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This one's a bit shorter than the others, but sometimes you need that in a story. As far as the timeline goes, I believe that Adam would have been 2 or 3ish when Sam was hit the curse. Because of this John didn't ever even try to be with Adam, which is different from Canon John and Adam. As always, please and enjoy, and I welcome comments, thoughts, and critiques of the constructive variety.

This is part of my entry into nightmares06's contest which can be found here:…


Supernatural and all associated Winchesters (and Milligans) belong to Warner Bros, the Brother's Apart AU belongs to nightmares06, this particular story is mine.
© 2016 - 2022 Firenze11
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27Lazybug's avatar
Poor Adam needs a hug. ;~;  Literally everything crashed down on him in less than a day.
Firenze11's avatar
Yeah. It definitely wasn't a good day...
YouAreCool10's avatar
I love it! I can't wait for Sam to meet Adam! I didn't realize that Adam was the actual Adam from the show who became Lucifer. Geez I'm stupid. Or am I just stupid?
Firenze11's avatar
Neither of course. He's a relatively minor character in Canon spn. :)
YouAreCool10's avatar
Damn this is good. Watching John try to interact with Adam is vaguely hilarious, cuz he is so incredibly awkward.

Poor Adam. You're not a parasite, baby!
Firenze11's avatar
Glad you like it. John is a great hunter, but he's got some serious issues in the whole social department. Especially when dealing with tinies.
I can't wait to see how the other brothers react.
Firenze11's avatar
Should be fun. :)
nightmares06's avatar
I have to say, I'm super excited for the brothers to show up. Hopefully Sam can convince the poor kid he's not a parasite. And hopefully Dean chills on the intensity when he gets there ^^; no angry eyes at the smol

It's fun to think about how their lives would change so much with the curse. I like the idea that John would avoid Adam after losing Sam
Firenze11's avatar
Yeah, I think before, John kind of viewed Adam as John's chance to vicariously live a normal life. After Sam got cursed though, I think he would have become so obsessed with vengeance, and then later 'fixing' the problem, that Adam probably didn't even enter his mind that often. If at all.
nightmares06's avatar
I can see that. He'd get so set on it he'd forget about the kid that was left behind with his mom. Poor Adam here. He needs some same-size support!
Firenze11's avatar
Support is on the way! :)
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