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To The Rescue by FireNationPhoenix To The Rescue by FireNationPhoenix
A Naga and Pabu Tribute

I was practicing for my art exam tomorrow and this lovely idea came to me, Pabu is bouncing on the saddle and both are on their way to rescue Korra from a mysterious and manipulative SJW with a mask and surprisingly sexy voice(guess who). Was watching season 1 today and I came up with an idea,

when I have the dough, I'm taking all of us to Shanghai (the real Republic City) and we are going to take that city and go to some old building in the middle of the city and we are all gonna meet up at exactly 9:00pm and the only ones who will be going are the ones who get the special note with the map on the back and we will all go dance and eat chinese food and listen to C-Pop and then, the phoenix is gonna show up and really get the party started, and we will not let anyone stop us from having this chinese party, not even the secret service. and for the grand finale, we are all gonna go to the swan paddleboats do some swan date night lovey dovey fun. Benders be afraid, cuz were comin!

this was really fun to draw, I love drawing naga, I really want her as my pet. I also want Pabu too. Be exited for more Korra fan art and announcements coming to you from my korra groups. 
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September 16, 2015
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