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Seeing Eye Lemur by FireNationPhoenix Seeing Eye Lemur by FireNationPhoenix
Collaboration with the lovely and adorable :iconzhemka: She colored, I did lines. Please go check her stuff out, it's adorable, also, she's a contributor on the Korra fan club and she works very hard for the group.  This has to be one if the most F-ING adorable things I've done with anyone. The drawing was a little sketch I did while studying for an asian studies midterm that I was very nervous for. I ended up getting an -A on it which was the cherry on top. 

Toph has to be my favorite female out of the original series cast and I'd place her at 6 on a top 10 list of both franchise's characters . I cosplayed as Toph at Chicago Wizard Con 2013 which I went to with my closest friends and it was a blast. I returned to the con last summer as Korra and will be going next summer as Azula. I loved Toph and Momo in The Serpent's Pass so that's where the idea and title came from. Toph is such a sass and the master of one liners. Of all the characters she was the one fans voted had the best appearance in Korra and I agree sassy grandma Toph was the best. I may do old Toph in the future but I have to get through this year's artwork list first.

Fact: the model for Toph was cosplayer :icontophwei: Please go see her gallery, it's amazing
TheTale-Of-Rabiah Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Were are her shoulders?!
kirk327 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2016
Toph is definitely one of the best characters in the show, period. :)
Zhemka Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2016  Student Filmographer
Because of your wonderful sketch this became good ^^
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