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We walked all the way to the new spirit portal, my hands were sweaty and nervous, my heart was beating like a drum, oh how beautiful her raven hair looked in lowlight. Her cheeks were radiant with red as her lime eyes faced my blue ones. A little fox spirit stood at ground zero to the spirit portal, he looked over to his left and dozens of little spirits surrounded the new portal. She took my hand tight and this new feeling came over me, it was like fire, hot and passionate.
The golden entrance glowed a blinding light as she took my other hand in hers, I could hear her own heart beat and feel her own body tremble. All those times we had grown together, starting out as a rival to someone who really was not a very honest boy. I look back and wonder why I even liked him. We had grown to be close friends, always sending letters and having each others backs, and now we were on out next milestone adventure.
I could feel the radiant gold surround me as she gripped me tighter. The passion was on full blast as we slowly entered the spirit world for our promised "vacation". I suddenly felt the feeling I had felt with Mako, but ten times stronger. As the light enclosed on us, I felt brave enough to do it, to show her how I really felt. I leaned in, eyes closed, and heart filled with joy. Then I felt her lean in as well. We held each other like how Mako used to hold me, but I didn't feel the need to hold back anymore, I savored every moment as the spirit world came into view.
The lovely glowing trees and sweet little spirits welcomed us to their world, She pulled back and stared at the creatures and vegetation in awe, I was familiar with the spirit world, but she had never seen anything like it, and her innocent eyes clearly showed her wonder.
"Like the spirit world so far?" I asked, trying to start a conversation.
"It's so different, so fluid and pure, untouched and free of industrialization, I feel so peaceful here," She replied softly.
"That's what I love about it here, no triads running around, no smog in the air, no evil dictators, it's just you here, and that's why I love it, I can be myself and no one is going to judge me for it," I confessed.
"Yeah, like how I feel sometimes, I really do feel different sometimes," she replied, her voice a little sad.
"But that's what makes you so special, you are pretty, your smart, your clever, you can get out of almost anything," I assured her.
"Thanks Korra, that really means a lot," She replied with a hint of passion. I put my arm around her and lead her down the trail when the little kind spirit from earlier poked his head out from behind a rock.
"Hello little guy, I missed you," I greeted. The spirit replied with a cute little squeak.
"This is my friend, her name is Asami," I introduced.
"Hello little spirit, your very cute," Asami said as she bend down to pat his small head.
"There are many spirits like this one, they are all so friendly and some are pretty silly, I know of a really beautiful mountain where the  dragonbird lives, it's the most amazing view in the entire spirit world, you will really love it up there, I feel a sense of hope whenever that dragon bird flaps his beautiful wings," I suggested. Sami gave an approving nod as we continued down the lush and serine world. I put my hand in hers and squeezed it tight. She squeezed back even tighter.
"Now let's go have our adventure," I suggested.
"Sounds perfect," Asami responded with a little wink.
A Korrasami one shot, Just wanted to pick up where Bryke left off
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September 22, 2015
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