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Is Santa Monica Overhyped?

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 13, 2018, 5:53 AM
I have heard the stories of people finding dragonites and T-tars on the pier and for a while, I thought those stories were accurate. I found out during an evening outing to the pier after last years anime expo that the spawns of santa monica are not all that different from any other beach town I've been to. LA itself is not that great for spawns. I've caught way better pokemon in Chicago than downtown LA. Sure there was the occasional evolved spawn but nothing crazy. While the spawns are much better than rural places, they still are relatively tame compared to what I've seen in other places. The craziest spawn I ever encountered was a dragonite in rural wisconsin. Let that sink in. I flew to LA for AX and did several outings to the pier to look for a pokemon I would end up finding in the middle of no where. I have seen typhlosion and rhydon on the secluded island of sanibel in west florida. I recenlty caught a wild charizard right outside my home which is near a sports bar. Yes people have caught dragonites on the pier but it's still unlikely. You are more likely to run into wild dragonites in more secluded areas than large cities and they spawn more at night. I caught Mew in a matter of days through intensive gameplay and farming as many magikarp candies as I could through walking, raiding and knowing where they spawn. No you don't have to be a californian to complete the pokedex. There was a time when you had to be an urban player but Niantic has since begun changes to that and things are getting much better for those who don't live in cities. Yes when the game first began, there was an overwhelming bias to Chicagoans, Californians and New Yorkers but since data research and quests have entered the mix, the level of gameplay has become much more even. What has the game been like for you since these new changes have been implemented?

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