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KamehaCon Story 1: Vegeta

Journal Entry: Thu May 10, 2018, 8:47 PM
I got up at around 6:00 to get into cosplay and drive to Dallas as early as I can because I want to get to the con as early as possible to avoid as much of the insane lines as I could. I came prepared though for Chris Sabat's booth and brought my Japanese flashcards with me in order to practice for the final because I knew his line would be insane no matter what. I had to memorize 90 phrases in a week and my current amount of points in that class at the time of the con was 680 out of 1000. I needed a 120/150 or more to stay in the B range and I did not want any more C's on my report card. I had the cards in my bag and got to Dallas at around 8:00 and met up with my friend Rebecca. We stopped at Brian's booth first(Over 9000! Vegeta) and Rebecca said hello to Pete(Canadian Goku) and we decided to brave the 3 hour wait to see Chris. I came prepared for this and pulled out my study cards. The line barely moved to the point where all of us just sat down on the floor trying to occupy ourselves. Every 30 minutes, Ryo Horikawa would walk by us and he did this a total of 4 times. We'd all wave and chant "RYO RYO RYO!" At one point while we were waiting for the darn line to move, Eric Vale came over to us and tried to have a decent conversation when he decided to make a run for it due to fangirl stalking, I really don't blame him XD.
so here is the more serious part of this story. You guys know I have panic disorder. I have it so bad that I have passed out before from oxygen deprivation. About two hours into my "study", I began to feel anxious for an unknown reason. I started hyperventilating and showing the symptoms of a panic attack. A staff member saw me and his friend came over and handed me a water bottle. He asks me if I'm lightheaded and makes sure I'm mentally all there before instructing me to drink. After I had my water, I relaxed and it dawned on me, I had not been hydrating enough and that was effecting my mental state. The people around me all tried to help me relax and that was when I realized how kind and amazing the DBZ fandom is. I've never felt like people were looking out for me at a con until KamehaCon. There was one man we all called casual Vegeta who offered to help me with my flash cards. When I finally did make it to the end of the rabbit hole that was the Chris Sabat line, I was still visibly shaken up but feeling better. I have to say that I have a lot of respect for people that read their audience. I don't really like doing much interaction with people after I've had a panic attack because when I'm in that vulnerable state, I feel very uneasy and nervous. I was not expecting something like this to happen so I was in no way prepared to deal with meeting Chris Sabat after just calming down from a panic attack. I was still visibly shaking and to be honest, knowing I would be meeting friggin Vegeta in a few minutes was not helpful. The girl behind me literally had to push me forward, that's how nervous I was. I will say this, I've never been this anxious when meeting anyone. Chris initially tried initiating the conversation but took one look at me and decided to wait for me to say something because like I said, I was visibly anxious. I honestly could not say anything. I handed Chris my print for a signature and finally said hello after like a minute of nothing. I turned my back for a minute and from behind me I hear "MY BULMAAAAAAA!" in Vegeta's voice(I was cosplaying Bulma). I turned back around and started cracking up at that. I relaxed a little and handed Chris my phone for the selfie. Chris took my phone and put his arm on me(I was blushing like crazy). Chris then saw my lock screen image of my dog and comments on what a little floof she is and I'm like "Squeeeeee, Vegeta wants my doggo." I thanked Chris for the signature and the selfie and turned to leave when he pulled me back over and hugged me ^-^. I hugged back and then tried to turn and leave a second time when he asked me several more things about my dog(she is irresistibly cute) and then we said our goodbyes and I left to go meet back up with Rebecca. 
So that was me meeting Chris Sabat. Yes I was nervous but he was very respectful about it and probably one of the sweetest people I've met. The whole situation with the way everyone responded to my panic attack made me realize what a wonderful fandom the DBZ fandom is. I never felt this safe around any other group of people and I now consider the DBZ fandom to be like a family to me. KamehaCon felt like being in a small town where everyone knew each other. I have more stories from the convention to share but I thought I'd start with this one because wow, that interaction with Chris and the rest of those people in that area made me realize how many good people exist in the DBZ fandom. 

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