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Avatar the Last Airbender or The Legend of Korra? I will always choose the latter. Welcome to my lair! Artist, writer, cosplayer, manager of deviant art's largest currently active Avatar fan club and frequent con goer. Mom to a havanese and a tortoiseshell cat.

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Mom: DryBonesReborn

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Adorable Cousin: Dawn2Nightfall

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2021 Movie Review List


Jan 1- Narnia(The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe)

Jan 8- Outbreak

Jan 15- Selma

Jan 25- Wonder Woman 1984


Feb 14- The Book of Mormon

Feb 25- The Last Airbender


Mar 5- Moana

Mar 9- Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods

Mar 15- An American Tail

Mar 25- Rosemary's Baby


Apr 2- Bambi

Apr 25- Soul


May 5- Black Panther

May 9- Spiderman 2

May 15- Avatar The Last Airbender

May 25- The Legend of Korra


Jun 10- 5 Feet Apart

Jun 15- Raya and the Last Dragon


Jul 4- Independence Day

Jul 10- Spiderman Into the Spiderverse

Jul 19- How to Train Your Dragon

Jul 25- One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


Aug 12- The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Aug 30- The Dark Crystal


Sep 2- Three Billboards

Sep 10- Caesar Chavez

Sep 15- Balto

Sep 25- Dragon Ball Evolution


Oct 10- The Shining

Oct 31- IT 1990


Nov 5- Hamilton

Nov 10- The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance

Nov- 15- Wonder Woman

Nov 21- Voltron Legendary Defender


Dec 12- Krampus

Dec 25- Encanto

Favourite Visual Artist
Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gough, Leonardo DaVinci, rufftoon, GyzmoGrim, JINXDROWNED, Kosperry, SizeandStupidity, DarkKenji
Favourite Movies
Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Aladdin, Mulan, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, The Hunger Games
Favourite TV Shows
The Legend of Korra, Avatar, Adventure Time, Dragonball Z, Gravity Falls,Intervention,Steven Universe
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
PSY, Daft Punk, Imagine Dragons, Rush, Journey, Earth Wind and Fire, Bon Jovi, The eagles
Favourite Books
HOND, All Quiet on the Western Front, The Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Hunger Games
Favourite Writers
Victor Hugo, Suzanne Collins
Favourite Games
Portal,Portal 2, League of Legends, Dragon Age, Pokemon Go, Pokemon Sun and moon, Poker, Black Jack, DB Xenoverse
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2, XBOX, My brain
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, Paper, A Computer, My Brain
Other Interests
Running, organizing, writing, reading, cosplay, gaming, meeting my followers, gambling

Raya Trailer 2 Reaction

Raya Trailer 2 Reaction

As you know, I don't want to see Raya virtually, but if covid doesn't get on the mend and I'm unable to get my second dose before march 5th, then year I'll see it virtually over the summer on i tunes because disney+ fees are not something I want to spend my budget on. If all goes well, I will take a trip to my local theater and see this one on the big screen. So the next trailer dropped and I wanna talk about it. The animation is absolutely gorgeous and you see the designs of these characters and locations and it's defiantly Thailand. My siblings both have been to Bankok and I'm extremely jealous of them because why they would send me is was amazing. Tran is awesome in this and the musical score so far seems very promising...the problems are...mostly Awkwafina dragon. Yeah yeah I know the design of this thing is awesome and it look amazing but Awkwafina, although an awesome actress, is not someone I would have picked for this part. Also, it's genie, there's modern references in this
I am skipping Selma and Wonder Woman1984 due to time constraints but I wanna talk about Raya. Raya may be my first theatrical movie in over a year if this pandemic starts to calm down and I'm able to get my second injection. I am interested in this m...

Raya In Theaters?

Raya In Theaters?

Well it looks like I'll be able to see The Mitchell's Vs the Machines after all since Netflix got it and that's one of the few streaming services I don't loath...but I do loath Disney+ and had been planning on seeing Raya after it's the summer. I hadn't planned on seeing it in theaters due to covid and the uncertainty surrounding vaccines but after a call from my doctor that may change for me. I'm getting my first dose tonight and my second one in february and it takes about a month to be fully immune so by March 5th I may just see Raya theatrically after all depending on if the virus starts to go on the decline by then. If covid is still as bad as it is now, I will stick with my iTunes summer release date. I love the theatrical experience and streaming while talking in a comments section does not do a movie like Raya justice. I want to see this movie as intended and I am happy to do that if I see a positive change in the pandemic situation. However, there's a much bigger

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