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Luco and Nemo by firenose Luco and Nemo by firenose
I was practicing a certain style and I made these cuties. I've decided to put their designs to good use for some characters in one of my stories that I had yet to design. 

They're AI avatars for the a local news network. The blue one is Luco who does 'on-the-ground' reports while the green one, Nemo, does interviews. 
Both have two cases, one that look like their avatar for public appearances and ones that don't look so much like them and are cheaper and stronger so that their primary case doesn't risk being damaged. (Because those things were damn expensive!)
They're quite popular for their appearances and Nemo's childish appearance in particular was a calculated design decision to evoke more empathy and comfort in both the audience and interviewee, similar to the police coms. Luco was originally also going to have such an appearance for the same reasoning but tests showed audiences were more simply upset by seeing a child in a dangerous situation and so they instead went for a prettier appearance.

Since they're simply advanced com AI and not sentient AI they are technically property with no rights and so can get away with being sent into dangerous and legally questionable situations.
Due to the advanced behavioural software however the network and police still regularly get complaints that the network falsely registered them as coms. So far they've failed three sentience tests but it's still a common conspiracy theory. 
A lot of people say that they're the only network that could get away with using such advanced coms since the majority of their audience is human foreigners from countries who are much stricter in awarding the title of sentiency to AI. Anywhere else in the country simply the suspicion that they were sentient would have the reporters immediately replaced at best.
Glite32 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016
They're pretty adorable for robots
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