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Imperial Phoenix Concept Sketches by FireNationPhoenix Imperial Phoenix Concept Sketches by FireNationPhoenix
Sketches for a species I've created for space dogs. The imperial Phoenix is a bird of prey native to Japan's volcanic regions. This species is as large as a full grown man at adulthood and chicks are born with a white down. Adolescents are lanky and wiry with rust red feathers, a black crest, and a grey underbelly. Adult males have a vibrant red backside with a golden underbelly and black wing tips. Adult females are a combination of reds and pinks. This species is dominant and males often fight for territory. Although the species is an avian, the real specialty of the imperial Phoenix is not flight, but firepower. The main food source of the imperial Phoenix is the Tibetan monal pheasant(an actual bird) but they also prey on badgers and carp. This species is trainable but males are more stubborn than the gentle females. The imperial Phoenix has a lifespan of up to 100 years, but some can live longer. Fledglings start to mature at age 11 and are full grown at 16. The scientific name for this species is (Sagittarius Pyros Royal) the imperial Phoenix is aggressive and will attack anything and anyone if provoked. The species can be found throughout Asia and some parts of the Middle East.
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August 25, 2015
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