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Dying is Easy, Comedy Is Hard
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Avatar the Last Airbender or The Legend of Korra? I will always choose the latter. Welcome to my lair!

I've drawn things, I've said things, I've screamed things

I am NOT a they/them, I'm a she/her so please respect that thank you

Asian Studies Minor, English Major, Chicago Pokemon Trainer, Wants to be the Very Best

I'm always happy to send llamas to anyone who sends them to me but please refrain from thanking me for llamas because me sending one to you is my thank you.

من نبوغ شیطانی توطئه سلطه بر جهان هستم

Being a cynical snarker on the internet since 2012

Being the evil mastermind behind Legend-of-Korra since June 2016

Play Pokemon Go? Live in Chicago? I'd be happy to coordinate raids with you on discord

I don't always follow back but I will always block back and I never unblock unless I know for sure that I can trust you to not do whatever you did to offend me again. If you follow me, I follow back, and you decide to unfollow me, I'll unfollow you promptly.

Feel free to watch me but no guarantees of a watch back though unless I get to know you a bit better:shrug:. Also keep in mind that if I follow you back and you unfollow me, i'll unfollow you back as I don't want to deal with drama. Do not watch me if you are going to beg for a watch back, that will result in a block. If you are the type that does not like direct people or people that will speak their mind openly, I suggest not watching me because this account is NOT for the faint of heart XD. Sometimes my jokes are NSFW as well as my art so watch with discretion if you are 16 and under. A lot of my artwork depicts gay/lesbian pairings and themes, if you don't support that and don't want to agree to disagree, find another account. I am not here to discuss politics unless it's current news so please do not flock here to confront me on politics. If I have blocked you or you personally don't get along with me but are currently a member of ANY of my groups, I do recommend you leave because I don't want drama in my groups. If you can handle what I've mentioned, then welcome to this remote and dangerous planetoid of the internet...have fun but don't get stranded! :wave:

My Avatarspirit Account:…

My Distant Horizons Account:…

Favourite Visual Artist
Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gough, Leonardo DaVinci, rufftoon, GyzmoGrim, JINXDROWNED, Kosperry, SizeandStupidity, DarkKenji
Favourite Movies
Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Aladdin, Mulan, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, The Hunger Games
Favourite TV Shows
The Legend of Korra, Avatar, Adventure Time, Dragonball Z, Gravity Falls,Intervention,Steven Universe
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
PSY, Daft Punk, Imagine Dragons, Rush, Journey, Earth Wind and Fire, Bon Jovi, The eagles
Favourite Books
HOND, All Quiet on the Western Front, The Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Hunger Games
Favourite Writers
Victor Hugo, Suzanne Collins
Favourite Games
Portal,Portal 2, League of Legends, Dragon Age, Pokemon Go, Pokemon Sun and moon, Poker, Black Jack, DB Xenoverse
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2, XBOX, My brain
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, Paper, A Computer, My Brain
Other Interests
Running, organizing, writing, reading, cosplay, gaming, meeting my followers, gambling


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VanillaBeanArtsyNew Deviant

Thank you for the favorite! :)

FireNationPhoenixHobbyist Traditional Artist
can you please not talk about the vic drama on my front page? People have been pretty kind to bosch on both sides, but next time you have a question regarding this topic, please just DM me. Also, only Sabo and Broly are being voiced by Bosch, Qrow was replaced with Jason Liebrecht. 
TeagBrohman15Hobbyist Filmographer
sorry about that
FireNationPhoenixHobbyist Traditional Artist
you're fine man
TeagBrohman15Hobbyist Filmographer
wanna be friends?
FireNationPhoenixHobbyist Traditional Artist
i was in london for the week and couldn't reply to stuff. sorry about that. sure :)