sam. One day I will catch up to her, and she won’t ever do this anyone ever again.”

“Just,” Adam paused and frowned. “Just be careful. I don’t want to lose another parent.”

John looked at Adam, and Adam saw his face soften a bit. “I will be.”

Then John left. Just like that Adam was left with his two older brothers alone in a motel room.
A decision is finally made. Have fun!

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No one in their right mind would want to pick John after everything he got put through... Maybe John will realize that. Small doesn't equal helpless.

Love the update, and can't wait to see those brothers together without John fuming in the background!