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Webkinz Dragon Twins by FireNationPhoenix Webkinz Dragon Twins by FireNationPhoenix
Magma(the female on the left) and Lava(the male on the right) are beautiful lava dragon twins who will be featured as OC's in a webkinz fanfic I'll be working on in honer of my cousin Bowie who loves stuffed animals. I also might put these guys up for adoption for points if i feel like i no longer need my webkinz. the webkinz lava dragon is a retired pet so these guys are unique. yes, my stuffies all have their own personalities that i gave them when i was a kid. if i put these two up for sale on dA when I turn 18 along with my other webbies, understand that on the website, they have likes and dislikes established by the online adoption certificates that come once you adopt a pet. the one thing for sure is that when i'm 18 next year, i'm defenitly putting my online account for sale (it is 8UJ5). anyway, online, Magma and Lava are fraternal twins(established by me when i was little) with artistic personalities. Lava is a male so he's a little more headstrong than his sis and on my account, will not tolerate any food but his specific pet food. magma will eat almost anything. magma competes online at the webkinz stadium in the beauty contest. lava competes in the running contest. on my account, anyone who is to own it is required to groom all pets and bathe them once every week(as in a real dog or cat). while webkinz are not real, they do have needs as with any pet and will become sick if left alone long term. another thing to webkinz members, socialize your webkinz with other members, this will boost their happiness and will get you some cool watchers on they have watchers too but they are simpley called "friends"). also, webkinz world does offer premium memberships like dA and the advantages are worth the time. contact me if interested in my account, it's up for sale next summer.
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September 29, 2013
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