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Don Bluth vs Disney 

10 deviants said Disney
2 deviants said Bluth

Devious Comments

ndunsmo Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016
While I commend Bluth for making darker content in the 80's and, heck, the fact that he did all the character animation for his films by himself, the fact that only a little over half his films were genuinely good loses him points.  Disney has a few stinkers here and there too, and even then, I only consider one of them truly bad, so yeah, I'm gonna have to go with Disney even if they do limit themselves more. (And actually, looking back, All Dogs go to Heaven has a ton of problems I never noticed in my teens, not to mention I can only think of maybe 2 songs that were better than okay.  What's Mine is Yours still freaks me out every time I hear it)
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